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How to set up your own online shop

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on October 28th, 2013

How to set up your own online shop will be a set of items that will help us to make the implementation of our own online store from prestashop since by its ease and how to improve day by day the product is the one that best suit any type of person who wants to have an online store to sell your products.

The hosting that we use to host our online store will be based on VPS, if you want more information just have to leave a comment and I will answer the questions as soon as possible.

And why in VPS?, Because it will get a faster and we have more products in our web site ensuring fast enough to not penalize us in positioning.

In this course on your online store we will expose several issues but always within the context of getting an online store, we go into the depths of the world because they'd remove SEO work to many people who are devoted to it and strive to get the web are visible on the first page of google, only give certain guidelines that you can follow to make your website to be seen in google, of course if you want more information about seo, positioning, and make more money with our online store, etc. .. you can send us an email to the address provided or write a comment for this to grow properly.

As you will be sick of reading and reading we will get a little matter.

The first thing we do is set up a development system on your computer in this way does not affect the production environment in the future and to make all necessary tests before getting to production changes we want to do this you will have to download wamp

Thanks to wamp will have a web server in our team that we can assemble our online store and later when we have the system running as we climb the internet web VPS or shared server for the world to see it.

While we are setting up a server on localhost you can go buy the domain from the following link of this blog where we explain how to get the domain and then some.

We have to have purchased the domain and for that SEO is a bit better, the older the better for you positioning domain, the longer you have of life, the better.

When you have purchased the domain just make a small splash page with text indicating the future content of the online shop, text descriptions to be positioning in google and you get to have visitors but the store is still undone. A simple HTML that says what will be your domain.

While both locally installed wamp going to download the latest version of prestashop from and we will be creating our database in mysql through phpmyadmin

After installing wamp if we do not open it and access the phpmyadmin run to create the database.


Create Database to set up your own online shop

By accessing phpmyadmin from http://localhost/phpmyadmin click on Databases

Under Create Database write a name (I recommend a name that means nothing) and click on create.


Now that we have created click on Check the privileges in the database you just created.


click on New -> Add User



In the User Name field write a name without any sense to protect the security of our database. for example qihwzxcwi

Server: localhost

Click on the button Generate to that we generate a random password and aim in a safe place (We asked in the installation process prestashop)

All values ​​(name of the database, database user and password the data we store in a safe place for the installation of prestashop.

A little further down the same page you will have to click on Global Privileges (Mark allIn this way we guarantee that this user dispose of all possible privileges to avoid problems in the future with access from prestashop frontend to the database. (If there is an expert who can explain the permits us and tell us the safest and most effective way of marking the different options is always welcome in our community).

sexotodo mysql

click on Add User.

With these simple steps we have our database set up and waiting to be filled by the data in Tables prestashop mysql virgin.

How to install prestashop free demo products and categories

There are several ways to install prestashop, but if you do everything by default as in the following sections have a website full of products and categories it's okay to test the system but not to mount an online store from 0, for creating the virtual store no products must modify a file in the config directory.

Access the directory config Our directory where we installed the web
Edit the file

We seek the text Debug only

We modified the code define ('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false), for define ('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);


Now follow the steps shown below as if it were a typical installation

How to install prestashop

You can leave phpmyadmin and go to the folder where you have configured wamp going to go stored our websites or online stores.

Here prestashop unzip the file we downloaded earlier.

Now we can access http://localhost and we will see the setup screen prestashop.

Install prestashop

Select the desired language and click on siguiente


Mark I accept the terms and conditions listed above.

And click on Next.


Right at this point above we see that if we would see mode on the next screen _PS_MODE_DEV


We make NO to not install DEMO products.

Fill in the required fields.

Store name, main activity, country, name, surname, email address and password.

The email address and password will serve to access the backend of prestashop (where we set all the online store)

click on Next

With debug mode enabled will see an option:



This is where we have to put the usernames and passwords that have used phpmyadmin to create the database on our local server.

Click on Check the connection of your database now to verify that the access we have successfully created and click on following.


The system will start to install and begin to create the necessary tables in our database.

After completing the first thing we do is remove the install folder and rename the admin folder for which you want. This folder is what we write on the web to access the backend of prestashop to configure all our shop


If we agree to http://localhost you can see your brand new online store.

One trick so you can ensure that all tests will work with your new domain is to modify the file c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts and add the following lines.

where is the domain that you have purchased.


For example in our case we're riding www.botigaesoterica.esin local and what we have done is modify the hosts file with the following text

In this way we can access the webwww.botigaesoterica.esand see our website in the local server working to be able to do the tests that we want.

First steps in Prestashop

After installing the store what we do are the first configurations.

Login to your domain as noted in the previous section o http://localhost/carpetaadmin if you have not done the part to modify the hosts file

Login to your email account and your password installation

You will see the control panel as follows prestashop

Sex and more

Here we leave for the day so you can play all you want and if you break it nothing happens, follow the tutorial again and return to start.

I recommend that at this point realizéis one export of the database through phpmyadmin, CLICK on the database and then on export. We will generate a tiny file

Also you will have to make a copy of the entire web folder (is very small at the moment but if something goes wrong in your tests you can always re-copy the folder and import the database (3 matter of minutes) and you will have to start again.

Hope to see you soon and follow us on this course / tutorial on how to setup your own online store.

Greetings and see you soon.

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