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Updates to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - III

Written by jl on March 15th, 2013

Hello everyone

We continue with the post in which we are counting step updating a virtual infrastructure in production version to 4.1 5.

So far we have already updated vCenter and the next step is to update the vSphere client.

Here are the previous post:

Updates to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5

Updates to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - II

In this article we are going to teachUpdated vSphere Client

Mount the iso with VMware software on the computer where you want to update / install the vSphere client and run autorun.exe

We can see the screen and select vSphere Client and click install


Select the installation language


We welcome screen appears, click next


We accept the license



We introduce the user and organization


Click next and start the installation



At this time we have installed the client and we can connect to vCenter, run the icon and enter the IP address or name of the vCenter server and the user and password connection


and in our case when everything seemed to be working correctly without any errors in any of the steps, to connect to vCenter appears to us the following errors


To fix the error caused by the SSL thumbprint we did was follow the following VMware kb what it tells us is that we have to make a choice that we see in the picture below


Once this is done we still see an error message in the ESX there is a problem with the high availability option, HA, and what we did to fix it was to disable the option to enable the HA in the cluster to which agents reinstalasen on ESX hosts


And re-enable it again to install agents on ESX hosts have, and once completed the process fix the error and we are connected to our vCenter 5 in production.

In this article we will continue with the next step in the upgrade of infrastructure virtualization, updating the update manager


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