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Thank Josep Ros

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 23rd 2008

From here we thank Josep Ros, who every day get to help all members of the IT community with his great knowledge of VMware and others, from her blog brings us into a spiral of knowledge that has been offering huge potential areas to visit virtualization systems from their best wines to solutions to various problems, from jokes to contributions from colleagues, from quotations wealth of knowledge on IT and more content that you love.

Since Find it more here I invite you to visit and again thank you we have put one of their favorite blogs that have helped increase the number of visitors to this our blog considerably.

S too much Josep.

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VMware Training

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 17th on May 2008

Many of you you will be interested in the subject of the virtualization either by VmWare or other systems, the present case is the training on VMware virtualization technologies and certifications exist for it.

On the one hand I present to Ros-Forteza consultors that I may make a great introduction on ESX 3.5 A training designed for technicians and systems engineers with a completely technical content oriented implementation in production environments VMware Tools.

Moreover, to be great experts in the field and submit to examination poderos VCP 310 It is costing 200 € first you will have to make the corresponding course Configuring Install & VI at any authorized VMware partner, this course goes on € 2.500 + VAT and most importantly, it is mandatory to take the exam.

Josep Ros recommended to mount a test scenario with several ESX and a shared SAN and you dispute fairly with the theme cluster.

Although it seems that from home can have ESX environments and is more complicated to set up a SAN, there are actually several programs to solve this problem, some of these are OpenFiler, Starwind o FreeNAS.

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