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As virtualize ESXi a host 5

Posted by jl on January 14th 2013

Hello everyone

In this article we will see how 5 ESXi virtualize a host within a physical ESXi host, which is known as nested ESXi. This can come in handy when riding a test environment or a lab where we do not have the necessary hardware. In our case, for example, we only had a physical server with 20GB of RAM, hard disk 144GB and two dual core Intel processors with which we could not mount a vSphere cluster. In the article we focus on the 5 version, because the hardware we have is only compatible for this version, but I will discuss what to do for the 5.1 version is the latest.

1.- First we have to do is perform a basic installation of ESXi Host 5 on the physical server. In this article we will not explain step by step how to do, if you need help you can contact us.

2.- Once installed the ESXi server, install the vCenter server 5 our case we will do with the virtual appliance option since the 5 version offers WMware. Xavi wrote the following articles and the installation and configuration of the appliance in 5.1 version and the process is almost the same as the installation and configuration of the 5 version.

3.- Once these two steps we have our basic infrastructure with an ESXi server and vCenter Server Appliance Megacrack read »

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