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How to buy Bitcoins, Ethereum or Litecoin and win 8 € in Bitcoin for free

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 10th on September 2017

Buy Bitcoins is the new way of investing and making money, but not everything is in the bitcoin, there are many currencies and today we are going to teach you how to buy them in a very simple and safe way.

For those who want to skip all the article we have made and go directly to buy bitcoins we leave this link with a gift of 8 € in Bitcoins for free through our link ofCoinbase

For those of you who want to read a little more and follow the tutorial step by step to buy ethereum you can continue reading.

There are many webs where you can register and buy cryptoneses or cryptoactive, but not all are reliable, there are some that will not ask for any information and can deceive you and others that are very interesting, we show you from here an exchange that is of total confidence and that has more than 10M of clients and we are among these clients so we can assure you from within that you will not find any problem.

The truth is that the experience with this platform of change of criptomonedas has been very good. Ease of use, transparency and low commissions to withdraw money (only 0,15 "cents") to return the money we have earned to our bank. We have checked with different amounts and all of them have only charged 0,15 €. And most importantly, we can make SEPA transfers (without any commission) if our bank allows us to do so.

Coinbase is the platform to buy Bitcoins, Ethereum or litecoins and can be purchased from 32 countries so you will have no problem wherever you are reading this article. Through the link that we have provided and when buying the first 85 € or 100 $ in any of the 3 coins you will receive from me part 8 € in Bitcoins (0.00230 BTC) to this day.

Our recommendation is to buy ETH (Ether) which is more than a cryptonnet, it is the token on which all projects are based within the network Ethereum: and we love it But also buy BTC (Bitcoins) since they have a very good profitability and an upward trend from the beginning. We bet to diversify the portfolio a little. BTC + ETH is a good option.

We leave you some links of interest to follow the currency and to do your investigations.

To see the currency price and to be able to make interactive charts for our technical analysis

Important news from the ethereum network and its ETH token

Community Ethereum in Gitter

All Dapp (decentralized applications with ETH embedded) created in ethereum

To view the transaction history and see enough information about mining, the last blocks created, the difficulty of the network, hashrate etc ...

To see other of the best criptomonedas, quotes, etc ...

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As the CPU operating in Amazon AWS Credits

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on August 2015

The Credits CPU Amazon AWS are responsible for increasing CPU performance of t2 instance in case of specific need, t2 instances also calls burstable performance or burst have a fixed defined performance as we can see in the following table and extra temporary capacity limited by the CPU Credits defined.

This means that when hiring a type EC2 accept t2 instance that does not have a fixed return over time and can vary depending on whether the CPU credits have been achieved or not to get 100% CPU performance.

AWS CPUCredit_0

The instance starts with a credit balance sufficient CPU for the performance is good, while this instance in idle mode (or without using your baseline performance) the CPU Credits accumulate from the table above CPU Credits / hour, Up to 24 hours, where if you have not spent will accrue not.

For an instance it requires a level higher than its CPU Baseline Performance at peak times (burst) will use accumulated credits available to complete them and continue with the performance marked their baseline performance

There is no differentiation between instances use Windows or Linux.

AWS CPU Credit

CPU credits can be monitored thanks to the service CloudWatch to detect whether we need to increase the instance type t2 and have more credits CPU or start thinking about moving to an instance fixed performance as m3, c3, r3 instances ...

Let's take an example to make it clearer.

Suppose we have an instance t2.micro 10% lit using a continuous CPU (Its maximum allowed) in this case are accumulated at a rate of CPU 6 credits every hour. Passed 2 hours we will have 12 minutes full (2 hours x 6 credits) in which we can use the 100% of performance of a core CPU at maximum performance, after these 12 minutes the system will lower your performance up to 10% power the CPU core that is assigned to your baseline.

NOTE: The operating system will indicate that it is the 100% CPU if the process is not complete, but go a 90% slower than in 12 minutes before where we could enjoy the full power of the physical core assigned to the virtual machine.

For an instance t2.large always will have a 60% of core CPU for our use and enjoyment, in the specific case we need to overcome this performance, the system will catch your CPU reservation Crédits the accumulated rate of 36 credits per hour set in the first image from the article.

If the CPU usage of the t2.large instance is less than one 60% of CPU during 24 hours, we would have 14 864 hours or minutes of use of the system to 100% of its processing capacity (24 36 hours * credits), after this time would have a 60% yield of the core.

Remember that the internal performance of the operating system never displays the actual CPU usage of the instance because the percentage of CPU usage is on the use of credits based CPU and performance of each instance.

Since I know what you're going to ask and I answer directly.

In the case of medium and large t2 instances that have 2 vCPUs means they have twice the capacity of process? Well, no. In the case of t2 medium is based on a 40% of a core available for a single process (1 vCPUs) but using multiprocessing (2 vCPUs) have a 20% for each process. in the case of t2.large the same but with a vCPU 60% and a 30% if multithreaded.

As it is a very complicated issue to understand, I leave the comments box so that you can review and submit your contributions are always welcome.

MegaCracks greetings.

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Beep McAfee Drive Encryption and remove

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 25th on February 2015

Me annoying beep "beep" appears on some computers when the screen is requesting McAfee encrypted credentials.

Good Morning. A good friend sent us this solution to a problem we assume that more than one will have in your business. We commented that had an annoying beep when you use McAfee Drive Encryption on Windows XP and Tablets Dell Venue Pro.

The solution to this problem may seem at first that it is a hardware problem and could disable the bios beep or sound card is not.

To resolve this error must be connected to the server McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and change policy Product Settings de Drive Encryption and tab Log On, disable accessibility


Make a call (Wake Up) Agent to send the new directives and no longer have the annoying ringing in the login screen McAfee.

Greetings and see you soon MegaCracks.

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Appears in prestashop blank page when editing a hook

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on December 2014

When I try to edit a hook in prestashop page is blank.

Good morning, this problem I've had in prestashop and it seems incredible that at this stage of the evolution of Prestashop, for me one of the best systems to mount online stores have these minor faults. I guess there is a version of the file that will modify in github, but for what to do explain you how to modify yourselves.

The solution to this problem is very simple, edit the file AdminModulesPositionsController.php located in the folder controllers / admin to edit this file enough to have ftp access to your online store.

We look for the following string:


Remove the word module being as follows:


Save the file and problem solved.

I have not put pictures or anything like that because I think it is not necessary, if anyone needs further clarification, you can put in comments and I'll try to resolve shortly.

Greetings and see you soon MegaCracks.

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How to create an external dns server with Amazon Route 53

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 9th on December 2014

Create an external dns server with Amazon Route 53 is as simple as having Amazon AWS account and follow the steps below will show you, but first of all, what is Route 53 and what is Route53?

Amazon Route 53 It is a DNS service in the public cloud.

Amazon Route 53Amazon Route 53 normally used to do load balancing (ELB) between instances EC2, mapping instances EC2 or to simply map buckets S3, but we in this article we will use the power of a DNS Cloud for securing our environment, for have a scalability in such a sensitive service like DNS and provide high availability.

But Amazon Route 53 goes further and leaves us the possibility by Health Check to monitor the life and performance of our Web applications, for example if you have 2 instances EC2 (web server) and one of the webs stops we operate can by Route 53 immediately redirect traffic to another instance to continue offering service.

It also leaves us the possibility to buy domains (Although as personal comment I would like more extensions were available and better prices). But you know that when closer the DNS server, the domain web server fewer hops should make a customer and better latencies have to open the web before the competition always remember the good practices of SEO.

Benefits of having a DNS server on the public cloud as a service.

1.- not affected by viruses (In the absence of an operating system controlled by us is safer by definition).


2.- No system updates (We saved maintenance).


3.-No failures have 0-day in Microsoft Windows.


4.- And as I said the CTO of NASA "We rely more on Amazon than in our own infrastructure for securing our systems".


5.- Operating costs tend to 0.


6.- The cost of mounting an instance EC2 t2.micro is like riding 27 areas (domains) on Amazon Route 53.

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