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Mail server installation EXIM4

Posted by Pablo Gonzalez on July 3 2012rd

Good afternoon, in this article we will see how to makeMail server installation EXIM4with a dynamic IP address.

Personally, I do not recommend this configuration because we have serious problems blocking blacklist, so, this article has only academic value. To inspire the reader to other servers and services.

We start from an installation of GNU / Debian default 6 in an old notebook.

Add repositories / Etc / apt / sources.list

deb squeeze main contrib non-free
deb-src squeeze main contrib non-free

rename with # the line that begins with deb cdrom.

We enter the following command with the username root:

aptitude update (With this update we have added the repositories above).

Install the no-ip client, since I have dynamic ip address and in many cases (the vast majority) must match the domain to your ip when mail is delivered, otherwise, the target server will consider it as spam. I assume that you generate a suitable account if necessary.

We can decompress with xvzf tar noip-duc-linux.tar.gz and we will create a folder.

We continue with the following commands:

cd-2.1.9-1 noip

make install noip2.c

We requested email address, password and the update interval, which in my case I have considered going down to 5. We also ask if you want to run any programs in each update, and in my case I select No.

We generated the configuration file non-ip2.conf. Megacrack read »

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Delete e-mails sent with Outlook

Posted by jl on September 29 2011th

Hello everyone

Who has not happened once we're writing an email to send and we give we are wrong and some of the recipients to whom it should not be sent in hard copy, or we have not crept into the content.

At the user level, Exchange has an option so that they can remove (they call retrieve) whenever the user that have sent the mail is logged on and has not read or moved from the Inbox, and of course sow we are within the same Exchange.

To do this you must go into the Outlook client mail we sent in the tray sent items, open it, and on the Actions menu select retrieve message and the following window will appear with the different choices we can make. The first is that we would eliminate the mail.

We could also replace the mail with a new message

Until next time

a greeting

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Send mail via telnet (How to detect problems).

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on July 2010


Since this information can be useful to someone and have a moment to write you upload it to the blog ...

What will you see below are some commands to send an email via telnet, this is very useful in detecting problems with mailings failed shipments.

Let's assume an unrealistic case.

We have a company with a domain llamdo you want to send mail to and returns us a message such as:

Requested action not taken 550: message Refused

Requested action not taken 550: mailbox unavailable

Requested action not taken 550: DNS Failure

In order to collect more information about the problem, we must open a command line from a PC or server which direct Internet available exit.

Start -> Run -> cmd

First of all we will make a nslookup to see which is the mx record of the domain that can not send emails.

nslookup server

set type = mx

We received the mail server is

Now from the mail server from which sent e perform the following commands:

telnet 25


MAIL FROM: <[Email protected]>

RCPT TO: <[Email protected]>


Subject: Evidence from

This is a test message.



With the result that we obtain at each point we can to rule out problems, for example if the first step of EHLO and receive an error, because we can already rule out problems is the recipient's address for example.

If you have any question please Write down a comment and I will try to solve them as far as possible.

See you soon.

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