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Step by step how to install VMware vCenter Converter 5.0

Written by jl on March 16th, 2012

Hello everyone

In this post we will see how it step by step installation of VMware vCenter Converter. This is a vmware tool that can convert physical to virtual machines and virtual machines different formats, such as a hyper-v format to vmware.

Is a free product and the next link what we can download, for which we simply be registered in vmware.

A After downloading the installation package is an executable, proceed to its installation on a computer that can only be Windows operating system for this example we will install on a Windows XP SP3. The following link, which is the product user guide, you can see in detail on the operating systems that can be installed

Thus run the installation file:

1. - Select the installation language and click ok (not in Castilian)

2. - The following images are 3 to accept the License Terms

3. - The next step is to select the installation directory

4. - Select the type of installation, which in our case will be local because we only use this equipment

5. - And finally press install to begin the installation

Installation is fairly quick and after a couple of minutes already installed and we can start utilzarlo

As you can see, the installation of this tool is very simple and did not have any effect.

In another post I will try to show some example step by step to convert any physical server to virtual as was done with an older version of the product


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