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How to build your online store easy steps

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on October 29th, 2013

Good, we continue with the course or tutorial to get your online store easy steps

First we managed to start the online store through a local server that we have installed on our computer, can follow this article to get right to the point.

From here when we have agreed to our online store we will make the first steps and improve the performance of the web, put our own logo, etc..

Let us access our prestashop backend in<directorioadmin> or http://localhost/ <directorioadmin>

Improve performance prestashop

The first thing to do to improve the performance of prestashop is to access the tab advanced settings -> performance

The first thing we do is to disable optional features Combinations and Features (If you ever want to use will always be the time to activate).

Mark in CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) all first choices as in the following image


This is enough but if you want to further enhance what you will have to do is create you in hosting your CNAME 3 media1 eg, media2 and media3 and make them point to @ to get the latter to use the multithread in web page loading.

To set it up you will have to do the following in the same section in which we are now advanced settings -> performance


Finally I recommend you square on hosting your APC cache system and habilitéis by clicking this: Whoever does not know how to do it leave a comment and try to help.


Disable or uninstall modules that we will not use

Now we go to the modules section to deactivate and remove all the modules that currently we are not using.

In the selection menus drop down the field and installed Installed and select installed.

Now we are seeing all the modules we have installed and can be disabling that we will not use for example the following.

  • Advertising Block
  • Cheque (No one pays by check)
  • Software (To collect your customers using software and analytic)
  • Visitors Online (It may be interesting to enable it, but consumes resources)
  • Block languages ​​(If only going to have the web in Castilian for example)
  • Currency Block (If only going to have one type of currency)
  • Block stores (If you have no physical store).
  • Distribution transporter (If you only have one).
  • etc ...

Install a theme in prestashop

Install a thema in prestashop is quite simple, but we must be sure of what we do and have a backup, as there themas you install or remove modules or maybe you're using and want to use in the future.

You should always have a copy of the database and the website before making a change in the system, but the change in theme is rather important.

In our case we bought a module responsive to sell products through the smartphone directly or from a tablet without having you to go blind for the transaction.

We have chosen a theme from TemplateMonster has cost us 125 Euros but we believe it is a good investment, you'll see the end result. Hope you like.

By paying the template we sent a series of emails to ensure confidentiality and get download thema with its fountains, images etc ...

We can install it 2 forms, or by the module Import / export a theme or directory at copying the img directory, modules and themes in our web directory where.

Follow the instructions I have given in the purchase of thema.

We are going to install it through the folders and then will qualify from the tab Preferences -> Theme


Getting a better position in Google with SEO

Access the tab Preferences -> SEO and URLS

We leave the options as in the image.


Friendly links -> Yes.

Now we will install Google Sitemap and we will set up for a later sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools will import.

Modules and write access diet or diet - Sitemap.


Click on install


Select the frequency with which they update the store and click on Generate sitemapThese files later climb to Google Webmasters Tools creating the account and go away in a future article we explain how to configure and how to create the Google Analytics account is also important for the first steps of SEO in Google.

When you may have created only must you follow the steps listed in this module screens.

Assign a domain to our online store

Access the tab Preferences -> SEO and URLS


Substituting the shop domain localhost to the domain that we have bought.

We will also SSL domain although we have not purchased "yet" I say yet that all internet sales site that price requires SSL encryption that although not cheap by your hosting will make you a good price on the monthly fee.

Remember that if you have a local domain you will have to modify the hosts file in c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts for the localhost ip address vuestrodominio Remember point to the last point of the previous article.

On this same screen also suggest that the button pulséis Generate robots.txt file prestashop available for the locks necessary to avoid charging more and to start the crawling function properly Cunado production go up the web (Internet) that is following this course prestashop tutorial to install on your own hosting prestshop directly will also do well this best practice to prestashop.

For everything to work properly I recommend you edit the .htaccess file of the root of the web and modify all the entries that put localhost by <yourdomain> we have renamed all the words localhost by in this way we solve the error of 404 when accessing the main page


Parameterization of Languages

I recommend you eliminéis languages ​​that do not go to use, this will do from Localization -> Languages with this get to the main site domain is not but only

Set portugal countries Spain Balearic Islands Canary Islands and Portugal in prestashop

To do this we use MySQL and prestashop backend. What we will do is pretend that we are only going to sell to Spain, Canaries, Balearics, Ceuta, Melilla and Portugal. Began.

If you have followed the tutorial prestashop we have created for you a country will have only enabled (Spain) so we go from the backend paragraph Location -> Countries


In the country Spain will press l pencil to edit.


select Contains statements and click on save.

4 wrote the previous names one by one and click on Save.

Now we access Mysql through phpmyadmin and execute the following SQL statements in the database prestashop

ALTER TABLE `` MODIFY `iso_code ps_state` char (5) NOT NULL;

NOTE: Remember that the prefix ps_perhaps you may have changed state, put your table prefix.

This step is to be able to use up 5 characters in the ISO code

Now let's create new areas 4 but first let we currently disable

Ps_zone UPDATE SET active = '0'

And now add the new areas 5

INSERT INTO `ps_zone` (`id_zone`, `name`, `active`) VALUES (9, 'Peninsula', 1), (10, 'Canary', 1), (11, 'Balearic', 1), ( 12, 'Ceuta and Melilla', 1), (13, 'Portugal', 1);

We can also do from the backend, but as we were not Mysq advantage?

Access the tab Location -> Geographic areas

We disabled ("Do not delete") all areas if we do not work with them and create new 4.


Canary Islands


Ceuta and Melilla


click on Add


Now let's delete all states in order to add those to Spain without errors

DELETE FROM `ps_state`

Execute the following statement to add the cities of Spain, Canaries, Balearics, Ceuta and Melilla

INSERT INTO `ps_state` (`id_state`, `id_country`, `id_zone`, `name`, `iso_code`, `tax_behavior`, `active`) VALUES
(123, 6, 9, 'Corunna', 'C', 0, 1)
(124, 6, 9, 'Araba', 'VI', 0, 1)
(125, 6, 9, 'Albacete', 'AB', 0, 1)
(126, 6, 9, 'Alicante', 'A', 0, 1)
(127, 6, 9, 'Almeria', 'AL', 0, 1)
(128, 6, 9, 'Asturias', 'O', 0, 1)
(129, 6, 9, 'Avila', 'AV', 0, 1)
(130, 6, 9, 'Badajoz', 'BA', 0, 1)
(131, 6, 11, 'Balearic Islands', 'PM', 0, 1)
(132, 6, 9, 'Barcelona', 'B', 0, 1)
(133, 6, 9, 'Burgos', 'BU', 0, 1)
(134, 6, 9, 'Cáceres', 'CC', 0, 1)
(135, 6, 9, 'Cadiz', 'CA', 0, 1)
(136, 6, 9, 'Cantabria', 'S', 0, 1)
(137, 6, 9, 'Castellon', 'CS', 0, 1)
(138, 6, 12, 'Ceuta', 'CE', 0, 1)
(139, 6, 9, 'Real City', 'CR', 0, 1)
(140, 6, 9, 'Cordoba', 'CO', 0, 1)
(141, 6, 9, 'basin', 'CU', 0, 1)
(142, 6, 9, 'Gerona', 'GI', 0, 1)
(143, 6, 9, 'Granada', 'GR', 0, 1)
(144, 6, 9, 'Guadalajara', 'GU', 0, 1)
(145, 6, 9, 'Guipúzcoa', 'SS', 0, 1)
(146, 6, 9, 'Huelva', 'H', 0, 1)
(147, 6, 9, 'Huesca', 'HU', 0, 1)
(148, 6, 9, 'Jaen', 'J', 0, 1)
(149, 6, 9, 'La Rioja', 'LO', 0, 1)
(150, 6, 10, 'Liverpool', 'GC', 0, 1)
(151, 6, 9, 'Leon', 'LE', 0, 1)
(152, 6, 9, 'Lerida', 'L', 0, 1)
(153, 6, 9, 'Lugo', 'LU', 0, 1)
(154, 6, 9, 'Madrid', 'M', 0, 1)
(155, 6, 9, 'Malaga', 'MA', 0, 1)
(156, 6, 12, 'Melilla', 'ML', 0, 1)
(157, 6, 9, 'Murcia', 'MU', 0, 1)
(158, 6, 9, 'Navarra', 'NA', 0, 1)
(159, 6, 9, 'Orense', 'OR', 0, 1)
(160, 6, 9, 'Palencia', 'P', 0, 1)
(161, 6, 9, 'Pontevedra', 'PO', 0, 1)
(162, 6, 9, 'Salamanca', 'SA', 0, 1)
(163, 6, 10, 'Santa Cruz de Tenerife', 'TF', 0, 1)
(164, 6, 9, 'Segovia', 'SG', 0, 1)
(165, 6, 9, 'Sevilla', 'SE', 0, 1)
(166, 6, 9, 'Soria', 'SO', 0, 1)
(167, 6, 9, 'Tarragona', 'T', 0, 1)
(168, 6, 9, 'Teruel', 'TE', 0, 1)
(169, 6, 9, 'Toledo', 'TO', 0, 1)
(170, 6, 9, 'Valencia', 'V', 0, 1)
(171, 6, 9, 'Valladolid', 'VA', 0, 1)
(172, 6, 9, 'Vizcaya', 'BI', 0, 1)
(173, 6, 9, 'Zamora', 'ZA', 0, 1)
(174, 6, 9, 'Zaragoza', 'Z', 0, 1);

Execute the following statement to add the cities of Portugal

INSERT INTO `ps_state` (`id_country`, `id_zone`, `name`, `iso_code`, `active`) VALUES
(15, 13, 'Azores', 'PTAC' 1)
(15, 13, 'Aveiro', 'PTAV' 1)
(15, 13, 'Beja', 'pTBE' 1)
(15, 13, 'Braga', 'PTBR' 1)
(15, 13, 'Braganza', 'PTBA' 1)
(15, 13, 'Castelo Branco', 'PTCB' 1)
(15, 13, 'Coimbra', 'PTCO' 1)
(15, 13, 'Evora', 'PTEV' 1)
(15, 13, 'Lighthouse', 'PTFA' 1)
(15, 13, 'Save', 'PTGU' 1)
(15, 13, 'Leiria', 'PTLE' 1)
(15, 13, 'Lisbon', 'PTLI' 1)
(15, 13, 'Madeira', 'MAWP' 1)
(15, 13, 'Portalegre', 'PTPA' 1)
(15, 13, 'Porto', 'PTPO' 1)
(15, 13, 'Santarem', 'PTSA' 1)
(15, 13, 'Setubal', 'PTSE' 1)
(15, 13, 'Viana do Castelo', 'PTVC' 1)
(15, 13, 'Vila Real', 'pTVR' 1)
(15, 13, 'Viseu', 'PTVI' 1);

Now we have everything you need to be able to send orders to all Spain and be able to do with postage with different costs for each country (Portugal, Canaries, Balearics, Ceuta and Melilla and Spain (Mainland))

Install essential modules

Some of you will have to install modules or yes if you want that your online website functioning as it should, one of these modules is Paypal

We'll accessed from modules and typing in the search PayPal.


click on Install

When installed it so we set, following the steps id you will indicate the module is fairly simple if you follow the steps, as I always say, if you have any questions you can leave the as a comment on this article.

Another module that I know why the default is to Email alerts, A must if you want to find out by email that you have a sale.

And like these previous 2 as we could install

Product Category

Commentary on the product

Payment on delivery


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