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Erotic Products 10% discount

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on August 1st 2013

I present my online store where we sell all kinds of erotic products and other categories and handed the whole COD Spain even without additional charge.

Lately we have focused more on selling products and we have customer erotic erotic products in Madrid, Toledo, Cadiz, Barcelona, ​​etc. .. We have over 8.000 erotic products distributed in several categories that we show below.

Fun (Aprons, costumes, congratulations), Oils massage (body oil, creams and perfumes)

Games (Barajas, dice, stubs) Lingerie (Bodys, accessories, sets, culottes, tights)

Condoms (Durex Natural retardants, flavors) and much more like Sheets and other somewhat more racy for the more timid.

Products also have some friends and acquaintances who wanted to sell their items on our website in the following categories

Magic the Gathering, Hand Painting, Diaper Cakes gift for newborns, etc. .. etc. ..

Erotic products online and SexShop

The purchase is totally confidential and strictly comply with the Data Protection Act. I will order by (Seur or

MRW) directly at the address provided in the order in less than 48 hours.

Currently we are offering a 10% off on all products in category SexShop and we wanted to take this opportunity to you the offer to you too.

By the way, we the only online store where you can negotiate the price if you find cheaper at other stores without geographical limitations.

No site in the world is currently offering this option.

Visit the web even if only to see the products we have and give us a better view.

Send out the website to your friends and family. We would like as many people as possible to know to keep growing much more and offer better products at the best price possible.

Follow us on social networks and you can get other offers like this in the future.

Greetings and happy purchase.

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