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How to win more money with Adsense and improve rankings on Google.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on December 2011


For your incomes above I show steps to improve performance in your adsense web.

The first thing to say is that profits that receive Adsense you can serve to help pay the cost of hosting where albergáis the blog, the cost of domain or utilities that you use on websites, but do not expect rich make you with this. Only a few succeed and not be us, well I think of that if you are've been I who wrote the article, hehe. A little help never hurts. You can make a deposit with paypal in the upper left side of the blog.

I explain 10 basis points in order to have a good position and improve incomes doing work of interest and useful to the community. One reason why many bloggers put advertising on our websites is to link to other blogs and websites of interest to readers through active and useful advertising.

1.- Having a didactic, especially unique and useful content. (This will keep visitors coming back to visit you and you follow).

2.- Existir on social networks with the same name. (This will get more visitors as they see us from different systems).

3.- speak on various topics. (This makes visitors are of greater diversity, age, culture, etc ..)

4.- Linking to other sites of interest (The market for backlinking and link building is booming lately).

5.- Reduce the number of items per page of your site. (Being able to put 3 windows advertising text / image windows + 3 advertising links increases the chances of display advertising on a blog with 5 items per page than in one with 10 items per page).

6.- Increases the speed of the web. (It is almost directly proportional to SEO).

7.- Talk about your web forums, communities, conferences, family and friends. (You never know if a partner will be interesting to your work if not comets).

8.- Putting catchy titles and explain the content of your article.

9.- Always label your items with words related to the article. NEVER with misleading labels.

10.- Diversify, expand, study and get ahead of others.

And a gift that we are at Christmas time.

Do not put too much publicity 11.- (It is a failure that we all make, myself included in the pack) Above all the publicity must have a blog should be related to the theme and useful to readers, especially not your SPAM.

Follow the 12.- regulations established in Google.

13.- Utilizad the webmaster tools for avoid errors.

14.- Open links in new windows items. (Many people say it is easier to pull back in the search, but the fact is that a website leads to another and this to another and keep an open yours will help you remember where you came from).

And finally: you NEVER copy them articles from other blogs, unique thirst.

See you soon, I hope you helps.

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