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Installing Windows Server Std 2008 R2 step X64

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on November 21st, 2009


Today I show how to install Windows Server only 2008 R2 X64 standard version in English and how to prepare to use it on future occasions as a basis for other facilities.

I'm going to ride on a system with 2 GB of RAM, and a CPU 2 disk C: of 15 GB. (Although it is not necessary to have much RAM or 2 CPU far for this operating system to work, tell you that I have installed Windows Server 2008 with Domain Controller in a team with 384MB of RAM, no users connected yes, but the system it works fluidly. (but the minimum atrocities in production environments) You know, not derrochéis, but in no case quedaros short (minimum 1 GB of RAM, and disk 15 GB).

required disk space with clean + patches by day 21 / 11 / 2009 installation.


From now I include it in my next articles similar to previous to display when you desire to consult the size needed for a clean installation of an operating system on a server with 2 GB of RAM, or a Domain Controller, or a wsus, or an Exchange, etc ... (I say what the 2 GB of RAM for the Windows Server 2008 system now automatically manages the level of paged memory and the more RAM we have in our system more necessary will have enough space to house this paging file).

Let's start with the installation:

The first thing to do is have an original copy of the operating system in question, insert the CD and boot the virtual machine, server, or what you want.


Select in the field Time and currency format: Spanish (Spain, International Sort) and just click on Next.


just click on install Now.


Please select the right version of the operating system you want and just click on Next. In my case I will install the Standard version version Full Installation, NOT Core version and I need a graphical environment so that it can manage the way you want to do on this occasion. (As I will explain in another article the benefits of the core).


Placeh I accpet the license terms and just click on Next.


just click on Custom (advanced)


Seleccionad the disk where you want to install and just click on Next.


After completing the installation ...


just click on OK to create the user local administrator password. (Remember to be a secure password, you know, numbers, letters, symbols, uppercase, lowercase)


Write the password and just click on InstallWindowsServer2008R2x64_9


just click on OKAY.


When starting Windows Server 2008 always unless the option marquéis do not show this window at logon I welcome this screen is very useful indeed appears.

Now what we do is a Windows Update to be the last level of operating system patches.

just click on Download and install updates paragraph 2 Update This Server.

InstallW <br /> indowsServer2008R2x64_12

just click on Turn on automatic updates.


just click on install updates.

Reiniciad the server.

Now that we have completed the BASE server, we will prepare it so that you can use as many times as you want and no problems of duplication of names, etc ...

We are located in Start -> Run-> And write sysprep.

Us a Windows Explorer where you have to press double click on the file will appear sysprep.


Option Placeh generalize and in the dropdown shutdown Options seleccionad Shutdown and You press OKAY.

The option generalize SID results in removal of equipment, specific level configuration software and hardware (IP address, hostname, removes some of the event viewer ...) also resets the time available before product activation. So we can use this base for any new implementation without duplication of computer names or similar problems ...

Greetings and see you soon MegaCracks.

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20 Responses to "Installing Windows Server Std 2008 R2 X64 step by step"

  1. Marco Polo Says:



  2. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Marco Polo.

    As you bought the license without you give the product?

  3. Pep Cots Says:

    Hello XaviXaus
    A little doubt. I'll start installing uns with a SQL R2008 2 2008 and not see clearly the issue of space occupied by the installation. The rest of Windows I've ridden 2008 always have me a very fair extra space because the patches that low and cache drivers, etc.
    Is there any way to eliminate or prevent the OS do "acumulacioión" file like this?
    Or what it is the same thing that can be removed to free up space and go a little looser the system disk.
    Greetings and thank you.
    Pep Cots

    Regarding the question of Marco Polo.
    If you have a license, you only need to connect to and get off the ISO of all products that have license.

  4. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Pep, mira't els per veure posteriors Educational publications that necessites per l'espai SQL Windows 2008 2008 in R2 també.

    Per un altre band I faré un article, I hope not molt on trigar which is pot d'remove windows server system such that 2008 per quedi the best No quantity d'espai possible.

  5. Galician gio Says:

    as I can vitual server installed on windows swer r2005 2 2008 r2?

  6. Fernando Garcia Amaya Says:

    Persent know how to get a manual Windows Server 2008 R2 or internet I can get it, thank you for your valuable collaboration as we are presenting a project in the SENA (Colombia) on Windows Server 2008 R2 and we want the general public it Start to drive
    Thank you

  7. marc Says:

    The minimum disk space recomendad are 40Gb system for MS Win 2008.

    These are very short 15Gb are you ... remember the growth of AD, the local backups of system state, etc ...

  8. xavixaus Says:

    Marc good.

    Think you have 6 GB free disk C :, backup should always make a separate disk, ie D: drive eg Backup.
    With 6 GB free you can have a more than 8000 AD users with 8000 8000 teams and groups, etc ... Enough for any small / medium enterprises.

    Moreover, as I think the system you're riding is virtual think this record can be increased at any time if necessary.

    Greetings and thanks for reading the blog and comment.

    Of course I'm with you if disk space is not a problem or if a physical server, but the space but increasingly affordable is quite expensive disk.
    He thinks that the server should be on RAID disks with the additional cost thereof.

  9. Hugo Says:

    Hi I have installed the server 2008 R2 can help me with a link to download the license.
    I hope your answer thank you thank you.

  10. xavixaus Says:

    Good Hugo,

    No problems, you?

  11. Aradenatorix Says:


    I tell you, I just installed a new HP server with Windows server 2008R2, the problem is that the company that installed it did not want to "spend" in a original license. I usually work on GNU / Linux systems but now wanted Windows. The case is eventually said that if but while the site Microsoft got off iamgen test ISO and installed the Windows Server Standard 2008R2 64 180 bit day trial. We already arrived from Miami HP box with the license, but do not know how to install it. I understand it is for users 5, I have this server with XP and some terminals to be connected internally to this and also adminsitraremos remotely.

    The point is that as we raise the databases used for Aspel that adminsitrar the company and do not want cargarmelas in a bad installation. Then I do not know how to install the license, can you help me with that?

    Greetings and happy new year.

  12. xavixaus Says:

    Good morning Aradenatorix.

    The first thing to do is find out if these licenses are MAK or KMS can read you this article:
    You also step commands that will be needed to help you install a MAK, look at this other article:

    To summarize, first detect if the license is MAK or KMS,
    In the event it is MAK follow these steps:
    From a command line run: slmgr / ipk
    To activate the license on the Internet the command is: slmgr / ato
    To check the current license the command is: slmgr / dli

    If licenses are KMS you must install a KMS to provide them server (This way you will not have to go computer to computer by installing MAK, but then any windows server 2008 for example that added to the domain will be assigned a key from the server KMS ... (If I get time I will try to create an article for you to see as installing a KMS key server).

    Greetings and until next time.

  13. Jaime G Says:

    Thanks for your tutorials. I tell you that thanks to your tutorials I could configuar a PC with Windows Server 2008 R2 STD. It has also created the domain, I think this everything needed to start work.
    Now, what is not as connecting a PC-client to the server, with the idea that can go online travez him, can see a shared folder, and you can use a SQL DB already installed on the server. I appreciate your response.



  15. xavixaus Says:

    Good morning Miriam.
    I truth is that I have never done with servers. But surely if the option is available standard versions are compatible enterprise etc. But I do not recommend it. It would be better to do it from scratch and then to transfer the data.


  16. Flavia Says:

    Hey you know I'm installing windows server 2008 but when you have the dialog of the installation where I select the language etc. appear That picture does not appear, but if the gray background appears.

    The screen goes gray and nothing appears, what can you be ?, Hopefully I can give an idea.

    Thank you very much.

  17. xavixaus Says:

    Good afternoon flavia
    The truth is that ever happened to me. I am sorry. Lets see if
    someone else responds.
    I understand it's an official version because you can open a case with microsoft. Although I would like to know if you are riding in a virtual or physical environment.

    Thanks and sorry not to be able to help.

  18. Elias Says:

    Hi. On a server was installed W2008 R2 Enterprise. For licensing issues, you have to install the Standard version. I've deleted partitions to start from scratch, but have the problem that when installing load after giving Install now, I do not get the window to choose the version front but sends me to install the Enterprise version.
    Anyone have any idea because it shows me. Of course I thank you for the help you can give me.

  19. Xaus Xavier Nadal Says:

    Good afternoon Elijah.

    The CD you have is the standard official version ?, It is not enterprise ?, Is a very silly question but is that as you bought the cd version will estandaro entreprise.


  20. Pequenho Says:

    Please someone help me just can not take temrinar install Windows Server 2008 r2 nor the 64 or 32 bit on a Dell Optiplex 9010, I get something that does not recognize or we are compatible devices but that n ose dodne is reconcoer or I do some step quee stoy obviating fa

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