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Solve problems with Process Monitor (Filemon + Regmon).

Written by on March albertfr 9th, 2008

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People who know me know that for any software type error always use two tools: Filemon and Regmon from Sysinternals. These tools have saved me more than once, so I have them always at hand.

These applications have a wonderful quality and best of all, are free.

Filemon allows us to see the files they access, or attempt, running processes. Regmon does the same but with the Windows registry.

What was my surprise when you try to use Windows Vista and showed me a message that were not compatible with this operating system. Luckily I had thought Sysinternals and has condensed and expanded, a new tool: Process Monitor.

You can find all the features of this application:

Then I show a screenshot of the program in operation:image

In other articles I'm going to introduce other tools of this company (now owned by Microsoft).
The website where you can find other applications is

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