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Why you should never say "I am Computer"

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 31st, 2008

Good afternoon.

Never and I repeat NEVER have to say that computer when you show a friend, relative or co-family, I say for your own well-being and tranquility, NEVER from the first thing they'll say when you walk in the door of his home or when you see them on the street is: ANDA, has left me a message on the computer you have if you spend one day you look at me and I explain, "You explain" (The word most hated by some computer, provided the person to whom are you going to explain not have computer or IP), this happens the vast majority of times, the person who asks for help to solve the problems that have been caused by the virus, "OK, OK, I accept, I guess" have no idea what they are doing and still are being asked to teach it is a malware, virus, or firewall, the firewall to and our greatest ally and also our worst enemy in the neighbor, friend or relative.


  • Friend: Why do I get this message "or denied, I accept."
  • Computer: The explanation is simple: I tell you, if you are leaving the firewall is an action you just performed, open an application, install some software, you have to put OK to validateOtherwise pon Deny.
  • Friend: I never explain anything you do not think it's that simple.
  • Computer thinks Jajajajajaja that laugh that I'm getting. Bear us.
  • Computer says, is what has the information that is very simple.

Well, I was saying: I am going to explain that virus is, "OK, OK, I accept, I guess," to any of you will have passed that on occasion the conectaros to a page of "software download, etc. .. "I get a message" HAVE A VIRUS, you want to delete? "or" YOUR PC IS ROTTEN, YOU SHOULD CLEAN ". Well the first thing the "friend" is to click on OK, OK, and think "I guess if it says here .. I will clean it with this little program that lets me download and play ".

So download it and of course pressed on it and install it as campers and also warns that when the firewall has outgoing connections given to "guess" and when the firewall detects that an incoming connection to the newly installed program assumes that give "OK" response would be that I remove the virus successfully. (INCREDIBLE) I hope the families were as ready as it is a simple text-based computer code without any intelligence and gaining the trust of the user is able to be manually downloaded, installed and given way without the "friend" did not even think about it is happening. After a few days or even the same day and is calling you that when you open a video file process "Explorer.exe" will close all windows and can not do anything.

  • Computer question: "Have you installed something or have you gone on a page strange?"
  • Friend: NO ... but the other day by myself I removed a virus I had.
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One Response to "Why you should never say" I am Computer ""

  1. efelese Says:

    Reading this post I came to head a manual I read some time ago. It is essential reading for all those who have suffered as PRINGAISMO not wasted. Here is a copy-paste the manual. Surely more than one has already read but here goes.

    1 What is Noob-Howto

    Welcome to Noob-HOWTO!

    In this paper we will see what a loser, that is, someone to buy, install or fix a computer to a relative, acquaintance or friend without pay, and from that moment becomes dedicated to maintaining a slave for life team who helped him (in a timely theory) selflessly. In addition this team has Windows (almost always) and is a hotbed of problems, headaches and wasted time.

    With this Noob-Howto I hope that is autoreconozcan Scoundrels and help themselves and avoid creating future Scoundrels. Read it. If you think a bit like the story of your life, you know, you're a loser. We should not feel ashamed of being Scoundrels, since this condition appears to be very good people and be willing to help. This document is a real example of how a person becomes a loser, from its origins until the sick, with the conclusions of how we should act to prevent such abuse.

    Finally, this HOWTO is a guide that goes to show practically universal LIES the following:

    Windows is very easy to install (even a child could do it), just click OK.

    Windows is very easy to use (even a child could do it), no need to learn anything to handle Windows.

    Windows can do very advanced things without knowing anything about computers, no need to know what RAM is or how a computer works.

    Windows is learned in minutes. It is plug-and-play!

    With Windows now the computer is very easy to use and therefore there is a PC in every home. People would not know to use a computer if it were not for Windows.

    To demonstrate all of the above premises will have the invaluable help of our partners 2:

    Richard Scotch, a lovely young 15 year old son of Mrs. 9 door, living in the same landing our next guest ...

    Ramon Aguillo Camus, our young loser after 5 degree in Computer Hard-year career, using GNU / Linux, free software advocate and son of the lady at the door 10.


    2 Ingredients needed to install a Noob

    In order to verify the above statements need:

    A user who has never had a computer (Richard Scotch, in our example).

    A user with knowledge of Information Technology (need not be licensed, but will help the show).

    Set a type of social relationship (eg, being neighbors, although it be a brother, cousin, friend or acquaintance) between 2 previous users. In practice, for our example we will have the invaluable help of the mothers 2 Scotch and Ramon Ricardo Aguillo, neighbors of the same ladder.

    An Operating System that is very easy to install and use, and do not need to know anything about computers to use it. Thanks to him we can use computers without knowing anything, just using the mouse.


    3 installation and operation mode

    My name is Richard Scotch, and I will tell the story that demonstrates how easy it is to use Windows and how I got my sucker particular. Installation of our sucker begins with an innocent conversation between Pepa (my mother) and Jane (mother of Ramon Aguillo Camus) in the landing of the staircase.

    - Well, my son is a computer and ...

    - Oh, yeah? What academia has studied?

    - Ein?

    - Yes, I wanted to learn computer so I joined a typing course of Cececé. Now I type very fast on the typewriter, so I'm sure I could have been up Computer Engineering at the University and everything.

    - Well to me I wanted to buy him a computer and ... go! because your child could help you buy one, so well practiced computer. Above do him a favor.

    - Yeah, sure, yeah, estooooooooo ...

    - Well, that, again tonight when my son goes through your house and yours can advise you where to buy it. You know, you can also use it to teach in a while that has free ...

    - But your child needs a computer?

    - Of course! He will learn more at school, because you know that with a roll a 10 in all work computer because the computer knows the answers to everything, that something is electric and has intelligence ... The trouble is, you know, all that says in Telechincho, the evil virus terrorists do, and juakers who are young evil coming into your computer and you do things until it explodes and killed everyone in the house ...

    - Yes, this ... then you pass you when my son is. Bye Bye ...

    Well, we have the germ of our sucker installed on the system ... Now let's see how I set my loser.

    Installing 3.1 our Noob

    First of all, I spoke with him and I could explicé help buy a computer. The rest was easy ... I went to his house and gave me some brochures prices of computers and I tried to explain why no-se-roll memory and CDRAM RUM. What really understand is that the higher numbers are all better. Including the price. Never mind that last, pay Dad.

    I also learned that Microsoft no computers, and computers also called Windows. Windows is the program that gets into your computer. Great. I care what you call three amaranth, while I can play and Kuake FISFA. I talked about how he used a system called Lunix or something, but when I asked him if he was the FISFA told me not so fine shit! Why can serve something?

    Well, I did like it much attention and end of everything I said "DO NOT UNDERSTAND." I told him several times, before my mother and his, until he said, "Well, come, I'll go with TO STORE AND BUY IT. " At that time I told my mother was busy playing with my friends and I had to go to the movies in the afternoon, so the two mothers agreed that the best thing was that my mother gave him money and he bought it, because as he is a computer, no better person to buy it and do not deceive me in the store ...

    At Ramon Aguillo 3 day I brought the computer. Must see how slow! It took 3 days! I had to spend days waiting 3 watching TV and playing computer games while he went to the store 2 times, one to order it and another to pick it up over the guy gets all sweaty dirty saying that weighs 20 kilos 17 monitor pulgosos of those ... all excuses. And she and I had managed to get loose for a very tight ... I'm sure my mother has cheated and has taken more money and then talked to the store to falsify bills ... Anyway, I pass.

    The next hour to see him put myself to the team. Aguillo Ramon explained to me what it was and where each wire was connected. As if I cared anything ... "BUT IF I'M NOT GOING TO TOUCH THE WIRES NEVER, NOT to spoil," he said. The guy insisted I needed to know how it worked in case, so I did as he listened as largaba things about the mouse, keyboard and monitor.

    He also told me to roll him when he bought the Spectrum at the time, the first thing he did was read the manual for BASIC and magazines Microhobby also explained how computers work and crap like that. I have also material, I've been reading all 2 comparative PCguol games and PCacutal magazine. Also, if I have something clear is that Microsof is a great company that makes the best programs, you need to copy the FISFA every year and that the u-that-be is the coolest because it's very fast. Look, I say the series modems are very slow but with uesebé modems can send pictures to Australia as if it were your own town ... and all thanks to Telenófica, which has the best prices in the world and offers great amenities and without they do not have internet in Spain. It is also quite clear that the Ofis is essential for businesses. I have a recorded 2000 Ofis, but my friends have the EquisPé so I'll have to copy that, lest they laugh at me.

    But to proceed with the installation of computer ...

    When finished installing I remember the guy told me he had to give 25.000 Windows peel to buy this. 25.000 peel! You ever seen! Did not the guy we wanted to cheat this? I wanted to charge 25.000 peel when my cousin has all the Windows ones, then have to repeat. The pesao of Aguillo Ramon told me I should not install pirated software, to which I replied the following universal premises:

    1. Windows is free, everyone has it for free.

    2. The man who invented computers and the Internet, Bill Gates, you have enough money and no longer needed.

    3. Overall, I just want to play.

    4. They will not starve for a program sell less.

    5. The failure to copy the programs is subnormal. Pirates are cool guys with an eye patch and let you have all the games you want very cheap.

    At 2 hours and had the Windows Millennium Edition CD (had to be great because the name sounds cool) my cousin Rodrigo Mita and went with the face of "poor baby ™" a neighbor's house, trying to see me your mother. With a shy "I HAVE TOLD ME THAT THE PROGRAM, WILL I install it?" Got to have the loser in my house instalándome Windows ME.

    From here it's all very easy ...

    First you have 2 hours installing Windows. Of course, we do not pay any attention while doing so, because that is not interesting even though the Linnet insist that we have to learn because it breaks down a lot. You will call you if that happens.

    Then when you restart the computer, we insist on the importance of knowledge to change the desktop background. Once learned such a great job, and when the sucker think you can go home we ask that if I could not settle a couple of little programs that have, among which we highlight:

    The ofis, used to write everything. For example, the work of the school, or to join a phone from a friend. For that opens ofis and creates a new document. There is a clip tucked inside the computer that does it all, you need not know anything.

    The fotosop, used to put the face of my cousin in the body of a dog to have around in a photo jotapejé.

    The 3DStudioMAS, I do not know what it is but we all have and sounds great. The Study of 3D my mother used to think it is a program to study.

    A couple of essential utilities such as FISFA 2009, Kuake 5 or Commiendos 2.

    Some things I do not know what they are, like Winzip and Getraich.

    The PANDAS antivirus to prevent people from hitting me viruses when they sneeze near your computer.

    2002 ENJARTA Encyclopedia of 35 CDs. This will install to teach my mother all the things I can do with your computer, and work with that copy me copy and paste.

    60 few more CDs, on various subjects.

    At this time the loser thinks, "Damn, but if I just said computer prices in the shops ... what am I doing here?"

    But let's continue ...

    After installation of all educational programs ask again and again "EVERYTHING IS IN THE MENU, is not it?". We'll do that every time the loser we try to explain what are files, folders and crap like that. If we try to teach a black window in which you have to WRITE! (Yes, friends, in the century have to write things 21) and also ENGLISH! will tell you that we do not understand and we put that on the menu. If he says you can not put that on we will refer to the menu we thought he knew more about computer ...

    Once our sucker is gone, we will use the 2 minute walk from our house and theirs to install all the CDs we have magazines with demos and shareware programs that do a lot of things, and programs downloaded from the Internet by our friends. To do that disable the floppy drive PANDAS because cederón are slow and if we post. If something breaks down we will have time to call the loser: "HEY, THIS BAD BECAUSE YOU HAVE INSTALLED WILL NOT."


    Today I had to call them back. He had broken his computer, because my mother was dusting the cable unplugged 4 joystick buttons, and had to come urgently to repair it. "LOOK THAT IS EASY TO CONNECT" he said Uncle nose. No, if you still want to look where you plug in and everything ... but if it does not matter where you plug, I do not know how much bagpipe if Windows will then just do nothing!

    Updates to the loser 3.2

    In the life of every Windows user comes a day when you buy a new peripheral. For example, a joystick buttons 104 plug-and-play USB. Given this event call the loser, citing the argument that "IS THAT HOW you who INSTALLED THE COMPUTER, BECAUSE WE THOUGHT IT BEST NOT TO PLUG YOUR MARRING". If Uncle suggests that it is very easy to put the joystick we face "WELL, IF YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU NEED NOT BOTHER." You see, it connects back to an outlet that carries with how easy it is and the guy still complains. Sure you have no idea of ​​computers.

    The next day we bought a recorder CDs and wield the same argument last time. This time the guy to ask me a screwdriver to open the box. On top, the guy slowly takes one hour to remove the cables, open the box, put the recorder, put their small screws, wires and gray to close it. I've seen faster! Then he goes and gets angry because I installed the shit that's ESASY CD Creator that came with the recorder and I say remove it and I put the MERO. OMG, that is, wants to use a program that is free! Surely the MERO pirate is better, but not copy it because people would not pirate. Also, put it in the PCguol, give it a 9.999999997 on 10, certified and insured product 3 year warranty and that records all the CDs you have, whatever color you are. Even in pesetas 100 could do that another program?

    Another basic peripheral is the printer. First takes 2 days bring it to me. Then he pulls 3 hours explaining how to print, how you look wearing the ink, and all that. Neither case. At 2 months when the ink runs out before printing on the most important work of the school in the history of mankind, we call urgently: "Hey, PRINTER crashed". The pringao we try to explain that we have to buy. Then say a couple of "do not understand" followed by "NO PURCHASE HOW THAT. What if I'm wrong PRINTER? ". The Noob purchased comes with ink and teaches Start -> Control Panel -> Printers -> Change Cartridges and multimedia video appears with explanatory steps, images, video and sound with Dolby Surround how to change printer cartridges. In the end it is to touch a button on the printer to open the lid HACHEPE it alone, take the old cartridges, put them in the trash and leaves a hole to put the new, while the computer says "Please insert the cartridge printer ink in the place indicated by the printer 600 bulbs that form a mosaic with an arrow ". How hard! Best leave it to him, lest we break something. Also, note that the sucker has fun doing it, so we'll call every time there to do something. Total well do you a favor, because he can practice and learn, that makes you lack, go my * rda of computer uses even ofis.

    3.3 Resettlement

    How strange. Sometimes the computer will not start. In this case, the loser always says "BE REPLACING WINDOWS, WHICH IS VERY BAD AND HAVE THOSE PROBLEMS." What a nerd. Sure you is because you installed it wrong. On TV they say that Microsoft makes the best systems on the market and also snacks whenever they release a new version comes out sticking people in stores to buy it. To line up. That means that each version is even better than before, bringing new things. Admittedly, Windows has everything: program to record CDs, programs written as the ofis, many games, programs to make things 3d, photo programs, and it's all free. And everything is in Windows, thanks to Bill Gates that many programs. Also new versions come out best of all. Today I start the computer ... the truth is that I think may have something to do with 2 minutes ago I installed XP and Exploter Ofis 6.0-turbo-netscape-killer without first asking your loser ... to see ... will be a matter of calling .

    RING-RING ...

    - Who is it?

    - I'm Ricardo, is that it has ruined my computer ...

    - "Telefónica informs you that the number dialed does not exist ..."

    After 15 call attempts that the loser got to come home to reinstall everything. You can tell he really enjoys it, live it, I noticed in his eyes red after 2 hours installing Windows. Someday become a real computer at this rate ... Although I think I'm better computer than him, because I have more CDs and I know grabaos record music CDs and games. And to top it off, and click to caurtocientas mituno beats. That gives me an advantage Computer and I can work and collect many millions a month. Everyone knows that computer scientists are people who are sitting in his chair playing solitaire on your Windows. They have to do anything because Windows is easy. It's a cushy job. If you have to do something, I know, some of those things that make the computer, as it approaches the mouse and hit something in the start menu and it does, and sits back to playing solitaire or pirated programs recorded Internet.

    Updating the Windows 3.4

    The time has come. On TV they say you have to buy the Windows EquisPé because it is much better. All prior versions were not true multitasking (whatever that is) but this does. Now the Internet go faster, and comes with a firewall as standard. Okay, so I can remove the extinguisher from landing, no longer needed. Okay, first call the loser and tells us that he has no EquisPé and have not used. But nothing happens, any of my friends with the same 20 computer skills than me and with their own Scoundrels sure they have it. Go! in 2 hours and sent home I copied. Well, let's install it ... um ... what about the phone? Let's see, we mark the 1-800-sucker ... "COME PACA THE PAST TO ME AND I DO EQUISP HAVE TO INSTALL. HOW DO YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME NOW? EXPECTED TO TELL WHEN MY MOTHER AND TALK WITH FRIENDS AND SAY THAT THE SON OF twinkie REFUSED TO HELP YOUR CHILD TO PUT YOUR PC NOW ... WHAT ARE YOU GOING? Okay, okay, I HOPE YOU. " What a loser. How can computer and not have the XP and recorded as missing only 2 months to leave in Spain?

    (1 hour later)


    And here our sucker who has to buy more RAM and another hard drive and play 3 hours installing it (of course, when I call this afternoon that suits me). Look, how he enjoys the EquisPé. Above you are learning because of me ...


    4 The internes

    Once I called my friend the loser because my mother wanted me to install Internes. I gave the disk to copy it for me and told me I needed a modem and a phone line ... and I see it, he wants me to get more money. But hey, we give more money (my mother thinks that this is already costing a lot of money, who does not understand) and we get internes. Bill Gates showed that this, now I can spend with my friend Gervasio files. Sometimes I appear as files in shared folders, like "I HAVE THE TRASTO.txt JACKEADO." I mentioned it to Gervasio but says not to worry that the XP has a Firegual ensuring that no one can enter into our computer and kill us. We have the same security at NASA, says.

    First of all, the loser and I installed the Notescapes Notescapes Messenger to see the mail, says that just because we are more secure against viruses. That uneducated. But if I have PANDAS I installed it last year ... also a friend sent me a postcard when you open it out fireworks and sounds in Dolby surround sound 3d while the computer screen flashes. This post is not seen in the Notescapes, only in the Exploter and Ousluc. Good thing I spent the Notescapes, because I could not see the emails ActiveEQUISPE 3D with that. I have never received any of those, but it is not known.

    Now that I'm getting into the chas. Yes, the chas. That you talk and people talk. The sucker came to settle a thing called MIRC but it sucks. We ask that you install the IRcap which is what used Gervasio, which is to last forever. The downside is you have to write, because I do not picture it going. I comb my hair, I put in front of the monitor, but Gervase my friend tells me not to see the face, that if I have broken the güescan. I have to ask the loser how's that for güescan ...

    Sometimes I have to call the loser for not going online. Suddenly I said there was no modems in the system, and I have to install one. But I now I have one ... definitely broken. The sucker comes along and does some strange things Jarguar Detect and tells me he has found a new modem. Cool, I have 2. This I must have given him the loser because I have not gained anything ...


    5 The conclusions

    By now you probably already are experts about copying music CDs and games, we know the craks of crackearlos and are masters in the Kuake, but we have no idea how to use the computer. Of Me. This shows that Windows is easy and so our friend the loser does not have to do much work when you call.

    This also shows that we can take a computer with no idea, because we solve any problems. Fortunately, the Windows PC easy and does not need to know anything about computers ... what would the computer, how would a PC in every home if not for Windows?

    There are a number of things you can not do yet, but I do not despair, because I do not serve me much. That ofis installing and reinstalling Windows, I think I know it, because my friend Perico Tilla said that only I have to click OK all the time. Another thing that happens is that I delete the programs with the option to DELETE and then remain on the menu of Windows ... I do not understand, the Noob that installed them really bad ...

    No matter, that's minutiae, I've been computer 2 years, I have every jarguar PCguol laying on it's the best I have all the games there, every day FISFA game, I have my tape recorder and I record everything, I copied the ENJARTA work, chat with IRcap I have all jealous because I can put colors and sounds in the channel, I have a firewall on your computer and whenever a new version of the programs I use to me under my warez collection of pages (for example, I have the ACeDeSí and left the so I have to update myself already).


    6 What can do to protect Scoundrels

    Hi, I'm Ramon Aguillo Camus (aka sucker) and I am in charge of guiding you in this last chapter. 5 I have friends whom I helped to buy the computer. According to this experience, try to be brief, and summarize everything in a couple of points:

    Can people drive without removing the card and go to driving school? Can airline pilots to carry a plane without any knowledge of aviation? No. Then why must have a computer in every home? Computers are complex machines that run complex software. Any attempt to hide what's underneath is a big lie. We need to know what's in a computer, how it works and how it works. It takes knowledge and interest. A computer is not a microwave. A computer is a console (game and get ready). A computer is not a video. If you program your video we read the instructions ... why not do it to use a PC?

    If you have a baker friend ... does that entitle you to free bread whenever you want? No. If you have a friend computer ... that gives you the right to install / fix your computer whenever you want? No. Moral: always charged. 6, 10, 20 or better 100 euros per hour of installation and configuration, is your neighbor, your friend, your father, your mother, your dog or even Luke Skywalker himself.

    Windows makes it easy how easy it difficult and impossible.

    Windows is not easy. Windows IT SEEMS easy because Scoundrels as we will install and configure everything. We support Microsoft. Encourage its use. We encourage piracy. Although we do not directly do when installing a new PC with Windows. We do this by installing pirated copies of software to the neighbors when they ask us, or get them the programs they need. We do this by giving advice on Windows, or resolverles problems. We are the "Windows is easy." I would like to see the face of the typical Windows users (advanced are advanced anywhere) when I go away the modem control panel, when they want to delete something from my PC and can not, when trying to defragment the CDROM (yes, I I've seen), when they have to install a tv card inside, when they have to configure the program to see the Canal +, when they are spoiling the Windows registry, when they get an Office document 97 and have the Office 95, when they out blue screens and know they have to reinstall. We avoid all that because we'll fix it. Avoid that. They must learn to see what they have, what they use. They must see the reality, the time lost.

    Every Windows user has one or more slobs who will resolve the ballot to each system problem. All users of Linux is potentially loser unless you live isolated in Siberia, has no known relatives, do not have Internet and also be frozen for 2000 years in a block of ice.

    Windows costs a lot of time and money: relocations, upgrades, more RAM, more hard drive, software, etc..

    If he wants your advice is a parent who asks your computer for the child and the school ("NEVER TO PLAY" say) tell them they will install Linux, an operating system they use in the universities and ISPs to be more advanced Windows and has no games if he does not want. Even if you start it costs more (which I doubt) and I have to set up, you know I NEVER call you because you have messed up something, he can NEVER spoil your system, you NEVER have viruses that can delete important files NEVER system, NEVER install crap magazines, NO need to upgrade hardware every 6 months and NEVER use it to play. Plantéale who asks the computer what you want. If you want to work, put Linux and configuráselo. If you want to play, go to the next point.

    Say you do not install Windows because it is strongly discouraged by their security holes, bugs you have and because you can not take responsibility for a product so sad. Say that serious sites using Linux or UNIX (like ISPs or companies) and you from 1998 (in my case) do not play because you use a Windows Operating System used to work than to study, to learn computer and play if needed. Tell him there is no virus in Linux, that his son could not spoil, as a father and that he could monitor what programs you need and what you install. Tell the computer you could use several people and want everyone to have access to one thing or another without being able to spoil the other. Tell her it's even easier than Windows and used the KDE or GNOME to see (at this point you teach your own PC and need not say more). Of course, I'll have to install and configure you, but NOTHING ELSE.

    If you still decide to help them install a Windows, after that, all that's left of your effort and good will be:

    "Sure that we bought the computer won some money ... sure."

    "This does nothing but get blue screens, sure we bought a crappy computer."

    "This does nothing but get blue screens, surely you installed wrong."

    (4 years after buying the computer) "Mother, this is very slow, but if you 64 megs of RAM and 2 gigabytes of space and cost me 200.000 pesetas! How not going to go the Windows 2004? Sure you are excuses that sucker to buy him something. "

    "You see, I say that if you can come to change your hard drive and tells me he can not, you have exams, will submit the Final Project, you must prepare a competition, the 8 to leave the university has to go to work and at night for hours security guard and extra time in your free work for free for an NGO. Go cousin that says you do not have time to come and fix your computer ... ".

    If still, after all, decide to install Windows to another person ...

    1. Be sure to explain how the computer BEFORE plugging. Refuse to plug it before you hear that your computer has a base plate where it connects to the RAM, hard disk and processor, and 4 more basic things.

    2. Once lit, do not let use the computer until you understand that there are hard disk files and directories, where is the root directory, and what directories can be found from there, both from Windows and MSDOS.

    3. Explain that there are other operating systems better, with less bugs, more stable, with more programs.

    4. Show him the few things that brings the Windows (notepad, paintbrush) and the calculator calcúlale what it would cost to have laws that require all programs (Office, ACDSee, Photoshop, etc..).

    5. Refuse point blank to install pirated software. Installs in place free or free programs like StarOffice, Netscape, Opera, Eudora, etc.. Teach Outlook and Explorer and tell them that if they use them (as if they install some hacker) and you can not help you with your computer and declinas all responsibility and you can not solucionarles problems.

    6. Install a Linux with KDE or GNOME on another partition and let it set up with Internet access and many programs in menus. Sometimes they enter the curiosity to see him, will prove. You see it's not ugly, you will see that it is slow. That will break all the lies that are told on the Internet and on TV (Linux is ugly, Linux is made by kids, is worthless, etc..). You may be surprised and you can give a solution on Linux ("I hang up the windows and I have to do important work" -> install StarOffice on Linux and see what they think of Linux as of the time).

    Nothing more, I hope this document slobs save others from falling into the chupopterus usuaribus networks. Here above is only an example. It's just one of many people have asked me advice on buying a computer in life, and I have engaged in a cycle of "I have been spoiled" and "please instálame this" makes me lose many hours of my free time each year, not only installing, but buying, looking for or despairing.

    Remember, you are not free technical support from Microsoft.

    PD: no censorship we see the ORIGINAL POST "Why you should never say" I am Computer ""!!

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