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Assuming ballooning That is possible, under Which Circumstances three

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 24th on April 2013

Assuming ballooning That is possible, under three Circumstances Which Might the VMkernel use a swap file for a virtual machine running? (Choose 3)
A 50 percent of the configured memory has Already Been balooned
B. The Mem CtlMaxPercent value is 10 and 25 percent Between
C. Memory can not be reclaimed Quickly enough.
D. VMware Tools is not installed
E. The virtual machine is starting up


This coming Friday I have the VCP51 exam and I wish that I should say on what are the possible answers 3 because I think they are the CDE, but I have not entirely clear.

I think that A trap is clear that it is because the value of 50 percent compression means not to ballooning: page

ESXi Determines if a page can be compressed by checking the compression ratio for the page. Memory
Occurs When the page compression compression ratio's greater than 50% is. Otherwise, the page is swapped out.
Only Pages that would be swapped out to Otherwise disk are Chosen as candidates for memory compression.
This Means ESXi will not proactively compress guest pages When host swapping is NOT necessary. In other words,
memory does not Affect workload compression performance is undercommitted When host memory.

In question clearly it indicates that assumes that the ballooning is therefore possible to answer E should not make sense not you think? also emphasize it again in question,for a running virtual machine.

The answer D It could strain response that clearly seeks to know that the driver is installed with ballooning VMwareTools, but neither makes clear with the "Assuming That Balooning is possible".

The answer C is correct because as you can read in the blog of Jose Maria Gonzalez and his people (Miguel Angel Alonso and company) the following confirms that the response C it's correct

One of the best settings in this setting (Ballooning) is not set too low memory reserves because if so, theVMkernelAnd during periods of high activated, could force swapping to disk which greatly slow down the performance of your serverVMware ESX / ESXi.

So the answer I'll put if I get this question on the exam will be the following answers but I guess that in examining this question, or at least these responses will not appear because they are incongruous.

C, and D are my answers and if there are more not listed as the above put that answer.

Please if anyone knows the answer to the comment in the post or send me an email to [Email protected]

Best regards.

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Upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - VII

Posted by jl on March 27 2013th

Hello everyone

The last step in the process of upgrading to vSphere 5 is datastores updating our infrastructure. In the version of vSphere 5 a version of the file system called VMFS5 datastores it included (in 4.1 was VMFS3). Among the most notable improvements in this new version we are:

  • Improved Performance and Scalability
  • Increase the limit of a single extension and volume up 64tb
  • The block file size is unified in a single size of 1MB

In addition, the update process VMFS3 to 5 is very simple and fast as we shall see below

update datastore

One very important thing before starting the upgrade is that all hosts accessing the datastore must be in version 5

Once validated in vCenter, we go to one of the ESXi hosts and select the Configuration tab and storage option Megacrack read »

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Upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - VI

Posted by jl on March 26 2013th

Hello everyone

Penultimate step in updating our vSphere virtual infrastructure to 4.1 5. If we will see step by step updating vmtools and virtual hardware of virtual machines. This process can be done manually or using update manager, which is how we will do us. To do this manually you should go to the virtual machine you want to update and right-click to select the guest menu and install / upgrade vmtools option and once updated the same to update the hardware, right click on the virtual machine and we see the option Virtual Hardware upgrade. Megacrack read »

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Upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - V

Posted by jl on March 21 2013st

Hello everyone

Next step in the process of upgrading to vSphere 4.1 5 and in this case we will try to update the ESX servers. In the environment we 3 4.1 ESX servers and in this case the update not only the updated version 5 but we will have ESX to ESXi version is the only supported from the 5 version.

For this process we will use the update manager, but comment if someone is in the case, if the ESX servers are migrated from previous to 4 versions, the upgrade can not be done with the update manager and do it from the installation cd. We have made this process as a test old server and the update is done without any problem.

Updating ESX hosts

In the next image we can see the vCenter version of ESX that we will update it 4.1 2 update Megacrack read »

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Upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - IV

Posted by jl on March 19 2013th

Hello everyone

We continue to upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5, and now we have to update the Update Manager, which is a product of VMware allows us to make and apply patches and updates very easily in our virtual infrastructure. Unlike the previous version, this no longer exists the option of upgrading operating systems as virtual machines.

Update Manager Update

In our case we installed the update manager on the same server that is vCenter database and the SQL 2005 have a remote server.

So in the vCenter server we mount the iso with the software and on the initial screen select VMware vSphere Update Manager and click install Megacrack read »

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