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How to send emails on behalf of a group in google apps

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 11th, 2011


This article explains how to set up an email account gmail or google apps to send mail on behalf of a distribution list or on behalf of a group created in google groups.

First we should create the group, you can see from the following link:

I recommend you do as Team and also marking the skeweralso allow any Internet user post messages.

Now from the domain administration and tab Groups.

We click on the group you want to serve to send mails.

Click onView in Google Groups service.

On the right side of the screen in the fieldMembers.

click on Group settings.

In the tab Sending email.

Mark the option:Published on behalf of the group.

Finally, from now on when any group member wants to send an email, you can select the sender of the message the new distribution list to send mail, and when they reply to this mail will be received at this address.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

See you soon and remember that if you want to learn more about Google Apps you can check the following link for other items.

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3 Responses to "send mail on behalf of a group in google apps"

  1. river Says:

    Very interesting, but it may be that this option is not available for the free version? I not locate the "View in Google Groups service" and I think it will not have the option of payment. Do not?

  2. xavixaus Says:

    Good Raul.

    Guess what happens to you is you can not create the group ?, you should do from the tab group but domain administration

    You'll tell me if this is the problem, but ask me again and we follow step by step if you want to problems.


  3. Jose Cano Says:

    It seems there have been some changes in group settings and the option to publish on behalf of a group is in Permissions / Permissions creating entries / Post as a group.

    The problem I have now is that I can not send email on behalf of the group to an address outside the domain.

    Anyone who has solved?

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