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Move ServicePack files directory

Written by sjgasca on August 14th, 2012

If you ever you have found that you have little space available on the drive Operating System of a server, there are some maintenance tasks that can be performed to remove unnecessary files (delete folders that begin with C: \ Windows \ system32 \ $ *, run a cleaning utility like CCleaner, etc. ..).

In this case I will give a small tip to get rid of the space occupied by the c: \ windows \ ServicePackFiles \ which by default is saved in the system unit. This little trick only works if we have an additional partition (D :).

To do this, first create a folder on D:, for example D: \ System \ ServicePackFiles

Once created, move the entire contents of c: \ windows \ ServicePackFiles \ to D: \ System \ ServicePackFiles \.

Finally, we need to modify 3 registry keys for the OS to be able to find this route:

1. Open the registry. Start -> Run -> regedit

2. We drove to the branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Setup \

3. It 3 find registry keys that must change:

ServicePackCachePath. We change the path c: \ Windows \ ServicePackFiles \ ServicePackCache by D: \ System \ ServicePackFiles \ ServicePackCache \.

ServicePackSourcePath. We change the path c: \ Windows \ ServicePackFiles by D: \ System \ ServicePackFiles \.

SourcePath. We change C: \ to D: \.


4. We can leave the original folder in case, but we can see how we have increased the available space on C:

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