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What you need to know about the Global Catalog (GC)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 2nd on May 2010


2 days ago a reader of the blog (JORGE) asked me a question about Global Catalog and so today we talk about the Global Catalog.

The question was:

I have a host server and an additional domain. In both should be the Global Catalog or just the main ?.

First tell it does not matter that all domain controllers are Global Catalog, (even it is a good practice in a single domain since all DC and maintain a complete set of attributes for the entire domain and does not affect the reply). In several domains within a forest and replication influences it must also be replicated to the GC, but the benefits are the decrease of the bandwidth of the line because of replication.

The only server that should not be GC is the infrastructure master but should be next to another that was (But, for the whole organization out there would be no problem GC).

And that is serving the GC?

The GC is a partition that stores information about each object in the forest.

The GC improves the efficiency of the active directory service and is required for applications such as Exchange

When all DC are GC all DCs have an update on every object in the forest information.

The GC replicates the universal group membership. That is: If we have a user who is a member of universal group and is unable to reach the GC will not get the membership of universal groups. (Although you could configure the cache Universal group membership (UGMC)) but that it will come in another article, or maybe not, we'll see.

Having said all this ?, Where you should put a GC if I do not want to put on each DC?

Where an application to conduct many queries to Active Directory will be used.

Where connection to a GC server was slow or unreliable.

Where would an Exchange server on the same site.

I hope I have clarified the doubt and hope that Jorge has been helpful to others.

Greetings MegaCracks.

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