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Unlocking Iphone 2.0 bricked from Windows.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 28th, 2008

Good morning, finally from our beloved Windows can desbrikear the iphone release and we accidentally or voluntarily updated the firmware version 2.0. (Tested 100%). This "jailbreak" we will do with the application WinPwn in its 2.3 version and with the itunes in its latest version also.

I had to do for all of you it is to try it first updated my iphone in your 1 1.1.4 firmware version to version of firmware 2.0. (Bufff that fear) The message on the iphone aperecía me after doing this was that it did not recognize the SIM card and could not access it in any way. (Total Brick).


First of all tell you that I have done on a Windows Vista 64 bits. (With other operating systems also runs windows (except Windows Server). You will have to put your iphone into DFU mode. Follow the manual and I'll explain.

  1. First of all will download the latest version of Itunes here and install it.
  2. Also unload the application necessary to make the whole process from here. Winpwn is called and is in its 2.3, unzip and install.
  3. Also unload the firmware 2.0 (5A347) Iphone 1 from here. If you have a iPhone you will have to download it 2 here.
  4. Bootloaders also unload from here to and from 3.9 here for 4.6.
  5. Now pluck the application you have installed Winpwn point 2.image
  6. just click on Browse. Ipsw. Seleccionad the file we downloaded in point 3. (Aseguraos be the version of your iphone).
  7. just click on IPSW Builder tab applications 2 MARCAD the check. image
  8. In the tab Advanced MARCAD Activate iPhone, Enable Baseband update, Neuter bootloader 3.9 / 4.6, Upgrade to 4.6, Unlock baseband, Autodelete, you will have to click on 4.6 Bootloader file and find the file you downloaded in section 4.image
  9. just click on Build. Ipsw and I will create a file like this: Custom-iPod1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw
  10. just click on iPwner and selecconar the file you just created in 9 point, I get a message "Your iTunes Has Been Pwned".
  11. Put the iphone in the cradle connected to your PC USB.
  12. Prepare to do this: Tear Itunes, ignite your Iphone brickeado, just click the buttons on the iphone "On y menu"As shown in the figures until the screen goes black, count 2 seconds Let go button on, Count up 10 until you see that the iPhone is restarted.
  13. You see that already in the itunes detects the iphone will restore mode (DFU) and You press the button on the keyboard Shift button down itunes restore and seleccionad the file you have just created with the custom name in the paso9.
  14. ITunes will restore the iphone and the iphone screen you can see the whole process (takes about 15 minutes) Do not be afraid, do not touch the IPHONE in this process, not quench the itunes or computer.

Well that was it. I hope I have been very useful and see you soon MegaCracks.

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51 Responses to "Free Iphone 2.0 brickeado from Windows."

  1. Juan Says:

    I get an error when this extracting step 13 personalizano ipsw file.
    tells me that there was an unknown errors (6)

    What could be?

  2. XaviXaus Says:

    Good morning John.

    You've followed all the steps at the foot of the letter?
    You got it in DFU mode?
    You've selected the file custom_ ... you created the winpwn?
    You have selected the correct firmware? Your model is the old or the new 3G?

    Do not worry, you can re-do all the steps and you are not brickeará. I've gone from 1.1.4 to 2.0 and have returned to 1.1.4 without any problems.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ami in the advance of selecting anything not let me, greetings and thanks

  4. Diego P Says:

    Hello, I'm working on a dell laptop with XP operating system: for iphone 1 8 of gbs and I had the 1.4 2.0 accidentally install it.

    In step 9, get an error at the end of creating custom file saying it failed to create the.

    I appreciate if I can show the way forward.

    Thank you very much

  5. GIS Says:

    THANK YOU THAT MIL share with us

  6. sandro Says:

    hello the only problem I have is when I download files to decompress bootloaders and I fail. cno is decompressed with winrar? thanks brothers are my salvation

  7. XaviXaus Says:

    No unzipping, are unchanged.

  8. sandro Says:

    thanks but I better explain with an example is that I get this in step 8: no valid bootloader please thanks

  9. sandro Says:

    the fact is that I downloaded from the post and I get to keep, and I keep on the desktop then go to winpin and I get: no valid bootloader to be habrir and not save? ... or nose. please Help!!!

  10. sandro Says:

    pass this step and now I get this: FAILED TO CREAT CUSTOM IPSW! I DO WRONG? THANKS ..

  11. sandro Says:

    I keep waiting for your invaluable help my greetings and thanks for those who can atudarme e.mail: [Email protected]

  12. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Sandro,

    Sure you have the latest version of iTunes?, Had another version before?, Uninstall and reinstall the latest version.

    What is the problem you had with the bootloader?, As you have solved, so more people will know.

    Greetings and I hope you get it to work to secure.

  13. gonzalo Says:

    I updated to version 2.0.1 can be released the same?

  14. Vitellius Says:

    Sorry, but I in step 8 in advance will not let me select any option, rather than activate iphone, anyone can tell me because that happens??

  15. gonzalo Says:

    Now it seems I've managed to restore the link 2.0 version 3 step. But now when creating the IPSW crearlo.Desinstale failed to give me everything and started again but I keep the error,
    Can you help?

  16. SM4uG Says:

    When I give to Shift Restore I get a window where I have to find some file. That is the file I have to give?

  17. Pedro Nel Says:

    Like Sandro the bootloaders are not valid when I do a advanced tab gives me no alternative. these the copy on the desktop I do Thanks

  18. XaviXaus Says:

    Good SM4uG have to choose the file we created in step 9 Custom.

  19. XaviXaus Says:

    Sandro, Pedro Nel, Windows are you using to accomplish this?
    Have you downloaded the firmware and bootloaders of the links in this post? or else?
    If they are exactly those I can not give any answer, to me and many more people has worked well.

    Let's go discarding items. ok?

  20. Mario Says:

    Hey look I have a question, how I can know which is the bootloader that I have downloaded it donot k which is whether the 3.9 4.6 i, for now I have the iphone version 1 in 1.1.4 Thanks i greetings!

  21. Sergio Vazquez Says:

    How about, make the cloths mentioned but in doing restoration from itunes is interrupted by sending an error message: The iPhone "iPhone" could not restored. It has failed the Unknown (6).

  22. Joseph Says:

    Hello everyone

    I have an Iphone g3 and also I get the error SERGIO VAZQUEZ.
    When I give restaur to select the file Itunes Custom-iPhone1,1_2.0.1_5B108_Restore
    Then he starts to check and I get error (6).

    Help me please!

  23. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Jose.

    If you have an iPhone you must download 3G another link not the iphone but the iphone 1 2, your message Jose Custom I see that you do you are creating from firmware version iphone 1 because it puts iPhone 1,1_2.0.1 means that is version 1 2.0.1 firmware. There you have the error,

    The solution is descargaros the correct version that matches your version of iphone, try first with the version that you 2 step in the manual.

  24. carol Says:

    hello! would appreciate your help idk if my iphone is 1 generation or 2da vercion is 1.1.4 who had been unlocked in the united states tngo Nose with that and go down to the 2 bootloaders or that the 2 d? actualize something else tngo q z error equal 3 step down?

  25. XaviXaus Says:

    Good morning Carol, sure you have the first generation, ie without 3G, if you 2 months over what insurance is purchased the first generation, and usually the firmware version that comes with the second generation iPhone is the 2.0.0.

    What you have to do is download the firmware first is the iphone first came out.

    As for the bootloaders I did with the 4.6 and it worked correctly. I hope the bloggers who read this can give you more information.


  26. jonny Says:

    Hi I made the step to restore I get the iphone could not be restored unknown error 6 .. it is due. greetings

  27. Carlos Says:

    Hi I have a little problem that supposedly Shift button on the keyboard is alt, I give the more botos restore and I get the ventanida that will return to restore the factory settings, but goes nowhere nome add the custom we have done, by that reason I can not open?

  28. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Carlos, the Shift button is the one above the left and right CTRL. Not the H

  29. Alfred Says:

    How about!

    My name is Alfredo and I write because I would ask for help because 5 days my iphone is locked and I can not find the truth as I had it working version actualize 1.1.4 and error, finally, the point is that I did indicating all the steps and could not make it work because when the "restore" in itunes or make a mistake 1603 04 and therefore that part I can not pass.

    Please if you can help would appreciate is the infinitely

    Greetings from Matamoros, Mexico

  30. Iris Says:

    Hello, I've done all the steps, I have an iphone with firmware 3G 2.0.1 and reach step to restore select "Custom-iPhone1,1_2.0.1_5B108_Restore" I'm just very unknown error.

    What should I do?

  31. alfons Says:

    thank you very much, this release but not the Blast Card reconose sim, I can use as a phone.
    I can do?

  32. Jorge Chaine Says:

    Hello friends, I have updated version 1.1.4 and given to me through iTunes is the 2.0.1, I would like to tell me if you can release this tutorial? I encourage you to do even without me confirm that it works.

    Very grateful from now.

    Greetings from Mendoza Argentina


  33. daniel Says:

    friend I came to the option I have an iphone 8g 3 I can only select ACTIVATE IPHONE and NO WIPE then ENABLE options BASEBAND UPDATE prevents me from selecting any apartir there and I have already connected the iphone 3g aver if anyone can help me with this

  34. Joseph Says:

    Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time. My problem is significant: the mine is enladrillo ipone, itunes restore it with 7.7 and all good, now I get itunes abir q is imcompatible sim card. All this I did on Sunday and I want to unlock, not q version is my iphone or anything, only q is one of 8g. Q I want to recognize my card and everything else, I get only emergency call and then nothing more. PLEASE HELP ME LES appreciate your help. My email is [Email protected]

  35. Joseph Says:

    And lower the winpwn and I open the application, not q passes, so q is not done with my iphone

  36. XaviXaus Says:

    Jose you have to do is release it with winpwn, inténtate download the new version, I published a post in this blog.

  37. Joseph Says:

    The steps to unlock the iphone with the new version of winpwn q are the same as shown in this blog?. What version of firmware for the iphone I have q down? the 1,1 or 1,2?, sorry but the trouble is q'm new to this but want to learn. The page where the winpwn 2.5 not show me to squeeze file and download it, leaving only the letters but I can not download it. I can always unlock it with the q version comes out in this blog?, THANK YOU AND I HOPE NOT bother therefore ask 1000 APOLOGIES, BUT DO NOT WANT TO RUIN MY Q FOR IPHONE AS DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY.

  38. Joseph Says:

    I'm downloading the new version of winpwn, this tutorial in Spanish for the new winpwn? would be very useful, q firmware should I download? 1,1 1,2 or the? remember to not q q iphone version I have. When you turn on my iphone just get the apple logo, then get a cable to connect to itunes, q would have something to see these images with unlocking q q I have done? bootloaders for the new winpwn 3.9 and 4.6 are these? q them out in this blog. THANKS AGAIN

  39. Fernando Says:

    Hello good, I have a colleague who sells a pretty cheap I Phone, but it says it does not work as a phone, which only goes as IPod and ITouch, because he left a notice that the terminal was locked and had to contact the Apple Store . Something like that is completely blocked.
    Tenn. idea if it's easy to fix?
    Thank you.

  40. Nelson Dume Says:


  41. carvic Says:

    I have an iphone and by mistake it 8g upgrade to the version of itunes 2.0.1 8, is now locked, I live in Venezuela and I have followed step by step tutorial above but shows the error 6 me, which I firnmware selection of the 1 or the 2, urgent help ... thanks

  42. Dew Says:

    I accidentally updated my iphone in itunes and blocked me, followed your steps and I have it but I have problems desbloquedado and it costs you read the card and unlock q q I have several times (to the pin) and then put the logo the company but does not receive or make calls. Please help me cost a bundle and I can not use. Thank you very much because I was going to help. My e-mail address is: [Email protected]

  43. Carlos Says:

    What XaviXaus?, I have taken everything, but when it says "preparing iPhone for restore" I get an error saying "failed to restore", keep trying it?, Thanks.


    I lock my iphone s and under me the error (1604)
    will be able to help, the iTunes is the newest and I had no trouble following the steps ..
    I do ..?

  45. candidates Says:

    hello I have a problem pekeño I downloaded the software this delpunto 2 the winpwn but not I will have to start fixing the iphone is already unpacked acer I can k? thanks

  46. Hayros Says:

    Simply AWESOME!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ... I stay caught when turning in UDF, which did not hold the menu button all the time ... but GREAT!


  47. Erick Says:

    XaviXaus brother thank you for helping with this burden that we had Ensim is a great alibio to tell when my iphone was made, and other non-stop raw and reason I ask this as hise in 2 hours without asking.

  48. NN Says:

    for each step is this the iphoe connected to pc

  49. Enrique Norambuena Says:

    Valeeeeeee hermanooo, I was very helpful todoo .. now I can use my Iphone as I want valee .. You are agredesco mushisimoo.

  50. FRANK Says:


  51. Wilheis Says:

    Aug all that and tell me when and I will restore firewal tells me not compatible.
    that agoooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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