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Create secondary 2003 Exchange server.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on August 3rd, 2008

Good, afternoon, in this post I'll show you step by step how you can do to install a secondary mail server with 2003 exchange within an organization and check that the system is working properly.

We will mount an Exchange Server Enterprise 2003 2003 on a Windows Server SP2 server located within the domain

The first step as always is to put a fixed IP to the Exchange server the same range as the first Exchange server or at least a range likely to be among them, in our case this will be: with mask 24 ie: ( and its primary and secondary dns y which are the domain controllers with their DNS that I have assembled. (You will have to set the ip's of your DNS server).

When we have defined the fixed ip add the server to the domain: In our case the domain, reinitiate and pluck with a user session Domain Administrator.

When we exit Actualizad your internet server to the latest patches and hotfixes. http://www.windowsupdate.comThen we will go to download the SP2 Exchange 2003, in the case that your installation does not come with integrated Service Pack. .


We choose our language and will press Go and on the next screen will press on to download.

While downloading let us, we'll go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Add or Remove Windows Components and press double click on Application server and mark ASP.NET


Double click on Install Internet Information Services (IIS) and mark NNTP Service y SMTP service and assure that World Wide Web Service is checked and press, OK to validate y Finalize.

image_thumb [1]

Insertad the original CD of your Windows 2003 Server and wait to complete the installation of the components.

Now insert the original cd 2003 Exchange Server Enterprise on the server or virtual machine and will appear this wizard:

image_thumb [2]

will press Exchange deployment tools.

image_thumb [3]

We will choose the second option Install Exchange on additional servers 2003 since this will be our second Exchange server.



The 1 and 2 steps taken for granted that are made because we made before starting the installation. (Why) to not have to be changing windows cd to exchange 2003 2003.

To assure that all network settings are correct domain and follow the steps of 3, 4 5 points and

The step 6 obviously have to do because you just said that this will be an additional server (already exists one).

click on Run the installation program now (7 point).


This message will appear if the exchange is not you who are installing SP2 (our case). just click on Do not show this message again and about continue.


just click on Next.


Placeh I agree and just click on Next.


just click on Next.


just click on I accept the terms of the license agreement and You press Next.


just click on Next will begin the installation.


just click on Finalize.

Remember to run and follow the installation SP2 we downloaded in the first steps of the tutorial.

To verify that the server has been successfully installed you will have to go to Home -> All Programs -> Microsoft Exchange -> System Manager and check on the tree Administrative Groups -> First Administrative Group -> Servers You have the primary server and the secondary server.


Greetings MegaCracks.

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24 Responses to "Creating secondary 2003 Exchange server."

  1. GEORGE Says:

    Hi Is that serves a secondary server?
    I have a lab server AD 1, 2 1 exchange and client,
    My idea is to see if the primary exchange server shuts down the secondary server assumes the responsibility to continue providing service. it's possible?
    waiting for your prompt response.
    greetings to all.

  2. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Jorge,

    A secondary server for example you could create in the case of having a remote delegation and absence of the possibility of extending the WAN line, in this case you install one second Exchange server and emails to the outside of your domain can go directly from the delegation remotely without having to go through the main exchange. Another case might be that you have several domains, parakeet example and pepito as well could create a primary server to house the accounts of parrot domain and a secondary that will house the bobby domain, which between domains send mails could but in if that were to send emails from one user to another in the same domain they would not have to use the WAN traffic to do this so that you improve the performance of these users.
    Another case would be that a server has become too small and you can not expand, as well create a secondary server and move some of the main server mailboxes to take charge.

    Well, what you need is to create an active / passive cluster, I feel not have an article prepared for this but do not doubt that I will have in the future.
    The cluster functionality is precisely what you need in case one of the servers 2 fell the other would assume the role of principal and users would not know which one server is down.

    I think not remember wrong when I say that already exists in Exchange 2007 functionality that improves this scheme with cyclic redundant copy. (I should retake the webcast or read me back the book) I recommend one of the best writers of technical books for me is William Stanek that. Exchange 2007 book is the publisher Anaya and Microsoft Press and is titled Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator's Guide 2007 (I recommend reading) You can learn a lot.

    I regret not having the Exchange cluster scheme but I hope to have it mounted in a future to talk more on clusters of servers on Microsoft Windows.


  3. Fernando Says:

    my name is fernando am from Argentina, I have the same configuration the issue is that one does this for liverar work to the principal and also that incase it hits the first is still running this, the problem I have is the following are migragando and main exchange server of this "off line" mail goes barbaric but owa not want to know if you ran into this problem or only my happening to me

    From already thank you very much
    PS: the post are very good greetings

  4. Roberto Says:

    Hello, I have a doubt whether to do the two 2003 server cluster must be mounted, or is not necessary.


  5. XaviXaus Says:

    Roberto good.
    It is not necessary to have clustered, is not to be set to cluster.

  6. Dario R. Says:

    Hol everyone, first of all congratulations on the web and manuals, instructive and useful to do a lot of propaganda I

    My question is related to a front-end story

    Exchange servers have 2 2003

    One of them as front-end and another as back end and I can not get the front-end validate well in the owa, despite putting the password well, and I try the same username and password in the backend and it works ok

    I tried to remove from front-end server and works (if the mailbox is on the same server and not on the back-end)

    If no mailboxes are not valid (which I did not know)

    How I have to configure the front-end and back-end to work that?

  7. Juan Pablo Says:

    Hi. My case is that the exchange server Original 2003 is already giving much can and want to migrate to another server exchange server more robust 2003, you should create an additional server to create the storage group and mailbox storage and begin to migrate users and later mind before giving low the old name the new server as a domain controller, I found a lot of information but I confused some concepts can help give me an idea.


  8. XaviXaus Says:

    Good John Paul.

    First of all let you know that has nothing to do with the Exchange domain controller.
    If the system you have in production, what I recommend is what set yourself. Create a secondary server, move all mailboxes, configure public folders to replicate against the secondary, move the Recipient update services, change the master to the secondary, configure public folders if you have already replicated so that they are only in the secondary.

    When you have all this done keep talking.

  9. Juan Pablo Says:

    Good day.

    I wanted to let you know that already above the secondary server creating it as shown in your article on how to create a secondary server of exchange 2003, but now the problem I have is to move a mailbox for a user to test, I can see your mailbox from OWA and receive mail but the problem is that not send any mail, then I auditioned to create a new user on the new server mailboxstorage and I feel the same I can see the OWA receive mail but not send. And checking in the exchange manager Administrative Groups> First Administrative Groups> Servers> SXM001003-001> Queues here I note that the main server does not have the circle with the green check mark and is in Retry state not as active.

    I hope you can help me.

  10. Alfonso Says:

    Hi ... congratulations I have finally found a website that has interesting things and really useful (and not in English !!!!!!!!!!) Congratulations

    My question is this: I have an license 2003 not use Exchange Standard edition ... and I have a web server on the DMZ (10.100.6.xy its corresponding public IP) and I mounted the exchange (enterprise) server in a team intranet (192.168.10.x) ... both servers are no problem ... my question is I wanted to mount a frontend server in the DMZ for users of my organization could check email outside our network ... I can do it with the standard license since not keep users / mailboxes to mount a frontend I think so ... if so is safe to do so, I can do so that access is SSL? which ports on my firewall should allow (pop3 and smtp) ??? ... Well what steps to take to mount

    thank you very much

  11. Alberto Says:

    Hi, maybe you can help me.
    I have to rename the domain and mail server 2003 SP2 exchange is on a domain controller. I read that to rename the domain must be the mail server on a server other than driver. Well I followed your guide to mount a second mail server and migrate all there, but when I started testing with a mailbox to see if everything worked on the new server, or can connect by outlook, nor OWA, and not to to be done. You agardeceria a lot to tell me that I need to do.

    a greeting

  12. Paul Says:

    Good day.

    I have a question I have two sites one I have the exchange and the other is my owa server but will do maintenance and communication is cut from one side where is the owa
    but some users they check your mail for owa and would leave no service, my question is is peuden have two OWA for the same domain there is any conflict

  13. XaviXaus Says:

    Good afternoon Paul,

    I guess you mean you have a frontend server that will cut off communication for maintenance and backend on another site where yes you could if you had access OWA directly access it?
    If you can access the database backend without frontend and also have access OWA, but in the case of Frontend and Backend not how it works.

    The truth is that really points to the OWA server database where you have the mailbox so if the mail server is also fallen you will not have access to OWA mailbox.

    I hope not having bundled more.
    Tell Me if You have really frontend and backend please.

  14. arming Says:

    Hello good afternoon. the truth that the site is very useful, since very bue work.
    the query I have is this. in the company I have one single mail server running exchange 2003
    std server, and I requested the creation of a new mailbox for the commercial department. The question I have is whether:

    1- I can create a box or mailbox for example "[Email protected]"And the handle three different users on three different workstations? and of course see all the same and respond or send in the name of it?

    2- if so! I appreciate if you could tell me how to configure so that they can manage those three people that box or mailbox, and whether to take any particular settings on each workstation.

    From already thank you very much.

  15. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Armando,

    Yes it is possible to do what you request.

    What you should do is create a new user with mailbox with the name [Email protected] and give permissions from Active Directory users that want to administer this mailbox security tab of the account.

    If you need more spec tell me and I send you some screenshots.

  16. arming Says:

    thanks for your answer first.

    I cuetno you have a question, not whether it is correct or not. in the properties of the account as I think you indicated, "security" tab do not see, or not aprarece me. if I see "advanced exchange" and there is a lapel button "Mailbox rights" and in there if I can enter the cuantes the users who wish the administered.
    This procedure is correct performing? or you can spend the catch of which I spoke.

    From already thank you very much.

  17. XaviXaus Says:

    Good arming,

    The security tab by pressing the'll see -> advanced options in the AD console.

    Moreover screens take a while since I do not have much free time, but to see if I take a moment and you the way.

  18. arming Says:

    good afternoon!!!

    I want to thank you and tell you already I found no problems and I could configure it without problems.
    I do not need anything emviees from many colleague and thanks ...

    in a few days, you tables a query if you can not fix it.
    from already thank you so much and very good post about migration to 2010.
    a big hug! and thanks again.

  19. xovil Says:

    First of all thank you very much for this information !! Very valuable, timely.
    I have a small query.
    First of all I have a primary server with which I have outdoor access, internet, OWA, connection distance etc. and a single secondary server for e (exchange, 2003) When I create my users in AD and I think my mailbox for my user so good is created on both servers, etc. I can send emails internally and externally without problems but when I receive only receive internal emails, meaning that emails me not come outside. My question is: There's something I have to set up each time users think apart from creating new user and create your mailbox ?? This only happens in usaurios new users that are already created are all smoothly.
    Thanks in advance

  20. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Xovil.

    New users have the same @domain that stuff?
    I say if you have redirected the MX records in external DNS server.


  21. xovil Says:


    By new users if they have the same domonio that others, have an internal and an external domain [Email protected] y [Email protected]
    I was checking MX records and I have to reroute records only the first time that the server or each time a user is created is configured? I'm new to this in exchange!

    Thank you very much for your help.

  22. Lara Adrian Says:

    Hello Toodos.

    I have problems with the current hardware of my exchange server 2003 and I are asking you to install another exchange in the same domain (another ip and another name) with finaldad going slowly moving mailboxes, this is feasible and how it could do

  23. xavixaus Says:

    Adrian Good,

    I recommend you first do a full backup if you do not have the databases and the exchange systemstate.

    On the other hand, what you mention is feasible, but is quite complex. Guess what if eventually you comment for the server hardware problems "died" to use the new server as primary server.
    This can be done, but you must follow some specific steps, create secondary server, move mailboxes, replicate public folders, move primary roles, .... It is not as simple as it seems.

    If it's any reference you can make the movement of hardware to another while retaining the name of your server (which people appreciate and support yourself)

    If you need anything else let us know.

  24. Mira Says:

    Good day to all,

    I hope someone can advise me, I have an Exchange environment where there 2003 5 on backend servers and 1 forntend, the idea is to include a second frontend, all servers remain on the same site,

    Anyone know if it is possible and how to do it?

    I thank you in advance,


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