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Create 1er Exchange Server mail server 2003

Written by Xaus Xavier Nadal on July 2nd, 2008

Good, afternoon, in this post I will show once again step by step how to do to install a mail server within an organization and check that the system is working properly.
We will mount an Exchange Server Enterprise 2003 2003 on a Windows Server SP2 server located within the domain You will be able to install a standard version and your license is cheaper but has some limitations of storage groups and databases that are insufficient for my organization.
The first step is to put a fixed IP to the Exchange server, in our case this will be: with mask 24 ie: ( and its primary and secondary dns y (Tell them to those who follow this blog I've changed you the ip's of the domain controllers to y so they are all domain on a different subnet to which I have on my system). So the DNS that will be set these ip's y
When we have defined the fixed ip add the server to the domain: In our case the domain and pluck with a user session Domain Administrator. Seleccionad I agree and You press Next.
When we have we will go out to internet to download the SP2 Exchange 2003, in the case that your installation does not come with embeded Service Pack.
We choose our language and will press Go and on the next screen will press on to download.
While downloading let us, we'll go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Add or Remove Windows Components and press double click on Application server and mark ASP.NET
Double click on Install Internet Information Services (IIS) and mark NNTP Service y SMTP service and assure that World Wide Web Service is checked and press, OK y Finalize.
Insertad the original CD of your Windows 2003 Server and wait to complete the installation of the components.
Now insert the original cd 2003 Exchange Server Enterprise on the server or virtual machine and will appear this wizard:
will press Exchange deployment tools.
We will choose the first option Deploy the first Exchange server 2003) As this will be our first Exchange server.
We will choose the last option New Installation of Exchange 2003 because as we have said it is the first Exchange server in the organization.
The first step and the second and we made because as I said we are going to install on a Windows Server 2003 SP2 and the second step as we have also done.
Other points to 6 point are only required to check (ie if you are sure that your system replica domain and network are correct or that you know what the problem is and have controlled no need to do the check with DCDIAG and nETDIAG).
The other points are extremely necessary.
Before running the point 6 I recommend making a backup domain controller, or at least leave a domain controller off since this point extends the schema and the reverse is very complicated, however if you have a domain controller off only in case of disaster you should shut down the domain controller that has been modified to remove the exchange server and boot the server off again and the organization as you would have before installing exchange.
After this recommendation here we go. 6 point. Run Forestprep. just click on Run Forestprep now.
image_thumb [6]
This message will appear if the exchange that you be installing (our case) is not SP2. just click on Do not show this message again and about continue.
CLICK Next and go away and have a coffee.
just click on Finalize.
7 point. Domain Prep Run now.
Press Next.
Mark I agree and press Next.
(If it comes out a warning message that the domain is not secure it is because the forest functional level is not in native mode, only follow the previous post this to raise the forest functional level and ready). (CAREFUL WITH raise the functional level) If you are not sure that you can affect do not do.
CLICK Finalize.
When we have prepared the domain jump to:
Step 8. Run the installation program now.
Placeh I agree and You press Next.
Definid ye the name you give to your organization and You press Next. In our case will be First Organization MegaCrack.
Placeh I accept the terms of the license agreement and You press Next.
CLICK Finalize.
And now you can close the wizard.
Now you will have to run the service pack of exchange 2 we downloaded at the beginning of the post (Provided that your version is not).
Run the file E3SP2ESP.EXE
We choose the directory where you unzip the setup and click OK.
press OK again.
Acceded to the path where you have just unzip the file and Execute the file update.exe in our case from C: \ Service Pack2 \ E3SP2ESP \ setup \ i386 \
Seleccionad OK and press Next.
CLICK Next to begin the update.
I can go have a glass of water for the coffee of the day 3er be a bit much for an exchange facility.
CLICK Finalize.
To make installation that's all, now just missing the little touches that you may have to do each and ready.
Remember that if customers are going to use OWA on Windows Vista you will have to apply the patch that I explained in a previous post to your exchange server: 2003 OWA, Windows Vista & IE7
I commented a few tips.
Go into the console Exchange System Manager You press the right button Properties about us MegaCrack First Organization (Exchange) that in your case will be the name that you have given to your organization.
And MARCAD Display routing groups y Display administrative groups and press OK.
In my case I will also change the operation mode to native mode and I have no Exchange server 2000 that this is the first. (Do not ask me why I have not directly in native mode that I do not know) (should be).
To do this only marking on Change the way, And accept the next screen by pressing Yes.
I should be so.
Now you will have to configurarle only to a user an email just like that.
From the Exchange server Start -> Run or key Windows + r, And you write command dsa.msc O well Home -> All Programs -> Microsoft Exchange y Users and Computers Active Directory.
You turn to any existing user and on it right Exchange Tasks.
Placeh Do not show this welcome pageAnd You press Next.
CLICK Next to Create mailbox.
And you'll see that the results shown Correct: 1 it means to be successful. You press Finalize.
You can edit the user double click and ensure you have more tabs than before: Features of Exchange, Exchange Advanced, Email Addresses y General Options Exchange.
Like when you create the user directly activate all the features you can from OWA send and receive mail from these accounts.
Let's check:
We're going to Internet Explorer and write the following address: http://localhost/exchange to access the email account of user you are logged in or to http://localhost/exchange/<usuario> where is <user> just give email account.
We see the following website and send an email to another recipient.
and if we now turn to another recipient OWA will see that in fact we have received the email as shown.
And that's all folks.
I hope you liked and the next.
If you want to ask something about it, give your opinion or whatever you want I invite you to write a comment moderaremos and put it in the blog.
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80 Responses to "Create mail server 1er 2003 Exchange Server"

  1. yari formats Says:

    Hello thank you very much for this valuable information, but I have a concern about this, I know I have three networks in my company want to know if you can implentar the exchange on all three networks, thanks

  2. Xaus Xavier Nadal Says:

    Do not quite understand your question, do you mean by 3 networks?
    If you have connection between the networks need not be any problem, that is if your users are being validated independently of the network you are on the same domain controller will work properly.

    If they are mounted on vlan networks, depending on how you configured the need to open the necessary ports as client / server look at you this article

    Can you be more specific please?.

  3. Daniel Cordova Says:

    how I can configure the network outside of my company my email account. You must create a rule or something in the mail server? My site is down but I want to raise

  4. XaviXaus Says:

    I understand that you mean that from your home you want to check the email account of your company. If so, first depends on the server you have installed, if you exchange or exchange 2003 2007 can find information about RPC over HTTPS in Exchange,

    In Exchange 2003 can use IMAP, creating the relevant rules in the firewall.
    Also you can see OWA provided by a rule that open from the outside of the company has access to the port by NAT 80 redirected to the ip of the server hosting the mail service.

    You can accomplish something else's. What server do you use?, Which firewall do you have? how you want to access (Outlook, Web ...).


  5. Miguel Says:

    Good afternoon;

    First, amazing tutorial that you have carefully worked, is of infinite value.

    Now I happened to comment on my problem, I want to enable mail to some users with iphone, and myself through OWA from within the office all perfect, putting http://hostname/exchange. The problem comes when I try from outside, which did not enter .... Obviously we must not put the hostname, I guess it must be replaced by the public IP is not it???

    In doing so, I do not go, I have a firewall barracuda anti spam I guess this is me "fastdiando" because I have it 80 port redirected to the to let me mail filtering .... The IMAP mail from within Office also works, but not from outside.

    If you happen to be, I'd appreciate it ....

    Greetings and thanks again.

  6. Alberto Bastes Says:

    Hi, note that following your valuable instruction, achievement that receive mail from outside, but I can not send mail out that for example a hotmail or yahoo account. any clues? Thank you.

  7. XaviXaus Says:

    Alberto Indeed, to do this will create a new post explaining how it has to do,

    Go while creating an SMTP connector from Routing Groups -> Connectors -> SMTP Connector New -> Address Space -> Add SMTP -> * -> OK.
    With this you can send mail to the outside if you currently do not, except to some domains such as hotmail, gmail, ... they need to besides you can do a reverse query and answer your ip your domain, request a consultation SPF and in your external DNS responds with a TXT record with the values ​​v = mx spf1 ip4:EXTERNAL IP mx:yourdomain ~ All

    I'll explain more clearly in a later post.


  8. Carlos Says:

    I wanted to know that I have to configure in exchange for me 2003 work imap accounts

    I have installed a windows server but exchange server 2003 2003.

    Let's see if I can hand hehcar

    Thank you

  9. Pablo A Castillo Says:

    Thank you very much for your input.

  10. Paul Says:

    in the case of the configuration of your domain sample is a single network domain called megacrack and would create dns and MX records and everything you need to send and receive emails, say corresponding to register in DNS.

    I have idea but I'm confused, I hope your help thanks.

  11. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Afternoon Michael, sorry for the wait.

    In fact instead of putting http://hostname/exchange should put http://ip_publica/exchange, You must create a rule in your firewall to redirect port 80 443 and if you do https to internal IP of your exchange server.

    I remember the anti-spam barracuda 80 not use the port from the outside at all unless you to open that port to give you support, you do not need because they can do for ssl for example. Redirect port on the firewall to your Exchange server 80 and anti-spam will continue to work properly.

    Let me know that it go.

  12. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Paul, sorry for the wait.

    What you do is create in your external DNS MX record pointing to the public address of your "business" and open the TCP port 25 your router / firewall pointing to the address of the server where you will mount the exchange.


  13. Paul Says:

    otherwise friend, I installed Exchange server in win 2003 Standard 2003 R2 standard with a domain already in use. Rl installer wizard gives me this error message,

    Exchange Server 2003 has a known compatibility issue with this version of Windows. For more information, see

    Has not that happened?

  14. XaviXaus Says:

    Paul Good, I thought I had put in the post.

    What happens is that the version you are installing the Exchange is the one that gives you SP1 by that message, only the message warns that posiblemenete version is not compatible with the system used but when you install Service Pack 2 the problem is solved.


  15. George Says:

    I have 2003 exchange is the first installation of exchange, the internal mail works fine, but now that I do to get mail to the outside.

    I appreciate any help you can provide.

  16. XaviXaus Says:

    Good George, you can check the previous post

  17. Christian Mazzello Says:

    Hi, first of all thanks for your excellent help, you spent.

    I know I've been setting up my sbs server 2003. as well, as web server, ftp, etc..
    exchange mail with standart as well, but there are problems with the latter, I can access the email accounts through OWA, I can send and receive and I checked and everything works, but when I try to configure outlook client, it does not work tells me not pop3 find the server. that be? Can you help please.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Christian.
    Thanks for the comment.

    You have created in the DNS name server you put in pop3 and smtp server??
    you have to put in the configuration of Outlook the name of the mail server including domain, ie:
    pop3 server:
    smtp server:
    For example.

    To be a cleaner setup could create 2 Alias ​​record types in DNS POP3 one that was pointing to the name of the mail server and the other was also pointing to the SMTP mail server.

    I guess this is what you meant.

  19. catalina Says:

    Excellent manual, thank you very much, I served a lot.


  20. Cabsha Says:

    Mazzello Christian said:
    September 5, 2008 in 7: 25 pm

    Hi, first of all thanks for your excellent help, you spent.

    I know I've been setting up my sbs server 2003. as well, as web server, ftp, etc..
    exchange mail with standart as well, but there are problems with the latter, I can access the email accounts through OWA, I can send and receive and I checked and everything works, but when I try to configure outlook client, it does not work tells me not pop3 find the server. that be? Can you help please.
    Thanks in advance.


    It may be that your ISP has blocked port 25 to avoid spam, occurs here in Mexico, I had to do was change the port to 25 26 the Outlook connector and 3 pop2003, you change the port to port pop3 26 and ready, and with that you can send and receive from Outlook 2003. I hope you serve. Greetings.

  21. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Cabsha.

    I think the problem you have is you need to enable POP3 service to configure the email as you request, but I recommend you install it in exchange mode, ie with an exchange mailbox pop3 not.

  22. Ismael Says:

    Hi all, we are a small company, where we have at least POP10 3 mail users that directly access exchanfge with accounts that we have released, giving them a registered user of active directory.

    We have self-control and the server is in our porpias facilities. We have installed Server 2003 and exchange 2003 SP1. Lately we have a problem and that the PDA is accessing email accounts POP3 for external connection to the corporate network, are failing a lot. The most frequently requested mail username and password and leaves neither send or receive. After passing a while back work fine. This happens to all the ususarios accessing externally. Internally, computers that are networked are no problem.

    We think that there must be something related to the saturation of the Exchange or something relacioando POP3 access licenses to the server.

    Anyone can bring anything?

    Thank you

  23. Martin Says:

    Hello, I also gives me the error of compatibility, I install it after ignoring the warning and the SP2 installed MySQL? thank you very much very good the Institute

  24. Martin Says:

    Hi, first of all congratulate you for the contribution.

    I mention that I also I get the error incopatibilidad, I install just clicking "continue" and then install the SP2??? from already thank you very much

  25. XaviXaus Says:

    Thanks Martin.

    If you have to do so. First discard the message and end of the installation run SP2 installation.

    Remember also install the patch because otherwise OWA from Internet Explorer do not work properly 7.0 connections.

  26. Martin Says:

    Thank you very much for the reply, everything worked wonders!

    abusing your generosity to make some questions:

    1) How do I get the address book (contacts) I listed all the users who are in defined in active directory?

    2) do not know which drive / folder / file stores the exchange of messages. you can change the destination disk dediacarle exclusive?

    from already thank you very much for the help.

  27. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Martin,

    In the address book you automatically will all Active Directory users and which have email account.

    I move the database from a storage group is very easy and do an article explaining in Exchange and Exchange 2003 2007.

    I do 5 cents, you should be driving on the right button on the storage group and click on Move, with this you can change the path where you are located databases and move them to get a hard disk separately.

    You'll see.

  28. Martin Says:

    Xavi in ​​OWA contacts did not appear the rest of the users.

  29. juanb Says:

    very good your contribution.
    how do I send a mass mailing to all users in active directory, can be done directly from the exchange / OWA or must use a separate tool?

    thank you very much!

  30. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Juanb.

    What you should do is create a distribution group in Active Directory type that contains all domain users who have mail.

    You can send from Outlook or OWA (It's the same).

  31. Yiro Says:


    I want to generate an address book where they are the addresses of suppliers of the company, and that users can see it from their outlook as they do with the GAL.

    As I can do?

    Thanks in advance ...

  32. Paul Says:


    Sorry but that port through the exchange 2003 receive emails?

  33. Marcelo Says:

    My question is: SBS OWA or 2003, is recorded from that IP address log into my email account electrónioc for OWA?? or I have to add some extra security. Thank you, from Uruguay

  34. Anonymous Says:

    buans'm new around here ... one wonders if anyone can help me as I do to have two echange servers in my office and I have a bone but when she goes riding wants the other to begin work immediately while the other lifted

  35. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Anonymous,

    What you need is an active / passive cluster to perform the task mentioned.
    I will explain this later, now I do not have time to make this environment.

    I'm sorry but I hope so that we can be helpful in the future.

  36. Jose A Says:

    Greetings Xavi, very good initiative and excellent instruction, but I doubt emerges:

    I clarify that I am new to all this, what little reading I got it, but following the steps to install the Exchange 2003 achieved, now I have it configured but only for shipping between internal accounts and to the Internet, but Internet to my organization not receive.

    I have a domain and that domain exta were doing led to ZoneEdit for DNS at ZoneEdit to create MX records, but until I get there! : S

    Do not put that field in MX records, I have the public IP, I have even opened the port 25 directed to exchange server SMTP for the exchange but still can not get anything.

    If I can help you by agradesco, I accept any suggestion, even if ZoneEdit replace or something.

    Thank you!

  37. Abel Says:

    Xavi .. here I am writing from Argentina. Hopefully you can help. I have a problem I can not access OWA from outside the network. From inside me it works great. I can send and receive mails to all sides. Everything works. Except OWA from outside. In the modem Telefonica put it in DMZ so no ports are closed. And I made a router to the IP Virtual Server where Exchange is the port and 80 443. The Exchange server that has no firewall running .. in short I'm going crazy. I have no problems with dynDNS since I access remote exchange server and other things. Tenes idea that can be? thanks in advance champion

  38. Edwin Says:

    Hi I have doubts q pucha man if you can explain how I create a mx record in no-ip or dydns an example please I will appreciate it very

  39. pillar Says:

    I want to activate the security settings owa for digital signatures and encryption law I clip but I was not active as I can do

  40. lina Says:

    Hello, I'm working with active directory, server exchage 2003, owa and digital certificates my question is this how I can do in the owa in options, where it says email security, I need to install (descargarnme) the latest version of S / MIME because I need to sign and encrypt messages as I can do it (because I get the following error problems with the current page ... in detail 65 get the error line, car 87, error: object does not ACPTA this property or method, code: 0, URL: http://192.... / Exchange / admin /? Cmd = options)
    Thanks in advance for your help

  41. victor salgado Says:

    Good afternoon, how many emails I can create and that more is needed.

    Thank you

  42. nacaur Says:

    Hi all. Thanks for the manual Xavi. My question is this: I have installed Windows Server Enterprise 2003 SP2 in English in a machine and let me know if you have any problems installing Exchange Server 2003 in Castilian.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  43. XaviXaus Says:

    Good nacaur, from my experience do not see any problem.
    Let me know which one.

  44. nacaur Says:

    Thank you very much, Xavi. I'll tell you this religious experience. Thanks again.

  45. Alexander Says:

    I can set up two accounts on the same server exchanege. Now I need some users in my office to receive emails from two accounts.

  46. Rodrigo Says:

    Hello, congratulations for your tutorial.

    My query is basic, look I have never installed exchange and send mails quieramos massive and there is my question,
    Can you? .... How many? and finally how many email accounts I can create???

    Greetings and thank you very much.

  47. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Rodrigo.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    To send a mass mail only, you must create a new group in active directory that contains all the list of users that you want to send the mail and send.
    The email accounts limit you know, I'd say it has no limit, but like everything in the computer nothing is infinite, but I tell you not going to fill.

  48. Ana Says:

    looks like you have experience with Exchange.
    Starting @ I am now, and I spent the following.
    The exchange server stopped me funsionar completamnete. Look for another server and installed it, erasing earlier in the DC traces of the old exchange. I put the new IP and different name. I managed to install it, now the new exchangue seen on two servers, the new and old, and I can not remove the old because the server is not available. As I do this. It is necessary because the old is he who sees the active directory, until you delete it I can not create mailboxes.

  49. Jonathan Paz Says:

    XAVI Goodnight, Thank you for this excellent contribution, My query is: if you have a small company at least a 10 users. how heavy is the exchange? you think it is recommended to use exchange for that small amount of users?? or better to use a simpler mail server?? I think the exchange is best, but I doubt arises because they do not want to saturate my server running a service as heavy. Or the weight depends on the number of users I have in the exchange???

    Thank you very much in advance,


  50. XaviXaus Says:

    Jonathan Best,
    I still recommend you have Exchange but few users. It is a very reliable and in fact the cause charging users who connect to be 25 not have any problems.

    Greetings and thanks for reading.

  51. Leon Says:

    Dude, first of all THANK YOU for the tutorial, this excellent! ...

    Install and configure all excahnce correctamete, at least in principle, but something is wrong, and qu eal create a new user (mailbox) I Genra the email address.

    You will have some idea?

    slds and thanks!

  52. Jonathan de Mexico Says:

    Many congratulations, I really take the MCSE course here and will also explain any intructor as the public on your forum, it is so.

  53. Ruben De Barcelona Says:

    Good afternoon,
    The tutorial is fable, has helped me a lot.
    I have just one question.
    The patch to avoid having problems with OWA in Internet Explorer 7 is valid for later versions? Such as Internet Explorer 8.
    Because if so, do not know what else I have to configure.
    Well, I updated the Exchange 2003 to sp2, and I applied the patch from OWA, but the certificate error still appears.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  54. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Ruben de Barcelona.

    If you mean the certificate errror warning if you click on will continue on. It's because you do not have a CA installed and reliable in the case that you have not installed the certificate correctly on this computer.

  55. Luis Says:

    friend very good post, but since I can do to spend my exchange server or a new server to cancel the old server but happen all the settings to the new active head no problem, as I do with the exchange mailboxes can be replicated q I think not, as I can migrate or backup in any case as the exchange install on the new server with the same characteristics or other steps

  56. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Louis.

    What to do if you have the 2 living (ie the 2 running, the old and new) to move the mailboxes first of all to the new server.
    You go up an article for all the movement I have almost done.

    Remember-what if I have not gone up. It'll take a few days for that.

  57. Betarras Says:

    Note that amino Hoal not I get the local host address, and follow the instructions, which pordra be???

  58. XaviXaus Says:

    Good Betarras.

    Test rather than localhost to put is exactly the same. Could it be that the hosts file from% windir% \ system32 \ drivers \ etc did not have good data but should not be modified unless it explicitly requieras.

    You'll tell me.

  59. Luis Says:

    Waiting for the next manuel

  60. Luis G. Says:

    Dear you are a boss, regarding moving the mailboxes to exchange server tranferir me to a new computer, the settings are similar in the exchange

  61. Eduardo Says:

    estimated, very good contribution, thank you very much! a consuta, I think is happening when a user in Active Directory, E, s are not in the address book and I can not configurarles the Microsoft Outlook, for telling me not exist, however there are going to Exchangey created ... thanks

  62. Leonardo Says:

    Excellent tutorial.
    I have a question that I'm trying for days to fix.
    My problem is this: I have in my company exchange server with one or the other user (more than 500) and I have the big issue that the last days pop3 not work well.
    After re-configure the exchange, the owa works perfect, and SMTP pop3 too, now the problem is that when downloading from the outside emails from ms outlook after download, if I want to access owa from the tray input is empty.
    My query is, as I can I do to enable the server to synchronize outlook and owa to work with no problems.

  63. newronas Says:

    Good, I want to implement POP to Exchange Hosting connectors for security.
    So I have no problems here, I need to do is other than the Exchange who send emails to external domains, but the same hosting. Got it?
    Customers> exchange2003> ConectorSMTP or Relay> Hosting >>>>> final destination of the mail.
    That way I can do?

  64. ken Says:

    I estimated a query, q happens I have problems with my domain controller, transferred the FSMO 5 the additional domain controller, even though my exchange server that does not raise, because q get a message saying "Server is not operational "I have the additional domain controller 5 transferred the roles and is now the principal, but I think the exchange server was still pointing to the principal, in which part or where should I change so that the exchange is now pointing to Main?

    Thank you!

  65. XaviXaus Says:

    Ken Good.

    Now I'm not sure but the child domain controller (Current 5 FSMO) is Global Catalog?

    Can you check please?

  66. magician Says:

    Good morning I have a small problem I would like someone to enlighten me, install two servers exchangescada a different site in the same look the problem is to not configure the primary site as the front end and configure the rpc and owa and now the second has no exchange owa and rpc as ls two are configured as back end, my question how do I put the main and front end without damaging the previous settings.?

    Thank you very much for your prompt response

  67. GilM Says:

    Relizo sending emails to several of our customers, every day I have to send some emails 1000, I can do to not send me ... error says Server Rejected 550 5.7.1 recipient adress, domain temporarily disabled, everything is sent from a computer with access to broadband internet, with our database.

  68. XaviXaus Says:

    Good GilM.

    This message appears only with some specific customer not?

    What you're saying the message is that the domain where you are sending this mail is temporarily disabled, you should talk to the system administrators of the domain that you send.

    It may also be that if you send at one time to many customers in a single domain, this rate control available in the anti-spam to overcome the other reject incoming mail connections.
    In this case, or send emails in multiple parts (multiple recipients separate distribution lists) or talk to the administrator of the anti-spam Remote comets and increase the rate control of your anti-spam system.


  69. newronas Says:

    I have a PDC and SDC where I have the Exchange Server 2003.
    I can enter via OWA without problems from a client with Windows XP (http://exchange2003/exchange)
    But I can not configure Outlook clients placing as exchange2003 Server name and existing user account in AD which has created an email account.
    I get the following message:
    Could not resolve the name. The name is not on the mailing list.

    The shipping via OWA mails never reach their destination.
    Any ideas?

  70. Leonel Says:

    Xavi hello I see you are good at this, and I venture to ask you a question to see and you can help or sim's take a cable and I'm stuck and I can not go on.
    Well the problem is that my ISP has blocked port for SMTP 25, now the problem is I can not configure the outlook for clente mail, good looking with the solution is to change the port on the exchange, I did change the port 25 the 26, the outlook does not give me problems now makes the connection test well, but not receive mail if I can send as much as any hotmail or yahoo but not receiving any mail anywhere, which may be or what else I have to move you to receive mail, I hope help me and thank you very much, for some great input,.

  71. Ricardo Says:

    My dear Xavi let me tell you that you barbarian, I deeply appreciate this tutorial that helped me raise my first Exchange server. My profile is more of a programmer, but you see, the end computer.

    Just as a comment, when you try to install Windows SBS 2003 with the Exchange that brings integrated, I never set any of this and I was asked at some point.

    I had to get Exchange separately, without putting on SBS Win2003 install Exchange, and then install the Exchange Enterprise 2003, and their respective ServicePack.

    So if it worked. Greetings.

  72. Heiler Says:

    Good afternoon, you can create with exchange webmail service type, or to view my web mail out via the same way as in my internal network, and assume the time you synchronize your Outlook and web tier as well? IMAP can?,

    Thanks and best regards,

  73. xavixaus Says:

    Good morning Heiler,

    What you need is to enable OWA.

    Verify that a user created in AD mail-enabled OWA has the tab feature of Exchange.
    When you have it turned on and after waiting a minute go to http:///exchange/ to see the web environment you are seeking.

    It's a feature that comes by default in Exchange 2003 and the truth is that is fine.
    To see it from the Internet, be sure to open only the ports you need (WEB) to the exchange because if you do not have a big security hole.

    If you mess up, give me back a touch.

    Until next time.

  74. Carlos Mateos Says:

    Very simple .... for which you already have, so it is useless for the rest, as they do not explain where that server is purchased, what values ​​we have to ... This is like saying: Going to the moon by rocket: Step 1: Set your rocket and hit the start button ... and I will tell you where I buy the rocket?, what values ​​do you have?

  75. xavixaus Says:

    Good Carlos.

    I understand what you mean is that you do not have to buy the hardware vendor or software from Microsoft?

    You'll tell me.


    Hello Good day!
    I wonder how I can see the emails that come in a specific mailbox of my exchange 2003, I have the option to forward asset but only applies to those who arrive, but as I can see that send?
    Greetings and thank you very much

  77. xavixaus Says:

    Good Marioyurien.

    You can search the message tracking option.


  78. JuanRa Says:

    Hello everyone, and thanks in advance.
    I could comment on whether the exchange server runs on a server 2003 2008 R2 SP1 of 64bits.
    Thanks and regards.

  79. xavixaus Says:

    Good JuanRa,

    Actually the recommendation is: 2003 on 2003 Exchange, Exchange 2007 2003 and 2008 Windows and Windows 2010 2008 Exchange Service Pack and R2 2.

    In principle for production environments, the operating system should be an Exchange 2003 2003, but if you're building a new Exchange server, I recommend using 2007 on and if you can 2010. Ok that does not add much more, and that most companies have 2003 exchange, but we have limited operating system and licensing with what my recommendation is 2007 minimum.


  80. Anonymous Says:

    and this support could configure multi domain domains 3 more here than to manage multiple email accounts from various organizations.

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