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Perform backup Mysql with PhpMyadmin

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on October 2013

To be able to backup a Mysql database can use several methods, but the easiest for beginners is to do through the program PhpMyadmin.

Following the course prestashop tutorial I'll show how to make a backup of the database prestashop

The first thing to do is to access phpMyAdmin from your hosting or if you have a local "Development Server" from http://localhost/phpmyadmin

We click on the database you want to backup.

Megacrack read »

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Developer Community (WikiCode)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 18th on August 2011


Today for you who are always messing with source code I pass one of the largest communities of future programming environments and is currently growing very rapidly.


Community based on the exchange of code that is created with the intention of becoming a reference in programming.

See you soon.

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