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Web filters are needed for companies and not only for safety.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on November 30th, 2011

Good only for personal reflection when we say Webfilter Web filters are a problem at work too restricted. We could spend the following information to management to see that opinion ...

The phrase is: "A company loses money when the web service is not filtered. "

I pass an example with a large company such 3200 users with an average salary of € 20.000 year (perhaps below the average salary of a company, but to see the result serves ..


BUT WORTH .... Consider that not all users use the web for personal reasons. Let the value of 100 employees and see the results ....


As you see? is important to block access WEB (Always in a controlled manner, and having people in support and leeway to adapt to business needs ...).The latter is essential if we want users to pull us over. Internet traffic is necessary, sometimes essential, and as technology advances and the cloud was more. Our "clients" business users require Internet access faster, more efficient and without so many restrictions, the problem is that the Internet is full of traps that the user does not know and as you can not be giving training on this item all enterprise users, it is simpler to implement services that protect the system in an efficient manner. We could talk about Symantec Cloud, Zscaler, but the reality is that none of the currently existing products meets the needs of the business completely. Always go vulnerabilities behind ... And this we must be clear .. We could go on talking at length but needless to extend the article with words that we all know.

Whoever wants to say something about this article can do so with confidence.

I pass the link where I got the calculator:

See you soon.

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