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Active Directory in person

Training program on free software (Introduction)

Posted by Pablo Gonzalez on June 8th 2012

Some time ago, my colleague told me xavixaus help in the development of the environment Free softwarefor this blog.

Well, it's already time to start it, and first I would like to comment briefly on how we will organize it.

First we will make an introduction to this world and see some aspects legalwe need to know, whether we are users and programmers, case studies to try to put the different concepts and continue to appreciate Basic management environments GNU / Linux(Choice of our distribution, installation, basic commands and routing).

The second part of this chapter will be the advanced administration in which address issues such as installation and compilation of the kernel and modules, NIS servers, exim4, LDAP, WebDav and Apache, authentication, snort, MySQL, subversion ... and something more ...

In the next module we will give some management, A staple for a migration to free software environment, with guidelines and best practice guidelines. At this point we will refer to success stories in government.

I think it's also interesting to do a course on free software utilities such as DIA, LibreOffice, forges where to find substitutes to proprietary software, etc ...

Finally, I would like to end articles with networks, focusing on routers, security (basic), audio, video and IP telephony.

It is an ambitious plan for each chapter because many items will be generated and we would like to implement a test environment to display settings and "tweak" the system. This last point for now is an idea. We will gradually giving.

I hope you enjoy it and bear your opinions through comments.

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How to detect an object's SID in AD.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 30th on September 2011


Today I have been a need to know the SID of a computer domain.


To get this information you will have to have access on a domain controller (These tests are done in Windows Server 2008 R2 but are the same as in Windows Server 2003).

The program that we use is called LDP and serves to connect directly to the LDAP database and from there navigate to any partition of the domain (Calm that does not bite or hurt you with this, it is only for consultation).

Megacrack read »

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See all LDAP servers through Powershell

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 15th on January 2011

Good Morning.

Today the article is a brief introduction to: How to install powershell on windows 2003 y How to manage active directory from powershell next to the query that I have promised in the title.

First of all tell you that in Windows Vista, 7, Windows 2008, ... and is listed as installed software, but:

Where to Find tools for windows powershell 2003: The can download from windows update (As an optional software) to today (Powershell 2.0). When installing you will find them at: Home -> All the programs -> Accessories -> Windows Powershell.

Where to find the necessary to use powershell with Active Directory tools: We will download from the link below ActiveRoles Management Shell file for 32 or 64 bits.

Now install the Active Roles Management software. In the facility we asked to change the security of our performances powershell, Making a choice Powershell execution policy change from "Restricted" to "AllSigned" this will make any unsigned program conducted in powershell can be executed (is lower security, but to ensure that all the scripts that perform work or unload) (Be careful from now on to run unknown code).

Megacrack read »

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Part 1.- How to assign GPO only to objects in AD Workstation.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 20th on March 2008

I woke up this morning with a solution to a problem that had long sought.

The problem is as follows:

I want to include a group of Active Directory as the local administrator of all computers workstations in a domain, for a team of people to manage the PC's of customers in a domain remotely, without having to know the passwords of users "administrator local "for all machines.

This can be done manually pc to pc if your company is not very big but when we speak of thousands of pc's as I was required to do so in a transparent way, I was sure it worked and it did not affect the safety of the system, ie : Could not create a GPO and apply to all objects of the domain computer and I also apply to servers. Megacrack read »

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