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Laughter (For those who like the series "House")

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 14th, 2008

Good afternoon.
Some time ago I received an email from an episode invented to break my house that made me the box, I've searched and then you stick it in case you want to spend a ratillo laughing.

(Some strangers are doing some bullshit)

- For the Mari gave me a silver bracelet .. aghhh.
- Churri, are you okay?
- Cough cough whaghh!
- Churri !!!
- Cuack!
- OMG! Somebody help me!

You Tiiiruuuriiiiiiiru. Tiiiruuuriiiiiiiru Ti ...

(House y el Neurólogo Negro («H» y «NN») caminan por un pasillo del
hospital. House is lashing a puñao of pastis):

- Black Neurologist: The patient had an allergic reaction to
aminotopotasas calciformes of his socks.
- House: The CT scan showed high levels of churriminoácidos ?.
- NN: No, and torrínidos are in milligrams per kilo 14.
- H: That would make a cojoscopia to see if it shows signs of
- NN: Are you saying I have chungopatitis? There is only one case in a
millón, no tiene sentido.. cortisona y «pacasa».
- H: Oh no? then .. why the left ear is scratched ?.
- NN: ¿¿¿¿¿?????
- H: That will do the analysis.

(House is lashing a puñao of pastis, manages to not spend
consultation, and incidentally teaches us something more than life .. and after.)

- Churri: I do not feel b. cof cof aghhhhh!
- NN: Suffers cardiac arrest !! 20 milligrams
- Churri Husband: My wife is dying !! Do something !!!

(The intubated, the electrocuted, and saving her life. House is lashing a
puñao of pastis. He and his team discussed in a room with a slate
markers. understand each sentence one or two words, conjunctions and

- Tia Buena nerd (TBE): You have responded to steroids, it can
be a common allergy.
- H: Alright! Have you noticed you alone?
- TBE: / mode_miradasesina ON
- H: Well, I have reason has chungopatitis. You have to put bleach
in vein
- ALL: But what you say! If you could not kill chungoloquesea!
- H: Aquímandoyouuuuuuu

(I apply the treatment and the patient begins to die again, the
intubated, the electrocuted, and save ..)

- H: Okay, it was not chungopatitis

(House is lashing a puñao of pastis. Then, I decided to be smooth
the patient's home and, in turn, change the medication for another
a disease that appears at most once between 1 million)>

One or more members of the House team (we have a Great Aunt
Nerd, a neurologist and an Australian Black posh-AP-) pave the
home, ripped the scene collecting evidence of CSI and, if not
find anything (because they have lame-zoomT), make some bullshit
like eating something from the refrigerator or brush the dog of the patient. )

(Back at the hospital. House is lashing a puñao of pastis.)

-House: Make him a spinal tap!
-TBE: But it's too dangerous, we could trigger.
-House: Make him a spinal tap!
-AP: lumbar puncture is not indicated.
-House: Make him a spinal tap!
-NN: But if no bone!
-House: Mind him I SAID A SPINAL TAP!!

(At some point there are also lab-scene
interesting pipettes and flasks, Bieeeeen! )

- Churri: Memueromáaaaas ..

- Give me a pipe and a bag of air! A side
voy.zzZZZzztTTTTttztttztz. and. saving her life)

- Chief hottie Hospital: The patient has the green !, Os
going to charge!, House is incompetent! (Although I feel terrible
admiration and appreciation of true friend to him, so I will not do anything).

(House is lashing a puñao of pastis. Then goes consultation and laughs
their patients. Then, reflect on the terrace and the oncologist Ligon (OL)
gives a moral lesson of values. House reminds that puts the
cuernos a su mujer, y el OL le dice «sí, pero tú estás solo y amargado,
chincha, chincha», y House le dice una bordería pero en el fondo piensa
about it and makes a face of grief. Later we will see House trincando
pastis while hitting a ball against the wall with one hand and plays
with a yo-yo in the other. Background, a soap opera with physicians as

(They return to the board room. House is lashing a puñao of pastis.)

- NN: The latest bullshit we put it nearly killed her.
- H: Because he has that we invent. What could be ..?.
- NN: Hey, if we were out of ideas usually say that.

(House is lashing a handful of pastis, puts his eye to 15 mm camera,
hits something with the stick and turns his back on the board.)

- H: Let's see, not think of anything, Differential Diagnosis
- ALL: HOORAY !! We thought you were not ever say !!

(House stares at a moth fluttering in a lamp with
form of yin-yang. and, at that time, an owl out of a trap and
eat the moth, which seems to leave House engrossed in a tremendous
revelation, which encourages a puñao trincarse of pastis).

- H: How could I miss it? He scratches his left ear! All
block!. It HowkinsonT Infernal Evil!
- ALL: HALAAAAA !!! SOBRAOOOO !!! Is 1 / 2 case trillion
muchillones! (But we know the condition because knowledge does not take
place, especially if you have script).
- H: Australian Pijo (AP). when you were in the patient's home,
Did not you say that you brush your teeth with your toothbrush timber?
- AP: Yeah, so?
- H: And do you think that normal ??
- TBE: wooden brushes accumulate esparto thongs that may act
Infernal Evil triggers and blah blah .. HowkinsonT
- H: Okay, great Aunt nerd! That's why I hired you. And that
're good, right!
- NN: ¿¡BUT YOU ARE ALL CRAZY!!? How will you have it! If neither
even exist! And there may be no information of a thing
I've only passed a guy in the history of medicine!. Do
I am the one who has not lost his mind?
- AP: Well. I studied small seminar but God gave me and
since then ...
- NN: ?? ¿???
- H: I'm right and you are all one dung.

(It turns out that, as always, the fourth attempt, House was right, though
was totally impossible, and the patient is saved)

- NN: I can not believe I was right again.
- TBE: Is My Hero
- AP: Do you realize that all doctors except House are few
incompetent, and if not for him we all would have died
patients in the series?
- NN: Yes uncle, and do not see how I hump ..
- TBE: It's really a wonderful man who has soooo that
teach ..
- BOTH: (Zorra ..)

At night, at home, House release the stick, trying to walk and
esnafra against the peak of the table. Then he starts playing the piano. The
camera pulls back.

You Tiiiruuuriiiiiiiru.
Tiiiruuuriiiiiiiru you ... (fade to black)

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