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SexShop trusted and recommended by megacracks

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on March 2014

Sexshop confidence not many, but I am going to show you today is amazing, will deliver very fast products and do not spend what you order the product, and then you say does not exist, as happens in many sexshop online now day.

Good to get the business of our friends and family go afloat, get SEO positioning and ultimately get conversions and can hold during the crisis, we will create a new item sexotodo website that is an online sexshop and have asked us if we could do a bit of advertising on our blog.

We decided to do because they have incredible prices, a high-end service and a website that we like a lot in terms of positioning, HTML improvements, performance (Go you have carefully worked hard to make the site run faster. We have been testing with, GTmetrix, looking at the position with global Alexa, looking at WooRank score and ultimately validating that computer you are working on this site worth much.'ve ridden a Sexshop impressive confidence.

The products are automatically updated with daily price provider, if the provider low price, also sexotodo the floor, all with automatic processes, products rise, Meta tags SEO improvements, automation in PHP with Mysql for each main when you have new products, etc. ... One last go. We have reviewed the list of improvements they want to put us very much and liked the idea. For example the products appear directly ordered by stock, ie if they have stock that are not listed or who are at the end of the page ('re in it, but it's a difficult choice) If anyone knows how do I pass your contact and ye may help, make sure you a good discount.

And now let's talk a little about the web.

The web ishttp://www.sexotodo.comand so you can shop from your computer (I always prefer) or the smartphone lately is a general trend, although I always prefer the computer to type faster, see erotic items with higher quality and a more generic view of the web . For the record, I had never entered a per sexshop to know about this I think I will visit more often, not only have many Dildos and mistakenly think.

The variety of products is brutal, dildos are from typical of all sexshop sites up such unlikely products asWigs, eyelashes, swings, ... You can build your own personalized erotica scene at home by purchasing products online at sexotodo with your partner and enjoy the pleasure of sex.

Oh by the way, shipping is very cheap, I've seen that there are cheaper online, I sent for less than € 5 and the products are of high quality.

Many other sexshop have products that look the same but the buy in china and the quality is lower.

Sexotodo have profiles on social networking sites where they publish content related to the world of erotic and fun, and you become followers sure you have enjoyed with them like we do, jejej. They are amazing. Now they are riding their products on pinterest

Well I do not dwell more, I dedicate the article to all the boys and girls who like sex, all honeymooners who want to enjoy new experiences in bed, a stag and hen we leave again erotica web Internet fashion with bold capital letters so that you will not forget.

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How to build your online store easy steps

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on October 2013

Good, we continue with the course or tutorial to get your online store easy steps

First we managed to start the online store through a local server that we have installed on our computer, can follow this article to get right to the point.

From here when we have agreed to our online store we will make the first steps and improve the performance of the web, put our own logo, etc..

Let us access our prestashop backend in<directorioadmin> or http://localhost/ <directorioadmin>

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How to set up your own online shop

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on October 2013

How to set up your own online shop will be a set of items that will help us to make the implementation of our own online store from prestashop since by its ease and how to improve day by day the product is the one that best suit any type of person who wants to have an online store to sell your products.

The hosting that we use to host our online store will be based on VPS, if you want more information just have to leave a comment and I will answer the questions as soon as possible.

And why in VPS?, Because it will get a faster and we have more products in our web site ensuring fast enough to not penalize us in positioning.

In this course on your online store we will expose several issues but always within the context of getting an online store, we go into the depths of the world because they'd remove SEO work to many people who are devoted to it and strive to get the web are visible on the first page of google, only give certain guidelines that you can follow to make your website to be seen in google, of course if you want more information about seo, positioning, and make more money with our online store, etc. .. you can send us an email to the address provided or write a comment for this to grow properly.

As you will be sick of reading and reading we will get a little matter.

The first thing we do is set up a development system on your computer in this way does not affect the production environment in the future and to make all necessary tests before getting to production changes we want to do this you will have to download wamp

Thanks to wamp will have a web server in our team that we can assemble our online store and later when we have the system running as we climb the internet web VPS or shared server for the world to see it.

While we are setting up a server on localhost you can go buy the domain from the following link of this blog where we explain how to get the domain and then some.

We have to have purchased the domain and for that SEO is a bit better, the older the better for you positioning domain, the longer you have of life, the better.

When you have purchased the domain just make a small splash page with text indicating the future content of the online shop, text descriptions to be positioning in google and you get to have visitors but the store is still undone. A simple HTML that says what will be your domain.

While both locally installed wamp going to download the latest version of prestashop from and we will be creating our database in mysql through phpmyadmin

After installing wamp if we do not open it and access the phpmyadmin run to create the database.

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Translate site automatically (gTranslate)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 2nd on November 2012

Translate a web is very complicated and you have to spend a lot of time and money, but if they do for us?

And if instead of manually translating the webs we do automatically and thus we translate all items, all pages, etc ...

And if the cache is stored in an external web translations without the need infinite storage.

And if all this information processing calculate it in a public cloud which is not part of your infrastructure?

And if all these translated pages are automatically indexed in the search engines.

And if all the above mentioned system cost is very low and hold recruitment possibilities from a free translation to the most powerful that has all the features at a reasonable price ...

CLICK on the image below if you want to see all the features and you want to hire for your site or blog ...


Thanks to the people of Gtranslate (With whom we have contracted an account Enterprise and translate this blog to all languages) this is possible.

If you do it through our dispondreis of a special price.

Remember that this can also be seen as an investment, as a way to make money and to translate our website in all languages, these sites are indexed in google adsense and present advertising on our website in all languages ​​have a higher CTR and RPM per page.

Greetings and see you soon.

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15 plugins for WordPress (SEO, performance, outgoing)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 12th on October 2012

The following article shows the 15 plugins for WordPress that we are using in this blog.

Many blogs show interesting plugins in articles but no one had ever shown so far plugins that are used in the blog.

I think it's important the latter as it gives confidence to the reader that these plugins for WordPress are really tested and recommended.

I know it's a security breach exposing WordPress plugins we are using in the blog since any failure in the code of these can cause us to be vulnerable to attacks, I hope it's not so for the sake of the followers of the blog, but for this we are also careful to keep the blog with the latest security updates.

I hope you like and we comenteis WordPress plugins that you use to you in your blogs.

First I'll show them all at once with its links to the link to download and then discuss each of them separately.


Authors Widget

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

FeedSmith FeedBurner

Google XML Sitemaps


Breadcrumb RDFa

Real IP


W3 Total Cache.

WordPress SEO




Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

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