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5 Android apps that everyone should have

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 29th, 2012

Today I will show 5 Android apps that everyone should have,and for all that you have a smartphone and want to get more out of the device yet, are tools that should have all or at least know them.

These are applications that I use daily and I am very pleased with each and every one of them.

I put 5 but there are many more applications that you may pay more later, but for now I think I enjoy this very much and I hope you enjoy them as I do.

Let me know if you have been to your liking and if you want you can post a comment with which you you use.

Continue reading the article if you want to know all the tools that I have set.


Keepsafe is a tool to protect your images and videos of unwanted people who sniff our phone when we leave .. With this tool you can tell an image or video that is hidden and can only be viewed using a password provided by us.

What the system does is move the image from the gallery to a hidden folder and you can only see through Keepsafe.

Link to download Keepsafe:

We can use for example for the photo of our cards online coordinates banks.


Sygic is the replacement for Tom Tom for Android, a very recommendable GPS system to almost throw our old TOM TOM and buy a Smartphone in place and even if we do not have GPS in the car thinking about buying one and not buy a Smartphone if have not already.

The application and maps are automatically updated. Maps are stored on the device to view them offline data. The graphics are great and the detection system the location is exceptional, at least in Samsung Galaxy S3 detects the location of the device in seconds. We will not have to wait the usual ghost location minutes until we detect satellites.

Link to download Sygic:


Whatsapp is the master of all applications used by millions of people around the world can send instant messages as if it were a chat with your contacts in your phone book if they have WhatsApp installed, but it will certainly installed.

I know many of you come to this article because someone has spoken of having Whatsapp and even of you will have bought a smartphone, samsung, iphone, etc ... for you wanted whatsapp, .. and is safer than you have hired a data rate necesitarais though not that well whatsapp can talk with your friends ... or not?.

Link to download Whatsapp:


Flipboard is like reading a magazine but of all your interests, ie for example you will see on the main screen the latest updates from your friends on facebook, photos, instagram photos of your contacts, the latest tweets from the people you follow, the latest of a blog, follow an RSS feed, the BBC news, social journals, etc. ..

I love it, it's amazing all the websites that have normally visited to read its contents in a single tool.

Link to download Flipboard:

Jorte Calendar:

Jorte Calendar is the calendar that we needed to all and we will certainly use when we have tested.

With Jorte Calendar we have the information of all the calendars you want to put them in a different color each and hide or display them when we want.

We put notices, fully integrates with Google Calendar, we put pictures to events, tasks and countless features ..

But best of all, it's the best manager I've seen events. With it you can be sure you do not miss anything. In short you can manage your time better.

Link to download Jorte Calendar:

I hope you have enjoyed Android apps and you come back here soon to solve your doubts or to inform you of developments in technology ... Let's see if we can get from all this is a blog of daily practice and I remember that if you want to be participants in this great community you can post comments in the article and I will send the invitation so that you can write the articles yourself as you want to and a name for yourselves in this community of bloggers in the world of technology.

See you soon.

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One Response to "5 Android apps that everyone should have"

  1. Jose A. Says:

    Hello, Xavi!
    very interesting what you put, I will comment you 3 programitas I use regularly and I like:
    MyProfiles profiles to configure sound and vibration, as nokia
    NoLED to see on the screen missed calls and messages
    And I use the simple calendar calendar I do very well because it synchronises with the exchange of gigs


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