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Updates to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5

Posted by jl on March 13 2013th

Hello everyone

In this and subsequent articles I will describe the steps we have taken to upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 in a production environment.

The virtual infrastructure that we set is composed of a cluster 3 4.1 ESX servers and virtualized vCenter Server database having an external SQL server 2005. Besides the three ESX servers, two are migrated from previous versions and you have a new installation of version 4

The steps that we have divided the upgrade process were as follows:

Upgrade licenses

Pre requirements

updating vCenter

Reload vSphere client

Update update manager

Reload esx host

Reload vmtools

Virtual hardware upgrade

Reload datastores

We will develop each of the parties Megacrack read »

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As virtualize ESXi a host 5

Posted by jl on January 14th 2013

Hello everyone

In this article we will see how 5 ESXi virtualize a host within a physical ESXi host, which is known as nested ESXi. This can come in handy when riding a test environment or a lab where we do not have the necessary hardware. In our case, for example, we only had a physical server with 20GB of RAM, hard disk 144GB and two dual core Intel processors with which we could not mount a vSphere cluster. In the article we focus on the 5 version, because the hardware we have is only compatible for this version, but I will discuss what to do for the 5.1 version is the latest.

1.- First we have to do is perform a basic installation of ESXi Host 5 on the physical server. In this article we will not explain step by step how to do, if you need help you can contact us.

2.- Once installed the ESXi server, install the vCenter server 5 our case we will do with the virtual appliance option since the 5 version offers WMware. Xavi wrote the following articles and the installation and configuration of the appliance in 5.1 version and the process is almost the same as the installation and configuration of the 5 version.

3.- Once these two steps we have our basic infrastructure with an ESXi server and vCenter Server Appliance Megacrack read »

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Step by step how to install VMware vCenter Converter 5.0

Posted by jl on March 16 2012th

Hello everyone

In this post we will see how it step by step installation of VMware vCenter Converter. This is a vmware tool that can convert physical to virtual machines and virtual machines different formats, such as a hyper-v format to vmware.

Is a free product and the next link what we can download, for which we simply be registered in vmware.

A After downloading the installation package is an executable, proceed to its installation on a computer that can only be Windows operating system for this example we will install on a Windows XP SP3. The following link, which is the product user guide, you can see in detail on the operating systems that can be installed

Thus run the installation file: Megacrack read »

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Install Vmware vcMobileAccess to manage from SmartPhone.

Posted by jl on October 27 2011th

Hello everyone

It is increasingly widespread use of infrastructure virtualization in enterprise environments and become critical parts, so when administering power may be of interest even from mobile access, a tablet ...

People VMWARE 2009 has developed from a project (not an official tool of vmware eye) a virtual appliance that allows us to manage the virtual center from mobiles and tablets.

In this post we will try to explain how to install and configure

The virtual appliance we can be downloaded from this page and once downloaded the file containing the virtual appliance have to deploy the virtual center, for which in the version of vCenter 4.1 we go to the management console of the virtual center, select File, Deploy OVF Template Megacrack read »

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VMware Training

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 17th on May 2008

Many of you you will be interested in the subject of the virtualization either by VmWare or other systems, the present case is the training on VMware virtualization technologies and certifications exist for it.

On the one hand I present to Ros-Forteza consultors that I may make a great introduction on ESX 3.5 A training designed for technicians and systems engineers with a completely technical content oriented implementation in production environments VMware Tools.

Moreover, to be great experts in the field and submit to examination poderos VCP 310 It is costing 200€ first you will have to make the corresponding course Configuring Install & VI at any authorized VMware partner, this course goes on € 2.500 + VAT and most importantly, it is mandatory to take the exam.

Josep Ros recommended to mount a test scenario with several ESX and a shared SAN and you dispute fairly with the theme cluster.

Although it seems that from home can have ESX environments and is more complicated to set up a SAN, there are actually several programs to solve this problem, some of these are OpenFiler, Starwind o FreeNAS.

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