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Copying files between Windows servers ROBOCOPY

Posted by Alex Nalda 18th on December 2011

Good to [Email protected],

Today I will explain how to transfer data from a server (either DC or member) in one domain to another server in the domain, either for purposes of migration or just by expansion of server space, since there are still admins working with Windows infrastructure 2000 server and can at this point for excess storage by users on the server, it has fallen short of capacity.

Well, we'll do with a little utility called Robocopy (Robust File and Folder Copy). This is a command included in the Resource kit Windows, which is useful for us to copy files and folders, so far nothing new.

The potential of this application is that it is very versatile; you can tell that you delete the source from which you are copying, or copying a file fails, we can tell you to try X times and we can also define the waiting time between attempted and try, ... etc. The good thing that all this completely automatically and with a simple command line you made.

first install the Resource Kit is installed by default in C: \ Program Files \ Windows Resource Kits \ Tools

Thereupon we open the console from HomeRun and type "Cmd". Once inside we look for the old path "C: \ Program Files \ Windows Resource Kits \ Tools"And from there we would put for instance ... ..:

ROBOCOPY Server1 \\ \ C $ \\ Server2 \ F $ \ BACKUP / S / E / COPYALL / MIR / R: 2 / W: 2 /LOG:F:\BACKUP\COPIA1.TXT

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Script to send mail with AD teams <ServicePack desired

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on February 1st 2010

Today a bit of Active Directory from the command line.

Aimed at people who do not believe in the power of CMDLINE.

I remember years ago that modified AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files to ensure maximum possible memory (I remember it made competitions) (Surely many of those who know me and have been in my little world will bring fond memories).

For years after we go down that road. Also great with Microsoft PowerShell, Core version, etc. ..

Following the second installment of WSUS will show you a script that I made to get a numbered list operating system and Active Directory computers that do not have a specific service pack, this list will be sent by mail to an e-mail .


1. - Tools for managing Active Directory. (Windows 7, View x64, XP)

2.- Blat.exe (Program to send mails via SMTP from the command line).

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