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Configure Google Apps on BlueHost hosting.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 16th on September 2011


Today I have seen a new functionality in the cpanel de Bluehost where we currently hosted blog.

This new functionality Google AppsTM Wizard It used to configure the DNS required for Google Apps work it properly under our own domain and we will find in section Domains.

It's a simple wizard that will ask what services we want to implement Google Apps and we will configure the DNS as it suits us.

It's simple and not have any problem.

For those who do not be Bluehost as hosting, will touch you make these changes by hand, but this is already explained by the blog so I can not explain in this post.

Megacrack read »

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Questions and answers about Google Apps

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 22nd 2011


This article attempts to resolve certain questions that may arise when you move your business to the Google cloud.

1. - You can have mailboxes larger than 25 GB?

It is planned to have this service soon, but for now the additional storage is consumer prices. You can find out from the following link:

2. - You can have multiple email accounts by entering a single user interface?

Yes, with multiple login.

Hereyou have more information.

3. - You can rename the folders / tags when you export mail from Exchange? Because otherwise appears Inbox / folder / subfolder?

In this case, the best solution is to use the laboratory nested label (nested labels).

 Hereyou have more information.

4. - You can rename mass tags?

With a small development can be done using the APIs.

Hereyou have any examples.

5. - You can rename users / email accounts? What to do when a user is leaving the company?

Yes, you can rename users in Google Apps but you must have the admin panel in its latest version. Another common option is to reset the password at the time low.

6. - You can reuse the license of google apps for another user?

It is certainly possible to do so, you can rename the user and your email without problems.

 7. - What is the maximum size of messages sent / received in Google Apps (Gmail)?

25MB in both cases, although you can modify to 300 MB postini by enabling and configuring the Message Size in options Inbound Attachment Manager filters.

8. Policy - Backups (What to do when I need to recover a permanently deleted mail?).

In special cases, you can ask support recovery, and that emails are marked as deleted but not actually deleted until after a while. If you intend to do regularly, Google has an archiving solution that you might be interested.

Google offers email archiving to 1 and 10 years. The price is approximately € 10 25 a year and about € to 10 years. This requires the service of GMS contract are approximately € per user 8 additional years.

9. - To manage the spam must be made directly entering the postini service or the user can see it in your mailbox?

The user has a very basic management to decide whether something marked as spam is not or else delete it.

But if you want a more complete must be done through Postini.

Until next MegaCracks, I hope the article has been helpful.

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