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Show only products on Prestashop Product List

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on November 2014

Show alone products in product listings Prestashop oddly it should be easy and there should be a specific configuration for that, is not it.

In the current version to 29 / 11 / 2014 we not have this functionality and we touch the code to get our current issue that only products we have available are visible to the public.

What we want to show only products available?

For only so that potential buyers do not have to be sailing and discarding products you will not be able to buy, it is true, the known and may purchase or request the customer of the store, but also can do if are the product, the SEO by this configuration will not be affected because the products through search engine also continue to exist only modify the view of products within a category.

Surely there are several methods to perform the same action, but I'll leave that I have implemented some of my stores and if you have a better solution please Send it, or write a comment in the article.

We will explain how to do this little modification.

How to show available products only on Prestashop.

The first thing to get is access to FTP and edit the file product-list.tpl

We look for the following string:

{Foreach from = $ products = product item name = products}

We add this line right below the following code:

{If $ product.quantity> 0}

Now we seek the end of foreach and add the following line just before the {/ foreach}

{/ If}

With this we will make in the product list only the available products are displayed.

One drawback of this solution is that if we have several product pages settings pages where products should be visible but have hidden will still appear. If someone comes and fix the prestashop community will thank you.

Greetings and see you soon MegaCracks.

By the way I leave the link to one of my new store online where we have applied this functionality. We hope you like and we buy some some article.

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How to restore a MySQL database

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on October 2013

To restore a Mysql database as that used in prestashop must only access the phpmyadmin from your hosting environment or from http://localhost/phpmyadmin

When you have accessed, what I recommend is that you pulséis on the database you please do it yourselves first restoration and backup the tutorial

When you have the backup of the database and can be reassured to restore over current database, and some will wonder why on the same database, it is to keep them, to be modifying files configuration example of your online store. Following this procedure can also get to make a test environment with the restoration of the tables in the production database into a new database and thus achieve an environment exactly like your production in order to make tests without problems. If you've missed a bit, make ye a comment in the article and you explain it again (no problem).

To which we, being sure that we have a real backup have agreed to phpmyadmin we look at the database we want to restore and click on it.

It will open the window with all tables in the database.

Now what we have to do is select all the tables and click on delete (For database becomes empty empty, thus producing a clean restore without further problems (This is why he insisted on making a backup of the current database ) then if you realize that you had worked on it and restore the backup does not have the information your need.

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Perform backup Mysql with PhpMyadmin

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on October 2013

To be able to backup a Mysql database can use several methods, but the easiest for beginners is to do through the program PhpMyadmin.

Following the course prestashop tutorial I'll show how to make a backup of the database prestashop

The first thing to do is to access phpMyAdmin from your hosting or if you have a local "Development Server" from http://localhost/phpmyadmin

We click on the database you want to backup.

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How to build your online store easy steps

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on October 2013

Good, we continue with the course or tutorial to get your online store easy steps

First we managed to start the online store through a local server that we have installed on our computer, can follow this article to get right to the point.

From here when we have agreed to our online store we will make the first steps and improve the performance of the web, put our own logo, etc..

Let us access our prestashop backend in<directorioadmin> or http://localhost/ <directorioadmin>

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