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How to change the session timeout time on a BES server

Written by jl on July 18th, 2011

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Hello everyone

In this post we will see what steps need to do to change the time out of the console session of a BES server.

First we have to validarnos in the BES server with an account that has administrative rights on the server and locate the web.xml file, located in the following path dependieno of the operating system version

Para32 bit is in \ Program Files \ Research In Motion \ BlackBerry Enterprise Server \ BAS \ jboss \ ejb \ server \ default \ deploy \ jboss-web.deployer \ conf

To 64 bits \ Program Files (x86) \ Research In Motion \ BlackBerryEnterpriseServer \ BAS \ jboss \ ejb \ server \ default \ deploy \ jboss-web.deployer \ conf

After opening the web.xml we have to find the session-timeout attribute and change the value is in minutes, as we see in the following example:

<! - Default Session Configuration ======== ======= ->

<! - You Can Set the default session timeout (in minutes) for all newly->

<! - Created sessions by Modifying the value below. ->


<! - * Session-timeout> 30 </ session-timeout * ->

<session-timeout>75</ Session-timeout>

</ Session-config>

A value of zero indicate that there will be no timeout

After changing the value of the services must restart the BlackBerry Administration Service - Application Server and the BlackBerry Administration Service - Native Code Container

Until next time


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