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How to change the number of preloaded on a blackberry message

Written by jl on June 15th, 2011

Hello everyone

Today's post is about how to change the number of messages that are loaded when a new blackberry provisioned in a corporate environment with BES Server. Default values ​​are configured on the BES server or messages are 200 5 days old, and there are times that some users this is not enough.

To change these options in version 5.0 SP2, you have to login to the console server management, Blackberry Solution Topology, Blackberry Domain, Component View, Email and select the server instance.

Then go to Edit and select the tab instance of Messaging, and here in the Prepopulation Message settings we can change the values ​​of the messages to be loaded:

  • Send Headers only - You can select if we load only the headers or the entire message (by default only loads the header)
  • Prepopulation by message age - can specify the number of days between 0 and 30 days since we want to load messages. (Default 5 days)
  • Prepopulation by message count - can specify the maximum number of emails to load, between 0 and 3000. (Default 200 posts)

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