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Internet Operating System (Part I)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 9th, 2008 que con una cuenta de jooce, no importa en que lugar del mundo se encuentre, ni que ordenador utilice para acceder a internet, toda su vida digital se resume en un sólo clic. Al manejar cada ordenador como si fuera el suyo propio, jooce promete conectarlo a toda una nueva generación de usuarios de internet móvil.

About the creators of this website. Jooce is an Internet venture that was born in Luxembourg R & D operations in Paris. Founded by three friends, strangers working together for years in a Paris-based NGO, jooce was created in the beginning of the World Summit on the Information Society, sponsored by the United Nations ( With the certainty that they could build an application capable of spreading Internet enrichment qualities of the web to the world as many people as possible, the trio sat down and gave rise to the principles that lie behind jooce.


Well here goes a short introduction to this system.

The first thing that you should do after accessing the website is to click on imageto have all its services:


On this website you will have to fill in the fields only user, email address, username and password again and finally click on

image or Enter.

After this you ask imageInstant messengers that your configuréis.

We only configure Messenger.

It imported all your contacts and when you have configured all your Instant Messengers if they have wished to press on image.


If you wish, you can insert an image to be your avatar, otherwise, press imageagain.

And you can upload videos, upload images, files, create folders, music, talk to your friends ...

This is a Beta version (Like everything lately since Google beat this mode)


Nothing, you enjoy it if you want megacracks.

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One Response to "Internet Operating System (Part I)"

  1. eddis Says:

    I've tried and is very well, and you can share desktops.
    For people not in a fixed location that is a good choice.

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