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Another system to schedule

Equivalent to HTML special characters

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on February 2012

Good, as many of the articles in this blog to some of the functionality of being able to teach new or things at least useful for your daily IT, also we wrote as a repository to see old ideas that otherwise would forget form and we should look elsewhere .

For this it is one of those items. I'll point-me here equivalent to the "rare" codes that appear in a web by typing in your source code special characters such as the word "Company"I would see as Compa ?? a but if we write the source code "Compa CHILD & iacutea " would see Company.

Here I pass a small list.

á = & aacute;
e = & eacute;
í = & iacute;
or = & oacute;
ü = & uuml;
A = & Aacute;
É = & eacute;
Í = & iacute;
Ó = & oacute;
Ü = & uuml;


& = & Amp;
¿= & Iquest; or & # 191;
»= & Raquo;
<= & Lt;
> = & Gt;
"= & Quot;
= & # 161;

Until next time.

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Configure your websites titles and articles.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on August 2011


Today I woke up thinking I should change the title of the blog sites so when you open an article, which appears not title of the blog "article title, but only appears title of the article we're seeing, I hope this improves positioning and speed up the server load a few thousandths of a second.

For example if we open the Article not appear in the title: Finally the help of IT is here »Solution to Slow to open Excel remotely but only Solution to Slow to open Excel remotely.

After a little quarrel with the php file header.php I did it and here I leave if you are interested.

<? Php
if(Is_home ())
threw out'Finally the help of IT is here';
wp_title (");
</ Title>

Or to be more effective all in one line.

<title><? Php if(Is_home ()) {echo'Finally the help of IT is here ';}else{Wp_title (");}></ Title>

If you have any questions please post a comment.

See you soon.

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