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2003 problem when opening Outlook xls, pdf, pps or doc attachments.

Written by Alex Nalda on December 12th, 2011

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The problem occurs when trying to open an attachment with the following error:


You can not create file: * .pdf (or * .xls, * .doc, * pps). Click Right-click the folder where you want to create the file and choose Properties from the context menu to check your permissions on that folder


1.Has entering the regedit (Start / Run and type regedit)

2.Sigue this route often change slightly depending on the operating system

HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Office / (directory with the version number of either Outlook or 10.0 9.0 or ... etc, that can look at by clicking Help Microsoft Office and the question mark) / Outlook / Security /

3.En Security is a value called OutlookSecureTempFolder ....

4.Da double click and copy the path

"" "C: \ Documents and Settings \ User \ Local Settings \ Temporary Internet Files \ OLK8 \" "" (often changes)

5.Pega the path in the explorer and then you walk into the temporary folder outlook and ready, just delete all content, since the idea is that this folder is always available to keep their temporary outlook.

Recommendation ... ..there one of two to not saturating your outlook again.

1.Administra that folder you opened (temporary outlook)

2.Cada Once you have an attached ... save it first to disk and then open it. In this way you avoid that folder is supersaturated.


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