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Installing Exchange in an organization 2007 2003 Exchange (Part II)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 3rd, 2008

And we go on.

To install the role Client Access Server we need to have installed Internet Information Services, to do this we need to have inserted the CD installation 1 Windows Server R2 x64 on the CD

We do so:

just click on Start -> Administrative Tools -> Manage your server.


just click on Add or Remove Features.


just click on Next.


MARCAD on IIS Application Server and You press Next.


CLICK Next again.


CLICK Finalize.

Preparing Active Directory:

In order to prepare Active Directory we use a user who is a member of the group Exchange Organization Administrators or a user domain administrator.

With the installation DVD into the drive 2007 Exchange you will have to run from a command line: / PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions.


from the same command line Execute / PrepareSchema so that it connects to the master plan and actualize the schema with Exchange attributes 2007.


Following this line of command Execute / PrepareAD to configure global Exchange objects in Active Directory, create the universal security groups Exchange in the root domain.


Following this line of command Execute / PrepareDomain o / PrepareAllDomains for all domains at once to complete the security configuration of Exchange 2007.


Now that we have prepared Active Directory finally Execute setup.exe.


The first option we have already installed in the previous post.

The option is installed 2a basis as we are getting a server Windows Server R2003 2 MMC is already built 3.0, if you have it you can download from the

The option 3era also been installed in the previous post.

just click on Step 4: Install Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1.

image_thumb [4]

CLICK Next>.

image_thumb [5]

Placeh I accept the terms in the license agreement and You press Next>.

image_thumb [7]

At this point leed information and let you decide which option as you want to enable and You press Next>.

image_thumb [8]

Let's choose the first option Typical Exchange Server Installation and You press Next. (This screen lets you choose between two options, the first installed on the server roles Mailbox Server, Client Access Server and Hub Transport and the second option you will choose the roles you wish, (To make the installation of the cluster mailbox server you will have to choose the option Custom Exchange Server Installation)).

image_thumb [9]

just click on Browse.

image_thumb [10]

Seleccionad the primary server for your organization to be the router

image_thumb [11]

CLICK Next>.


(Recommendation) = Try that all errors will appear in this Readlines Checks be solved before proceeding.

CLICK install.

When everything is completed just click on Finish.

To be continue….

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2 Responses to "Installing Exchange in an organization 2007 2003 Exchange (Part II)"

  1. Darwin L. Rene Mosquera Says:

    [Email protected]

    Would greatly appreciate if you send me more in depth tutorials on this subject.

    Ahh that rich I would send manual tuning of exchange 2007.

    Thank you very much

  2. fernando Says:

    porfa tell me hello when I migrate to Exchange Server is no longer necessary 2007 In beginning the server 2003 exchange server?

    with exchange server migration is independent of exchange totalemtne 2003? or work together?

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