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New blog author (Arfego) from Mexico

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 30th on November 2012

Good Morning.

I am pleased to report that we have a new member in our community MegaCracks.

His name is Fernando, currently he is working on network and server administrator and comes from Mexico.

It is considered addicted to technology and delight us with articles on troubleshooting Windows and Linux technologies.

All your items will go with nick Arfego.

Welcome to our community Fernando, hope you enjoy as much as we feedback from our readers and readings of the other articles of the other team members.

Greetings and enjoy the technology.

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You want to be one of the authors of the blog?

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 15th on November 2012

We are always looking for more contributors and to write articles for our readers continue to enjoy the content we offer.

Surely many of you have great ideas that you would like to publish and do not know how to upload them or just think that may not be useful for others, but you are wrong, any content that may be useful to yourselves, do not even forget a command, or to leave it stored in cloud and do not miss your later reading or as a reminder of something you did while in your company can be of interest to someone else.

The topics are varied provided they are related to technology. From gadgets, comments IT world, latest news, Apple, Microsoft, VMware, Linux, SAP, Db2, CEO, SMS, Facebook, PHP, programming, databases, step by step tutorials, personal experiences, all are welcome and nothing will be censored except of course that offend our readers ...

We will help in whatever it takes to give you some great bloggers publishing articles in a first for this blog and helping you to create your own blog if you you would.

Items can be made in any language, this is a multilingual, multicultural, multi-support and hopefully crowded site. XD.

Only send me an email to [Email protected] with your personal data to make a presentation as author of the blog and send you a username and password so you can write articles whenever you want, without word limits, no content limits, no time limits, etc ..

The benefits of being a blogger is enormous, since you know in other social areas or your articles as curriculum are valued in a business, or even your personal fulfillment, that may sound to tell when you get feedback from your articles is great personal satisfaction even being there to answer questions of other people who in the past you had helped yourself in another tech blog.

We hope soon.

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New author of Blog (Alex Nalda)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 14th on December 2011

Hi all / as.

We have among us a new team member will sign his articles Alex Nalda.

I tell you about it a bit different:

Microsoft Certified as MCITP Enterprise I love the world of technology.

He has extensive knowledge in CMS (Joomla, Drupal).
He is an expert in web technologies (Flash, ActionScript, PHP, Perl, CSS ...).
It is also present in the area Linux (Red Hat, Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu, ...).

2 articles already written on this blog and I am sure that your articles will help you a lot and will be interesting for everyone (and I include myself in this all).

Welcome from our community and you keep working with us a long time.

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