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How to create distribution lists in Google Apps (gmail).

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 11th, 2011

Following the second installment of the Google Apps today one has to do with the old distribution lists now called by google (groups).

These Google Groups are able to without having to create an additional account to send and receive mails to or from an account that will call as we choose, for example we can create a group whose name has [Email protected] and this group of speakers and attendees at this conference (The speakers can be accounts within the domain or not, and as assistants is clearly not google apps accounts or at least for now, hehe), well , anyone in the world could send emails to this address and receive all the members that we use for it.

The configuration of these Google Groups is impressive, has many options and may from restricting the number of members to only people of the domain in question or even restricting people to be added to this group going to be able to send mail on behalf of the group from gmail and administration shows emails that have come to this group or even those who have been sent from it.

And now what ivamos, such as creating a "distribution list to send and receive e" in gmail.

It can be done from the admin panel of your domain by clicking on the tab Groups, as you can see on the next screen, but it is only an information screen.

We access from the administration panel of google apps icon Google Groups for Business(Https:// <your domain> / GroupsServiceSettings).

Once inside the right of the screen displays the following:

Click on Created.

Enter the required fields and select the access level, which in our case for example we will create so that only the administrator can add members to the group, that any domain user can send messages to this group and also any Internet users can also send mails to this group.

Click on Create my group.

In the next screen will ask you añadáis group members, being members of the domain or not, if the domain is configured as you may have private (closed) will have to send the invitation to this group by email (you can even customize), which will have to accept and you will be part of this group, but this is not the case at hand as to create a distribution list that is what we wanted in the article usually does not make sense that people are part of it outside the organization, so we add only members of the organization and click on invite members.

End, we have created the mailing list and no license cost per user and ready to receive emails from internet.

I remind you that you can consult any other item related to Google Apps on the following link:

See you soon.

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