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How to create a DHCP server in Windows Server 2003.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on February 7th, 2009

Greetings MegaCracks.

Today I'll show you how to install a server DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and some more tricks.

In this case I will install on a server that already is Domain Controller and DNS, but this will not influence at all in the installation or operation thereof, so: if you have servers to spare I recommend as always separate everything possible functions of the servers.

First of all as always Actualizad the system to the latest patches from Windows Update, configure you a fixed IP and enter in your domain (like all these steps are for new servers I'm going to jump this time (You can consult other items above such as creating a new domain controller from scratch, for steps to configure a fixed ip, enter the domain, etc ...)

First of all we log in with a user with administrator privileges.

Home -> Management tools -> Manage Your Server.

How to create a server DHCP_1

Click on Add or remove a role

How to create a server DHCP_2

Press Next>.

How to create a server DHCP_3

Select DHCP server and press Next> (You can verify that the Domain Controller (Active Directory) and DNS server function are active (I have already mentioned at the beginning that I in this case I will install on a Domain Controller and DNS, but I will say that it will not influence In nothing)).

How to create a server DHCP_4

Press Next>.

(Remember that normally when añadáis a new role or will have to have on hand the installation CD operating system function).

How to create a server DHCP_5

We now have DHCP installed, you can cancel the wizard, but as we are we will also configure it not ??.

In case pulséis on the Cancel and open your DHCP Management Console (dhcpmgmt.msc) will be opened to such a configuration but with the ip and the name of your server.How to create a server DHCP_6

But we go to press Next> .

How to create a server DHCP_7

Write the name of the new field to create and a description and press Next>.

An area or Scope in English is a TCP / IP (ip, mask, gateway ...) configuration that will be delivered to customers who request it.

How to create a server DHCP_8

Write the first IP that will be the first client (computer) on request. (Must be a ip within the range of ip's of your company) for example if you work with a range 192.168.0.x must set up a as initial and final IP address for example.

Write the last IP address to be given maximum when all others are occupied. (If I may only be configured computers with IP addresses 253 granted by this field).

Write the length (mask) in our case we put a mask 24 (

When you may have defined CLICK Next>.

How to create a server DHCP_9

As we have created an exclusion defining a range not to define any more and will press Next>.

In case you request such that the first address range 10 not be used under any circumstances you will have to define them here or set the field from the up with what will no longer missing not exclusion. (Up to you). Each manager will guess in a different way, I like it more so, is cleaner. (No exclusions). (Definid well to concede the field and ready).

How to create a server DHCP_10

This part is quite important and there are many people who do not understand that it serves. These values ​​are the number of days, hours, minutes that will last an IP lease in case the computer is off.

Ie if I turn on my computer today 1, DHCP gives me an IP address and tomorrow, 2 I go on holiday, the day 9 this IP address will be available to any applicant can use it, for the day 7 boot the computer the DHCP renew the grant and continue taking this direction 8 days.

In the case we have a very small area 30 ip's for example and know that those teams are commercial, for example using the computer in the office very recently, will this lower concession for example 2 days for that ip is available for another commercial in if needed.

By default press Next.

How to create a server DHCP_11

Now we have to configure other options for the field, press Next>.

How to create a server DHCP_12

This is the gateway that will set customers requesting an ip by DHCP, in our case we write, we click on Add and about Next>.

"How to create a server DHCP_13" style = "display: inline; border-width: 0;" height = "351" alt = "How to create a server DHCP_13" src = " content / uploads / 2009 / 02 / comocrearunservidordhcp-13.jpg "width =" 457 "border =" 0 "/>

Write the name of your primary domain, in our case megacrack.esIn the IP Address field poned the IP address of your primary DNS server or if you who are not sure which is, Write in the field Server Name: The name of your domain and just click on Solve (The IP address appears in the left field and only you will have to click on Add) Put all DNS servers in order and press Next>.

How to create a server DHCP_14

If you have your WINS servers will have to configure them here (the same procedure as above) and press Next>.

How to create a server DHCP_15

Mark Activate this scope later and press Next>. (I do this to check if all the values ​​that will offer've configured correctly).

How to create a server DHCP_16

Press Finalize.

How to create a server DHCP_17

Press Finalize.

How to create a server DHCP_18

Click on Manage this DHCP server (If you have closed the window you can access by Start -> Run -> dhcpmgmt.msc) Or dede Home -> Administrative Tools -> DHCP.

We're going to Scope Options and we check that all values ​​are correct.

How to create a server DHCP_20

now on Address Pool and we check that all values ​​are correct.

How to create a server DHCP_21

Now click with the right mouse button on Ambit and click on Activate.

But now it is missing something very important (authorize the DHCP server), This action is necessary to be sure that in the domain solely grant the DHCP server IP addresses that are authorized by Active Directory.

Only you will have to click the right mouse button on the DHCP server and press Authorize.



Configure Server options all options will have fixed all areas. For example we know that the DNS servers and domain will always be the same as well follow these steps:

First just click on button right above Server options y Set Options.

How to create a server DHCP_22

Making a choice 006 DNS Server 2 and add the IP addresses of our DNS server and,

How to create a server DHCP_23

Making a choice DNS Domain Name 015 and we write at Value chain:, Press OK to validate.

How to create a server DHCP_24

Now you have a configuration Global, Now we must apply to the area that we created earlier. We address Scope Options and we can see that already have these options but what we do is inherit from the server options. To this we must eliminate the scope options and 006 015 the area that we created earlier. Select the options and with the right mouse button click on Delete.

How to create a server DHCP_25

How to create a server DHCP_26

click on Yes.

How to create a server DHCP_27

But if you press F5 (Update).

How to create a server DHCP_28

Tachánnnn, the options of area with another icon as you can see are the options that we have configured for the server.

With this setup any new tasks you create are made with this configuration by default and we only modify the router (gateway) for example.

How to create a new scope option?

Right-click on the DHCP server and Set default options.

How to create a server DHCP_29

Click on Add.

How to create a server DHCP_30

Fill in the required fields and click on To accept.


And now this is all MegaCracks, I hope you like help and if you have any question let-me a comment and I will respond whenever time permits me.


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32 Responses to "Creating a DHCP server in Windows 2003 Server."

  1. Jorge Gonzalez Says:

    Hello, I would ask about a problem I have with DHCP. It is this: How do I get the DHCP address only to computers that are part of the domain?

    Thank you.

  2. Guannais Says:


    In Windows 2003 not be done, since DHCP is a protocol validation machine or user. From what I read (yet I have yet to try it in a controlled environment) Windows 2008 if you can do because it has the protocol NAP (Network Access Protection) I copy a enlaci.

    A greeting.

  3. angela Says:

    I want to know q do if I have the cd to complete the installation.
    Thank you.

  4. Alberto Says:

    My greetings

    I installed a DHCP server on windows and when I go 2003 authorize, authorize option does not appear anywhere. I've checked the DHCP settings and can not find errors. Anyone know how to solve this issue.

    Thank you

  5. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Albert.

    Try it now. Hehe, looks like an easy answer but it is that when you install the DHCP server will not see this option that has not contacted you everything you need with the domain controller, only if you can not even authorize DHCP Server service restarts and wait a few minutes.


  6. Alberto (I'm the top xD) Says:

    Very good tutorial ^ ^ Thanks

  7. wilber Says:

    Hi, I was doing the dhcp server installation as shown in the tutorial everything ok the problem presented in the dhcp server when I want to right click and AUTHORIZE I get a message saying ACCESS DENIED. failing that this could help me solve.

  8. XaviXaus Says:

    Good wilber.
    With that account you are accessing the DHCP server?
    You are the domain administrator?
    The DHCP server must be integrated with the domain. Is added to this server in the domain?

    Give me this information and continue to see the problem ...

  9. wilber Says:

    hi thanks for replying I am working with an account created as non-default account with the System Manager.

  10. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Wilber.

    You must log in as domain administrator. not a local administrator.

  11. Cristian Says:

    Very good ...

  12. carmen Says:

    I have problems I have installed blñacberrys and addresses of the machines in the domain and lose in the dhcp config not become connected as there

  13. Elias Says:

    One question ...
    Is that for a job in school and then I'm virtualizing windows server 2003 and when I turn on DNS and domain controller, but I asked the record and when I put it says there is a mistake. That is what must be done on that problem?

  14. xavixaus Says:

    Good Elias.

    What you should do is check that the version you are installing is the same as the CD. For example if you install Enterprise 64 bits, the CD should be enterprise 64 bits.
    On the other hand what I believe is that the cd you have is defective.
    Ask each other partner.

  15. Bernard Says:

    Hello my question is about this configuration requires that windows server and I had the modem canbiar tena new one and put the modem simply no longer has access to my web page worth mentioning that I have the thosom with fixed ip but still so I says to configure the modem thomson 2003 the server is vdd and if they could help me that is what is set

  16. Ruben Says:

    Good, but this post is already long, I have configured my DHCP on my company and I can not make the move to inherit the configuration of the server and deleting 006 015. If I delete and refresh I get nothing. This step not quite understand, imagine what it does is to inherit the configuration of the server's network card, right?
    Regards and good post.

  17. Gregory Says:

    I have two servers (primary and secondary).
    The primary is DHCP Server.
    I configure the DHCP service on the secondary server to be the primary backup?

  18. xavixaus Says:

    Hello Gregory.

    DHCP Server in High Availability (Automatic mode) is not possible without scripting.

    You only need to Have the Same on Both DHCP servers configuration But in one of the DHCP server Them Must Be Stopped (Because you can not have DHCP server 2 leasing IP addresses from the Same Range).

    My suggestion is to configure one DHCP Server with pools and leasing 3 3 stopped and in the other DHCP server you can configure other 3 leasing (Stopped in the primary) and the rest stopped in the secondary (Running in the primary).

    I Hope That will be my explanation enough for you, if not, please reply this comment.

    Sorry for my poor English. I'm studying ..

  19. Marcelo Says:

    Xavixaus Hello, I hope that even this site available for respuestasm would like to know if there Lienas command to enable DHCP to make any diagnosis of IPs used, released, services running, etc..,

    in advance thank you very much


  20. xavixaus Says:

    Good Marcelo.

    You can use netsh dhcp and look at all the options you have.

    If you do it from the dhcp server will not have problems but if you do it from a client computer must install the administrative tools.

    Beware of the netsh that you can still do a show a delete.

    Greetings and I hope I've helped.

  21. hardware Says:

    thank you very much for the tutorial, is what I was looking to set in WinServer 2003

  22. Aries Says:

    I have installed the DHCP Server 2003 but do not assign ips to the PCs on the network, which need to configure

  23. xavixaus Says:

    Good Aries, we could spend the Event Viewer events?

  24. jromer69 Says:

    Good afternoon: I set as you indicate, so good. The computer has a network card and a lap top.
    Network by connecting by ip and want to serve the wifi ip in the range The ip of the wifi
    is Is it all right?. Thanks ..... The manual very good.
    PS Is there a need two network cards?

  25. xavixaus Says:

    Good Jromer69.

    I strongly recommend you only connect a network card (NO WIFI) wireless and leave it disabled.

    You can define the ranges that you want in your DHCP range of other delegations even if it were the case and the DHCP-Relay configuraras on the routers to collect the IP by DHCP from the central server.

    I understand that the wireless network to deliver them through access points. You should find the best configuration to deliver the ips through this DHCP.

    Think that there should be 2 DHCP servers on the same range of ip's. To exit Microsoft Windows Server 8 had not seen the need to integrate DHCP and now HA will implement its new product, but hey, that's another story.

    I hope you clear any doubts you have not been many.

    You can still comment if you think fit.

    A greeting.

  26. alex gardens Says:

    Good morning, my respects.

    In lijeros clients I have the following problem:

    PXE-51: No DHCP or Were proxyDHCP offers received.

    PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM SiS.
    No bootable device - - insert boot disk and press any key

    I mentioned to DHCP, I check and I have it configured correctly.

    What could it be??

  27. xavixaus Says:

    Good morning Alex.

    Could you help understand which are thin clients? Thinclients??

    The first thing we should clarify is whether these customers have already installed OS I understand that do not and therefore is trying to access the PXE to detect an operating system or a valid repository for installation.

    You should also check the BIOS of this equipment if the first device that is accessing the network or you can also access local devices such as CD, USB, or HDD (hard disk).

    If all the above questions relate to what you want from thinkclients and the problem is that no operating system and system linux / windows is not accessible you should talk to the provider as it should at least be able to access a configuration screen indicate where certain parameters for the connection to a terminal server or VDI where poderte connect.

    But if the problem is that you want to do an implementation of an operating system through the network, you should install a server such as a WDS to post images of the operating system remotely through a server / service to offer DHCP PXE configuration.

    If this is not the case and all you just do not get to any network could be because you are not on the same subnet / VLAN from which the DHCP lease is doing? It could be a theme that these teams do not reach the dhcp server.

    The simple test is to put a fixed IP to the computer with its network mask, gateway and DNS and DHCP ping against.

    Now we go counting. I look forward to your response.


  28. Webster Says:

    Hello: I expect a response. I set up a network with adsl-> Access Point-> windowsServer2003. I test the server directly to the wired and wireless broadband and all works ok, but when I'm behind the wireless access point via the server does not answer me. I can do in this case a solution is feasible or not served my scheme. and another if I have another adsl can go for any of the gateway if configured in the server.

  29. Eduardo Says:

    Let me know I need to install and configure to activate several areas

    10.10.15.x / 20
    10.10.16.x / 20
    10.10.17.x / 20

    For connectivity there is between them and the server can correctly assign IPs according to the area where the teams are.

    Thanks for your time.

  30. xavixaus Says:

    Good Eduardo.

    The first thing you have to check is that your switch can do VLAN, if you can not (I can not go on ..)

    When you have found this so you need to do is manage the switch and configure a VLAN 15 eg, VLAN and VLAN 16 17 and indicate the ip-helper or DHCP-Relay to the DHCP. The DHCP server and will automatically give ip's only for the VLAN you have configured on the switch. In each area need to configure the ip router gateway configured on the VLAN, for example for VLAN 15 gateway and the gateway VLAN 16 ...

    After setting this and if you have are multiple switches need to configure VLAN trunk or 1 (Management) as untagged and VLAN 15, and 16 17 same VLAN tag them how are you 15,16,17 ... so you can have traffic between different switches, if you not only need to configure a switch port or untageados tageados since the same switch and vlan will see you all directly.

    Greetings and until next time.

  31. Daniel Says:

    Hey truth, very good post and the replies to see if I help.
    I am mounting a windows server active directory 2003 and dhcp at the office. My question arises, as set up, and that I have 2 networks .. the and, the network is the one with serum-free navigation and the filtering 1 a proxy, as I do for users that I want to take the 1 and what the 0 and in turn, each different machines networks see, I have to connect this switch 3com 4800 and 4200 3 layer.
    Agracederia your answers.

  32. Daniel Says:

    forgiveness is zero network. I am Multi-switch and I have, about 10.

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