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Mobile interface for Nagios

Written by jl on February 20th, 2012

Hello everyone

For some time we use the tool NAGIOS as a system of monitoring equipment and services and ever, before any alarm received has been a need to connect remotely to see more information. How to access is through a website in which you navigate between the different devices that are monitored, so that from any device, including a tablet or smartphone with a browser could access. The problem is that the default interface is not automatically adjusted and small-screen devices to work with the application is complicated.

In the Nagios Exchange page there are many plugins and projects NAGIOS, And one of them are different interfaces for mobile access. This is the url

Among the different options we have tested the interface NagiosMobile. In this link are the instructions to install , But basically you have to download the compressed application, change directories to have the Nagios configuration files (if not using the defaults in the installation of Nagios) instal.php the file and run it. Once installation is complete access to the interface Nagiosmobile is navigated through the http://servidornagios/nagiosmobile and the main page is as follows.


I hope you find it useful

Until next time

a greeting

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3 Responses to "mobile interface for Nagios"

  1. Alex Says:

    Very good Xavi. Time has had installed in a Debian Nagios ..... but did not know that exist for mobile ...; Thanks for sharing. Greetings!

  2. Alex Says:

    Rectify, .... did not know of the existence of mobile interface .... ;)

  3. xavixaus Says:

    Alex Best, JL Article is not mine, lol. I do not know him and I think a very good tool.

    To see if one of my colleagues in public gigs are developing applications that are impressive. We have a graphical interface developed specifically to solve problems in seconds from a tablet for example.

    A tool that is able to restart virtual machines and servers even an entire ESX from monitor to ping Web via a series of devices based on SNMP queries.

    Let's see if we have time one day and we publish them, sure they are liked by everyone.

    Greetings to the 2 MegaCracks.

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