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Web browsers (Opera 9.5 available)

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 17th, 2008


To be able to compete with a web browser is required to be something special, we have many in the market but there 3 highlighting Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 3 y Opera 9.5Among these 3 browsers fastest in rendering and loading of pages we Opera 9.5 as far as I know.

To download it you can click on the image or go to the following link: Click here

The facility occupies 8.51 MB a little more than Firefox 3 but worth it.

And as might be expected in this blog I show you step by step installation:

Download the program

Run the file Opera_950_in_Setup.exe


Select the language and press OK.


Press Start Installation.


Press I agree.


As always select installation Custom and press Next.


press Next.


Select values ​​to taste and press Next.


press Install.


press End to finish.

And this is his final appearance:


If you click on the + button or Speed ​​Dial allows access to a screen where you set up quick access to our favorite websites when you open a new tab. Just click on an empty square to add a new site, we have up 9 quick links and using the Ctrl + Ctrl + 1 9 until we have direct access to these new "favorites"


The display is as shown in Fig. I have added only 6 Favorite Websites and pressing Ctrl + 1 for example I go to my blog.

It also has a feature that is fine it is to type in the search bar the letter g followed by a word to look and what you do is run the google web search with that.

This is configured through Tools> Options> Search.


A Salute MegaCracks.

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