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Assuming ballooning That is possible, under Which Circumstances three

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 24th on April 2013

Assuming ballooning That is possible, under three Circumstances Which Might the VMkernel use a swap file for a virtual machine running? (Choose 3)
A 50 percent of the configured memory has Already Been balooned
B. The Mem CtlMaxPercent value is 10 and 25 percent Between
C. Memory can not be reclaimed Quickly enough.
D. VMware Tools is not installed
E. The virtual machine is starting up


This coming Friday I have the VCP51 exam and I wish that I should say on what are the possible answers 3 because I think they are the CDE, but I have not entirely clear.

I think that A trap is clear that it is because the value of 50 percent compression means not to ballooning: page

ESXi Determines if a page can be compressed by checking the compression ratio for the page. Memory
Occurs When the page compression compression ratio's greater than 50% is. Otherwise, the page is swapped out.
Only Pages that would be swapped out to Otherwise disk are Chosen as candidates for memory compression.
This Means ESXi will not proactively compress guest pages When host swapping is NOT necessary. In other words,
memory does not Affect workload compression performance is undercommitted When host memory.

In question clearly it indicates that assumes that the ballooning is therefore possible to answer E should not make sense not you think? also emphasize it again in question,for a running virtual machine.

The answer D It could strain response that clearly seeks to know that the driver is installed with ballooning VMwareTools, but neither makes clear with the "Assuming That Balooning is possible".

The answer C is correct because as you can read in the blog of Jose Maria Gonzalez and his people (Miguel Angel Alonso and company) the following confirms that the response C it's correct

One of the best settings in this setting (Ballooning) is not set too low memory reserves because if so, theVMkernelAnd during periods of high activated, could force swapping to disk which greatly slow down the performance of your serverVMware ESX / ESXi.

So the answer I'll put if I get this question on the exam will be the following answers but I guess that in examining this question, or at least these responses will not appear because they are incongruous.

C, and D are my answers and if there are more not listed as the above put that answer.

Please if anyone knows the answer to the comment in the post or send me an email to [Email protected]

Best regards.

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The new Microsoft certifications - MCSE MCSA and returns

Posted by acts268 on September 3 2012rd


Microsoft is changing the format of the certificates once more. Changes announced yesterday entitled to Keynote, international conference and champagne!

The truth is that I do not like change, especially where it specifies that certifications expire 3 years.

Become famous acronyms MCSA and MCSE, but not with the original meaning, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and Microsoft Certified Systems Enginner. New acronyms are:

MCSA - Microsoft Certified Solution Associate MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solution Expert

The Microsoft Certified Master certification is also affected and becomes MCSM - Microsoft Certified Solutions Master.

Besides certifications are added for Developers on the same structure MCPD - Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. Megacrack read »

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Second Shot! for Microsoft Certifications

Posted by acts268 on August 31 2012st

second shot

Now has a second chance to become certified. What does this mean? Which until May 31 2013, it has an extra and free opportunity to take the exams in which you enroll. Designed to help train and get official certifications in Microsoft technologies that potentiate their development and professional prestige, Second Shot It is available for IT professionals, developers and students who may take the opportunity to pass exams directly related to the most important job positions in the industry. Whether as Manager databases, servers or technical support, a Microsoft certification is a guarantee for their professional development, which will help greatly both in performance and in the labor market.

To learn more about the different job roles and find specific guidance on the path that will help you get the skills needed for each job, visit the Career portal for students, or the Portal for professionals. To sign up for free on the Second Shot follow this link:

More information: Megacrack read »

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Certifications Windows Server 2008

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 9th on March 2008

How to get a certification in Windows Server 2008:

The MCSA and MCSE certificates disappear and are now called MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) and MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional).

Currently there are certifications for Windows Server 5 2008 focused on specific job roles. Megacrack read »

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