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Powershell script to get listed by HTML patches in WSUS.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 20th on October 2010

Go longest title not ???.

Here you have a script created by Albert Fortes and modified by me that does the following:

This script is connected locally to our WSUS server and performs a query and a sum of the result of NotInstalled patches, and Failed Downloaded from each team and generates a .html file with the team name, patches sorted by the result of required patches and last contact and stores it in a file called ReportWsus_dia_mes_año_NombredeServidor.html located in a network folder that you indicate in the variable $ path.

The script is as follows:

[Reflection.assembly] :: LoadWithPartialName ( "Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration")

$ Wsus = [Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.AdminProxy] :: GetUpdateServer ( "localhost", $ false);

$ Computers = $ wsus.GetComputerTargets ()

$ Path =\\ <Servidor_donde_guardar_el_report>

$ Computername =gc env: computername

$ FileOutput =get-date -uformat "ReportWsus_% d_% m_% Y_ $ computername.html"

[Email protected]()

Total = $ $ Computers.Count

$ I = 0

clear host

foreach ($ computer in $ Computers)


$ UpdateSummary = $ {computer} .GetUpdateInstallationSummary ()

$ Count = $ UpdateSummary.NotInstalledCount + $ UpdateSummary.DownloadedCount + $ UpdateSummary.FailedCount

$ Report_element = new-object psobject

$ Report_element | add-member NoteProperty "Computer" $ {computer} .FullDomainName

$ Report_element | add-member NoteProperty "NeededUpdates" $ Count

$ Report_element | add-member NoteProperty "LastUpdateSync" $ {computer} .LastSyncTime.ToString ()

$ Report + = $ Report_element

$ I = $ i + 1

$ Percent = ($ i / $ Total * 100)

Write-Progress -Activity "WSUS query ..." `

-Status "Wait a little more." -CurrentOperation ( "Complete $ i / total $") -PercentComplete ($ i / $ Total * 100)


Clear host

$ Report | sort NeededUpdates | ConvertTo-Html | Out-File -FilePath "$ Path $ FileOutput"

This script can save it in a file . Ps1 within the WSUS server and run from powershell. You can even create a scheduled task to run this program and generate the file on a network path every day for your security team can have a report where you can see how many teams are missing patches.

Curiosities of the script:

How to get the computer code in powershell ?: Use the command gc env: computername

How to create a file with the formatted date?: $ FileOutput -uformat = get-date "text% d% m% Y" get with it get "text 20 10 2010" to make a pipeline of Out-File to a new variable called $ such as parameter passing and Report - FilePath "$ FileOutput" get to have a file formatted as we want.

If you have any problem or something you doubt please send me a comment and I solventaré enchanted.

See you soon MegaCracks

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We begin

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on March 2008

Here begins our journey into the blogosphere.

I Xavi Xaus, the image got it through a page web call taken from the incredible web whenever I have time to read. The web de SimpsonizeMe you create a character Springfildiano by an actual photograph.

As a request from a member of the blog author ask that each and will make one as our avatars. Thank you very much everyone for your cooperation

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