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Program that sniffs the traffic you'll quickly.

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on February 22nd, 2012

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Some time ago I have been using a super useful hand programita NirSoft (Breathtaking their development), I guess you already know them tools like IPNetInfo (Offers useful information about the ip you want), PasswordSecurityScanner (That shows security information about local passwords used by tools such as Outlook, Internet Explorer, ...) and if you do not know, go to his web but ( "Do not be evil") that there is much potential.

The tool that I wanted to show is SmartSniff.

With this tool we can sniff / capture traffic local wireless network or even in promiscuous mode, ie any packet which passes through the network before reaching a switch.

We can see the captured packets of talks between 2 or more computers, used their traffic, ports and local and remote addresses.

For example I've used to detect the bandwidth consumed by streaming connection to estimate in a consumption tested form the connection.

It could eventually be used to detect fraudulent traffic in a network by turning on promiscuous mode and using the driver winpcap to capture all packets because the tool even takes RAW socket able to capture TCP / IP packets without a capture driver.

After capturing a few seconds you will see everything what you can get to do. Where it goes traffic, hence, that deal size packages and ports used.

We might be able to detect the ports used by tools such as internet use dropbox:


I encourage you to try:

Unburden SmartSniff (71 KB). No installation.

Unburden WinPCAP (894 KB) and install it.

Execute SmartSniff.

Just click on the button Play.

SmartSniff 1

Seleccionad WinPcap Packet Capture Driver and if you want to see all traffic passing through your network activad the Promiscuous Mode.

Seleccionad your network card and just click on OK.

Begin to see packets sent / received if for example you have some type tool jdownloader, torrent, emule, etc. ..

Well, I leave that trasteéis a bit and let me know your experiences.

To be a little evil you can put it together with SniffPass but beware that Security Essentials and many others detect it as a tool for Passview.


You only have to allow access and ready.

Your comments.

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