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In a few days and do the jailbreak (Shatter) Ipad IOS 3.2.2

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 30th on September 2010

Good MegaCracks.

First of all say that I am totally against the use of pirated software in any consumer electronic equipment but the custom software yes I see right and necessary, not having to pay for a tool that is useful to the community I think is excellent and people like software developers who create tools every day and that can not be used on computers like the iPad does not seem right.

So as I did with the iPhone in coming days I will show how to make the long awaited jailbreak an iPad with IOS version 3.2.2.

Thanks to Joshua Hill (P0sixninja) who found the vulnerability, to pod2g for field work and the exploit will be possible to run custom software on our iPad with IOS 3.2.2 thanks again to Chronic Dev Team.

I will keep you informed with news.

To whet your appetite you can find more information at:

Greetings to all / as.

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