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Develops JavaScript, HTML and CSS Online.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on October 2012

JsFiddle or as they call it "recreational park for web developers", is a great web tool that can be used in many ways, such as online editor to create JavaScript snippets, HTML and CSS, to share our source code and other what testeen people and to see the results directly running on a simple and friendly website.

With this web developers can easily isolate errors and view results in real time, even check if the code compiles correctly JavaScript.

The product interface 3 have distinct areas in which to work, at the top we can see the icons, to run the code, save it, share it, on the left side we can modify various options to get the right panels contain the tools necessary to achieve the desired results from modifying the panels to modify the programming code, SCSS, CofeeScript, JavaScript, etc. ..

And the magic in the right panels 4, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Result where pressing the RUN button see the results of our code.

I leave an example and let me know if you recommend this site (

In the example I created a part of CSS and HTML code to put Adsense advertising 2 modules in one block with margins between them and with a centered alignment.

As you can see in the HTML call the class "publidiv"I created in the style sheet (CSS) and so I can use it anywhere on the website only calling the class publidiv o published for the adsense advertising content that always centered.

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How to detect if a file has been opened?

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on March 2012


In times of crisis we need ingenuity to be able to save costs or if not possible, try to reduce the investment in technology (though I say it hurts the soul).

The issue before us is to fulfill the following idea I've had this afternoon.

I need a script that detects if a file has been opened at an earlier date 2 years (defined in a variable).

To compress files in the same location where found.

If more than one file in the same folder as the compressed into one file in the format OldFiles_añ

If the condition is fulfilled to detect the file / file compression and conducted properly you must delete the file or files uncompressed original.

The system could generate a (report / file) with the results of compression and summary file / folder / server

I need this in order to reduce the space occupied on a file server in order to avoid having to go shopping, music, booths, ...

The files are critical of what they will understand we can not buy cheap disks for storage.

The language can be Powershell, C #, vbs, ...

The environment must be indispensably Operating Systems Windows (Sorry Linux users or maqueros) Next time.

PS: The issue of duplication is a good investment but with ROI (investment in short).

Greetings and I hope your suggestions / scripts / programs, etc. ..

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You are ready for the 2012 Scripting Games?

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on February 2012


For some years a great competition among the scripting guy's best picture is held. This competition was created and is followed today by Ed in Wilson. It's a great learning event for IT professionals.

It is based on Windows PowerShell which is at least for me the best scripting tool ever created.

The competition begins April 2 2012 and ends on April 13.

Each day will be a new challenge and we present the scripts before 11: 59 (Pacific Standard Time) Watch this tends to confuse.

Prizes are drawn every day and it is first receive (Last year was an invitation for TechEd) .. This year still do not know.

If you want to see more information acceded to the following link:

As there is little you have to espavilaros and study hard before the tests.

The system consists of 2 events: one basic and one advanced. (I recommend you do one of the 2 because otherwise you will lose a long time).

I pass the following text taken directly from the web so you you can prepare accordingly:

How to Prepare for the 2012 Scripting Games

I invite you to follow me on Twitter stript Facebook. If You have any questions, send email to me at[Email protected], Or post your questions on the Official Scripting Guys Forum. See you tomorrow. Until Then, peace.

Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy

Greetings and to the event .. (try to be there for at least take a big pack of knowledge).

See you in the scripting games 2012.

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Equivalent to HTML special characters

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on February 2012

Good, as many of the articles in this blog to some of the functionality of being able to teach new or things at least useful for your daily IT, also we wrote as a repository to see old ideas that otherwise would forget form and we should look elsewhere .

For this it is one of those items. I'll point-me here equivalent to the "rare" codes that appear in a web by typing in your source code special characters such as the word "Company"I would see as Compa ?? a but if we write the source code "Compa CHILD & iacutea " would see Company.

Here I pass a small list.

á = & aacute;
e = & eacute;
í = & iacute;
or = & oacute;
ü = & uuml;
A = & Aacute;
É = & eacute;
Í = & iacute;
Ó = & oacute;
Ü = & uuml;


& = & Amp;
¿= & Iquest; or & # 191;
»= & Raquo;
<= & Lt;
> = & Gt;
"= & Quot;
= & # 161;

Until next time.

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How to detect if a computer is portable or desktop computer with WMI.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 22nd on January 2012

Good Morning.

Some time ago I became necessary to discover computers desktop or laptop and asked Carlos Torres (one of our partners) that it is much the subject of Visual Basic Script (vbs) if I could make a script so that it can detect.

I had only a piece of code to distinguish from a WMI query and chassis types detected in a single device that guy was.

I needed an application by passing a list of equipment in a excel tell me that guy was (Desktop or laptop).

And here you have the wonderful script that you created.

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