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Accessing a shared folder from the command line in Linux

Posted by jl on October 6 2011th

Hello everyone

There are times that are in the command line of a Linux computer and the power may be of interest to access a shared folder. The environment in which we find is windows server that has a shared folder and ncuentran teams within a domain.

To do what we have to do is mount the shared folder on the Windows server on the Linux machine. The steps to do this are:

1.- Install the smbfs package that will allow us to use the cifs and smb protocols to connect to Windows servers.

# aptitude install smbfs

2.- create the directory on the Linux machine where we want to mount the shared folder

#mkdir / tmp / carperta_de_montaje

Run the following command 3.-

#mount -t smbfs {|} // server cifs / shared_folder / tmp / carperta_montaje -o user = "domain \ user"

Where we indicated that the network protocol used to connect,smbfs o cifs (Cifs is an evolution of smb), the path where the shared folder, the directory where we will mount the folder and the domain user with permissions to access.

Once launched it will ask the user's domain password with which we connect and already we can go to the mount point, # cd / tmp / carpeta_montajeand see the contents of the shared directory

4.- when we're done using it can remove the mount point with the command

#umount / tmp / carperta_montaje

Until next time

a greeting

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