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BES logs automatically delete 5.0

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on September 2011


As we all know the servers always have the automatic and rarely limited space so we must perform maintenance on them manual or and this is one of them thanks to the configuration of the specific program for the application.

The article explains how to do this setting in a server BES 5.0 for the ones logs daily log are removed each certain period.

To enable this configuration we access the web server administer our BlackBerry Manager.

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Force synchronization between a BES server and Active Directory

Posted by jl on July 26th 2011

Hello everyone

In this post we're going to have a problem that we have ever encountered and that until we find the solution gave us the odd headache.

The problem is this, we released a user in Active Directory, create the mailbox on the Exchange server, but when we are going to enlist immediately after the BES server to assign the blackberry does not appear. It turns out that communication between the BES server and Active Directory, oddly enough, is not immediate.

So one option is if you do not hurry to wait until tomorrow to synchronize and already we see the user ... or tampering in any way that synchronization occurs. Paraello must restart the BES server service Blackberry Mail Store Service, And let's see rebooted the BES server console, Server and Components, Topology solution Blackberry, Blackberry Domain, Component View, Email and the screen that opens right click in Refresh user list available from company directory.

Once this process and we can go to the Create User option and it appears to us the user.

Until next time

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How to change the session timeout time on a BES server

Posted by jl on July 18th 2011

Hello everyone

In this post we will see what steps need to do to change the time out of the console session of a BES server.

First we have to validarnos in the BES server with an account that has administrative rights on the server and locate the web.xml file, located in the following path dependieno of the operating system version

Para32 bit is in \ Program Files \ Research In Motion \ BlackBerry Enterprise Server \ BAS \ jboss \ ejb \ server \ default \ deploy \ jboss-web.deployer \ conf

To 64 bits \ Program Files (x86) \ Research In Motion \ BlackBerryEnterpriseServer \ BAS \ jboss \ ejb \ server \ default \ deploy \ jboss-web.deployer \ conf

After opening the web.xml we have to find the session-timeout attribute and change the value is in minutes, as we see in the following example:

<! - Default Session Configuration ======== ======= ->

<! - You Can Set the default session timeout (in minutes) for all newly->

<! - Created sessions by Modifying the value below. ->


<! - * Session-timeout> 30 </ session-timeout * ->

<session-timeout>75</ Session-timeout>

</ Session-config>

A value of zero indicate that there will be no timeout

After changing the value of the services must restart the BlackBerry Administration Service - Application Server and the BlackBerry Administration Service - Native Code Container

Until next time


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How to change the number of preloaded on a blackberry message

Posted by jl on June 15th 2011

Hello everyone

Today's post is about how to change the number of messages that are loaded when a new blackberry provisioned in a corporate environment with BES Server. Default values ​​are configured on the BES server or messages are 200 5 days old, and there are times that some users this is not enough.

To change these options in version 5.0 SP2, you have to login to the console server management, Blackberry Solution Topology, Blackberry Domain, Component View, Email and select the server instance.

Then go to Edit and select the tab instance of Messaging, and here in the Prepopulation Message settings we can change the values ​​of the messages to be loaded:

  • Send Headers only - You can select if we load only the headers or the entire message (by default only loads the header)
  • Prepopulation by message age - can specify the number of days between 0 and 30 days since we want to load messages. (Default 5 days)
  • Prepopulation by message count - can specify the maximum number of emails to load, between 0 and 3000. (Default 200 posts)

Until the next post


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