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National Security Scheme with Microsoft Technology

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 16th on November 2011

I present a book on security in pdf that was presented in May but had not yet published in the blog.

The book is called National Security Framework with Microsoft Technology and I recommend reading any security official who wants to enforce the laws and you want in a theory / practice found out some things you should do to meet the needs for security concerns of IT infrastructure with face and eyes.

The book is written by José María Alonso and Juan Luis Cebrian G. Rambla who've been lucky enough to coincide Hands on Lab computer somewhere 64 and security conference.

This manual is a link between technological implications measures described in the Scheme, and its practical implementation in environments with Microsoft.

The PDF version is available free for download at the following address:

And be thinking, not all IT companies are public and not all should treat security as a slice table as a bank, but the idea that someone can enter or leave your company without permission and taking any important information or not we should concern each and every one of us.

I hope you you read it and let me know that this experience.

See you soon.

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The power of technology in the field of Wars and Crimes in general.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 12th on July 2011

I've always preferred my password crackeen my smartphone to be threatened by a criminal to get my money. This I think millions of people, but a simple reflection will make them change their minds.

A theoretical effects (despite the scare that the latter causes) as much the offender will get you stop by a complaint and you by the same and insurance get what you carried over (in your bag or purse) before the attack.

For practical purposes is ultimately better than assaulted and robbed the money that you put near in line at the movies, because now we do not go with a purse with cash + a good camera + GPS Car + the personal data on our DNI + house keys ...

Only go with a handset that has all the above products in a single device with wifi + bluetooth + etc .. connected signal and broadcasting.

Then it happens if a cracker gets to be relatively close to you and access your primary key mobile phone. Well simple, the cracker has managed vurlar the safety of your person (ie by many self defense you've done small) and has not served you anything because neither you heard and you just "steal" your life.

With this information you can get many things. From knowing what time do at work and in your calendar shared have all outings, dinners, events, birthday parties, until the accounts of friends and family, to personal data in your social networks that makes it easier discovery passwords because as you will have a password 8 digits with strange characters and numbers and letters interspersed nonsense, why not have your wife's birthday or your pet's name ?, hehe, if you've ignored of good practice in your system accreditation you can access any other system and from there impersonating yourself / a for more information to even come in to confuse thinking that if indeed you sent an email to your bank indicating that you Mandaran card coordinates your house in the street X X town where you just moved presenting bills in your name that you have modified online.

Bufff, more bad things going through my mind, yes, I could be an expert in advanced security and say the same thing I'm telling you I, but every time the world is going to ease, to the union of technology and make life easy to everyone, but nobody stopped to think that this ease of use also causes us to have our system vulnerable to attacks just a password away.

Now do not tell me it's worth, but there must be a fair cracker in line at the same film I and also with such a complex system that can receive the signal of my smartphone and crack it en question of seconds, and you'll want the information poor like me who does not have a hard? Because that is easier this way and you can not be detected as easily as when someone is robbing you.

What to do then ?, Turn off bluetooth, wifi off, try to avoid emitting more than 1 signal meter away, do not be all on the same site, use different passwords for each service, even separating your goods on the internet in several companies, encrypts your data, put important passwords, and do not store a document in the cloud. Put them on a banner on the wall of the room that is now more effective than keeping them in a software or a web or a document with restricted access.

And he says a computer that live in the present but often see the future of such a clear way that is frustrated by not being able to do anything about these issues.

I pass the course that I pointed to my son in Korea: Bachelor of cyberwar.

Quote created by me:

"The future of technology is based on the security offered, if vulnerable is dispensable"

Soon, Express your opinion what you want, but the truth is that the world of IT security is based on that will protect our children and ourselves perhaps cyberwar and cybercrime.

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