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Root Galaxy Note II (How to root Galaxy Note 2)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 9th on November 2012

Root Galaxy Note II, a way to get access to a "special" mode on our smartphone with great potential.

For example, thanks to this action, we can for example install AVAST! Anti-theft in a way that will protect our device, thus for example requires root permissions to be installed at the root of memory so you can protect the device even when a hard reset (factory settings on Android) is performed.

We may also access all files on the device, make backups using Titanium Backup, and a lot of options.

We will do this Root Galaxy Note II on a Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 (which comes standard on current 09 / 11 / 2012 models).

Think that doing Root Galaxy Note II We lose the warranty of the device, but then we will gain features like the ability to install custom ROMs, but with that comes by default we have a very good device in our hands.

Rooteo recommend only do people who require special permits root to install some essential application for them as Titanium Backup or have friends or acquaintances who develop software for these devices and are not approved by Google.

Above: Since this blog does not offer any guarantee of success, use it at your own risk, we are not responsible for the device to stop working or that you no longer give support product warranty.

I recommend that you have the device with the battery charged.

Megacrack read »

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As update Malwarebytes on a computer isolated from the network

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 17th on November 2011


As many of you know when we have a infected computer virus first thing you have to do is disconnect from the network being isolated and getting equipment and not spread the virus to other computers.

The second step we must do is go into safe mode and run anti-virus systems, anti-malware, etc ...

One of my favorites is anti-malware Malwarebytes which you can download from the following link:

In the case of an isolated computer what you must do is to download and update the following:

From an uninfected machine to download and install MalwareBytes.

Once installed to update to the latest version.

Close MalwareBytes.

Copying to a pen-drive the downloaded program Malwarebytes.

I copy from the uninfected pc path: C: \ ProgramData \ Malwarebytes \ Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware \ files rules.ref and the file build.conf Folder Configuration to the pen-drive. Megacrack read »

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A system is not safe until proven otherwise.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 12th on November 2011

How long it will be until employers realize that the system security is vital for business?

That is fighting against the security measures imposed by technical security systems?

Why not invest in a technical team to prevent security problems before they occur?

That only an antivirus believe the company is protected?

I have been saying for years that the meaning of a virus is not "protect against infection" but take a step to clean an infected system.

I have been saying for years that a perimeter firewall is not enough to protect our infrastructure.

When a manager sees that the system denied access to certain websites, why you not think it is to prevent infection rather than "and are cursing me?".

We are in a bad time to invest in security personnel, but it should be understood as necessary is that a website is secure, someone coming with home laptops should be scanned, which access from a smartphone is not always completely free , you can not surf the internet for a free form .... We do not want "bitching" to our customers (users), we are simply protecting them from malicious techniques that attack the team / teams within our organization.

"A secure system is one that can not be accessed remotely and locally available security measures to validate the person who will be working on the computer in question"

Formula to maintain a healthy and "safe" infrastructure.

Keep the server farm and equipment to the latest security patches.

Have an installed antivirus scanning in real time any threat.

Having an anti-malware system in real time.

Have measures against external connection to the network. (Even that is not checked / scan and with the approval should not have connectivity).

Having a firewall on each computer with only open the ports that the IT department deems necessary.

suspuesto perimeter firewall (did not need to comment on it).

Sniffers qualified traffic and safety personnel.

Continuous training.

R & D in security.

In short money for the technical and tranquility for the entrepreneur. (Although it seems a joke). Keep reading I think is interesting.

These 3 points are essential in any organization but because I put in bold the anti-malware system ?. Well actually this is where the danger lies for about 5 years and antivirus companies not if interest or ignorance that I do not think they are not able to develop good detection and prevention systems.

If there is someone to show me that a company of more than 100 workers with internet access there is a computer with malware unknowingly installed to tell us that the system is using for this we will take.

Currently the Trojans pose 3 4 of each new malware samples created during the past quarter. During the months of July, August and September 2011 has broken the record of Trojans. He had never reached such a high figure for creating Trojans a 76.76% in the fourth quarter far from 12,08% virus creation.

And no system is saved. Now it is no longer news that has come out a virus for Mac as they are on the agenda.

What is yet to come and gradually going to grow is the infection of smartphones and tablet pc's.

These teams are increasingly widespread and are not given enough attention to open a security project in them, Mcafee for example is giving security conferences "No warning" but selling a product to control devices with Android, IOS system, etc, but why not buy ?, why not invest in business R + D + i to be prepared for new threats that will exist soon ?.

Any technical person computer or not, you already have a laptop in your pocket or bag with direct internet connection, and do not tell me not to connect to work if only to charge by USB ?, Vulnerability in the system USB will cause the infection of millions of computers in minutes and from there to other smartphones. At this point it will be when someone, for example the govierno invest in ICT security, until now we are "sold" to the developers of Trojans, viruses, etc ...

Businessmen Hired to good hackers and continuous training Provide for them in your company that will become the best security auditors and protect your systems against other hackers. This is the future, cybercrime, cyberwar, the only barrier passable as could be and that traficará with money, documents, ultimately with "information".

Well, I'll leave these issues can me ... I could be talking for hours, and not have them I have to be-me security at home and in the gigs will not let me ... haha ​​just kidding but sure many of you it is happening…

Comentad, which is the engine of a good blog ...

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